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Because It’s The Cup Campaign

10 Apr

Dawn, Ovi - sorry for the bad season. I do better in play-offs. I promise. BOOM! hahahahahahah

So when this campaign started the feedback was terrible so they adjusted it STAT because it was like the MasterCard ad, the Hockey Discover Card and “I Just Want My Pants Back” had a drunken three way, someone got pregnant and no one wanted to take responsibility for the monster that came of it.

Hockey fans will tell you straight up when something stinks.

I get TPTB wanted to include the fans but thank god we bascially got a bastard child of HISTORY WILL BE MADE! I don’t want to see faux Hollywood replicas of what they think we are doing in our homes/bars/favorites hockey watching spots. Trust me – WE KNOW. And it wasn’t what they were showing us.

I want to see Ovi telling me what