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A Moment Of Silence-Please

9 Sep

My bat phone rang last night and no it wasn’t Kris Letang calling me to sing me to sleep – or whisper sweet French nothings as I drift off and dream of Ovi finally returning to Pre-2005 form.

A girl has her limits …Ovi!

Did that really happen?

Did that really happen?

I thought it would be just a bad dream. But no. It really did happen.

Yes, Dawn, I retired. I'm sorry.

Yes, Dawn, I retired. I’m sorry.

A moment of silence please as I morn the retirement of Miikka Kiprusoff. I’ve already made him the exalted and honored Foxy Friday. Everyone knows I love goalies. I’ve already said all there is to say about this God of Net-minders; this Wall of determination who could literally make the puck turn away from his net by sheer mental fortitude.

But I will smile for you once, ok maybe twice.

But I will smile for you once, ok maybe twice.



Calgary – that was the last nail your coffin dudes. You don’t miss someone like Kiprusoff. You morn the loss because there are few and far between goalie talents like him.

I bang my stick and thank you Kippy for the years of hard work and dedication you gave to the sport, to your teammates and Calgary without worrying about jumping ship to win a cup.

Enjoy these highlights. There won’t be anymore.

Rally Monkeys

14 Mar

This overtime, come-from-behind, shootout nonsense is taking years off my life.

The Capitals rallied from a 0-3 deficit to beat the NY Islanders in a shootout last night.  Foxy Friday John Tavares had 2 G + 1 in the shootout, and so did Ovi.  OVI!  I don’t like you but I love you and that’s just the way it’s going to be sometimes.  There were five penalties in the game – all of them against the Capitals.  Three of those against Jay Beagle.  Dude scores twice in a week and thinks he’s Alex Semin.

That's how we feel, Kitty.

Matt Hendricks scored the game-winner for Washington in the 4th round of the shootout.  Matt-freaking-Hendricks.  [Video link]  This was a huge game for the Caps, who’ve won four in a row for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Yay for wins, but these late-game comebacks are rewarding bad behavior.  Big game vs. Winnipeg Friday, with Mike Green back in the lineup.

Oh, and THIS!  Nicky skated for the second day in a row.  Rainbows sprung up all over DC and puppies started barking.

The Blackhawks turned around a 1-3 score against the Blues to win 4-3 in a shootout.  Viktor Stalberg scored one off his foot – this most perfect foot in hockey, judging by the rest of him.  It got Chicago back in the game.  Patrick Kane went first in the shootout and delivered the game-winner.

Here’s Kaner’s goal too [link].  There were two fights in the first period, which seems about right for these teams.  What’s still not right is Captain Serious, who took a second day off after four days of skating.  There’s no projected date for his return to the lineup as he’s still suffering concussion symptoms.  Get well Jon, we miss your derping.

Calgary beat the Sharks in OT, despite Rookie of My Life Logan Couture scoring his 29th and 30th goals of the season.  Foxy Friday Ryane Clowe had his 7th fight of the season, one for every gratuitous letter in his name.  Jarome Iginla had 1 G/1 A and was first star of the game.

The Flames are rolling at the right time, winners of their last four.  Check out the mess in the West:

Six games on the schedule tonight, so chances are at least one of you will be up late yelling at the TV.

Shanabanned: Everybody

5 Jan

Chicago’s Dan Carcillo has been suspended 7 games for boarding Edmonton’s Tom Gilbert [link].  Gilbert missed the Oiler’s next game and is listed as day-to-day.

Carcillo is a repeat offender (and a goon) – he was suspended 2 games for this hit on Carolina’s Pittkanen on 10/28. Guest Starring Rob Blake!!

Calgary’s Rene Bourque got a 5-game ban [link] and a lifetime spot on my s&%$ list for his elbow to the precious face of Nicklas Backstrom.  You all saw it, and I don’t want to watch it again.  As mentioned yesterday, Bourque is also a repeat offender for this hit on Chicago’s Brent Seabrook in December that got him suspended for two.

Dale Hunter gave no conclusive update on Backstrom yesterday, but his brother posted an update to Twitter:

This was obviously not team-sanctioned news and was quickly taken down.  Silly people with inside info, you are not publicists!  But no worries, because Nicky participated in a full practice this morning and is expected to make the Caps trip to San Jose today, for the game Saturday.

It’s not just elbows and knees getting people into trouble.  The Panthers’ Krys Barch has been suspended 1 game for an alleged racial slur against PK Subban.  The remark was overhead by a linesman during Saturday’s game and Barch was ejected [link].  There are a lot of things we’d like to say to PK Subban, but none of them are that.  And all of them come after, “Can we have Stamkos’ number?”  I’m sure there’s a lot of hearsay in this case, but this argument is looking pretty valid:

And Rangers’ coach John Tortorella was fined by the NHL after some pretty inflammatory comments following Monday’s Winter Classic:

“I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs or what to turn this into an overtime game,” Tortorella said Monday. “For two good refs, I thought the game was reffed horribly. I’m not sure what happened there.”Maybe they wanted to get into overtime. I’m not sure if they had meetings about that or what. But we stood in there. I don’t want to … because they are good guys. I just thought it was, in that third period, it was disgusting.” [link]

Torts apologized and will fork over $30k for the outburst.  New Yorkers will love him more.

Hey! I'm walking here!

So, anyone else want to have a go today?  Got some leftover 2011 aggro hanging around?  Let it go, it’s a new year.

Lobster Night!

25 Jun

YAY!  LOBSTER!  File this one under “No One Cares But Pants” if you must, but Calgary has signed Alex Tanguay to a 5-year contract.

Tanguay and the Flames have agreed to a five-year extension that will pay the offensively-gifted forward $17.5 million. [Article at NHL.com]

Alex and I go way back to when Crosby and Toews were learning multiplication tables.  Seriously, Stamkos was 11 when Tanguay won the Cup with Colorado. This goal…

And so Alex is my lobster.  He had a few tough seasons, but Iginla and I both love him.  Now he’ll get to keep contributing while the Flames try to figure out how not to be so terribly streaky and maybe make the playoffs.  There was quite the outcry when Calgary brought him back last season at $1.75 million, then he had 69 points.  He so deserves this and I’m thrilled to see him stay.

The Headline’s Hot

21 Feb

The long weekend is over, it’s back to work and you know what I feel like?  Chuck loves it too:

I tried to watch the Heritage Classic, but I couldn’t focus my eyes on the bizarre non-color of the Flames shorts.  Is that taupe?  Nude, maybe?  If you’re going to commit to sweaters and socks that look like McDonald’s prison uniforms, just go all the way.

I made your sweater, Stripey!

That awkward moment when the Penguins acquire the guy Sidney Crosby beat up.  The Penguins traded Alex Gologoski to Dallas for James Neal and Matt Niskanen.  Could Neal be the elusive high-percentage winger for Crosby?  What do you think Crosby and Niskanen are going to talk about?

The Coyotes have won 7 games in a row and they’re pissed the Devils have won 7 games in a row too.  Way to steal our thunder, guys.  NJ is 10 points out with 23 games left to play.  Mike Millbury and his pink tie think the Devs are a playoff contender.  What do you think?  [Haha, right now the Devils website is down.  Guess their IT team wasn’t expecting any wins either.]

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Tuesday’s Games to Watch: The Canes can tie the Rangers for 7th in the East with a win; Columbus tries to keep pace with the race against Nashville; Dallas looks to avoid a 5-game skid against those Devils.


9 Feb

It’s no longer a question.  This is just crazy.

Flames’ Alex Tanguay is out indefinitely with a concussion.  No individual hit has been identified as the culprit, but Tanguay last played in the Flames win over Chicago on Monday night.  He missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday before the announcement was made.

Things were looking up.

I am the world’s #1 Alex Tanguay fan and I have been known to go on about him (this post, this post).  He is my lobster and we go back like Melrose’s mullet. And now Forsberg is making a return… this can’t be happening!  Aside from bad news for me, it’s really bad news for Calgary.  After a really rough start they have been on a roll:

The Flames are 12-3-4 in their last 17 games, and have climbed from 14th to eighth in the Western Conference, one point ahead of ninth-place Los Angeles. Tanguay has 5 goals and 11 assists in that span.  Tanguay has 14 goals and 28 assists in 55 games this season. – NHL.com

On the doorstep

We are very upset with this development.  I am probably having selective memory, but I don’t remember concussions being such a big problem in past years.  It seems like when they started making rules to avoid them, they started happening more.  It’s not true of course (paging anyone named Lindros).  It’s just a little closer to home these days.

GET WELL SOON, ALEX! Dawn is really counting on the Flames making something happen this season.  I’m really counting on seeing you vs. Foppa without having to ride in the TARDIS.

UPDATE! I love the internet.  In the time it took me to find that video, things have improved!  40 minutes ago Alex was out indefinitely with a concussion.  24 minutes ago the Flames said it was neck strain.  14 minutes ago he was listed as day-to-day. Don’t change the station.

Instant Improvement

It’s Sweet Sweet Back’s Bad Ass Foxy Friday!

28 Jan

super sweet

If you don’t get the reference, you don’t know Jack so go ask your mama! I give you Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla – yes, that is his full, given name. And he owns it. He’s my squishy. Most call him Iggy, I call him Nomie, always have, always will but anyone who faces him on the ice, you can call him DANGEROUS! He can score on you and beat the crap out of you but he’s also a class act. His smile is infectious.

totally hot

When the other brother Daryl Sutter went MIA, Jarome was one of the few people, whose call he took. That says alot! On Team Canada, he was Sidney’s right hand man and it showed what Jarome can do when he’s not basement dwelling in Calgary.

always classy and good to fans

He’s loyal. He’s been a Calgary Flame his entire NHL career and amid the trade rumors, he’s been stead fast no matter what. He’s had two 50 plus goal years, he’s won the Rocket Richard, Art Ross, Lester B. Pearson trophies,  an ALL STAR and he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist. Whew. Enough said.

love him

Totally Foxy to me! I love him. I love his smile. I love his class. I love his talent. I  love that he fights. I love his loyalty.  I love love love him. Did I mention that I love him? 🙂

um... do you need help with that little man?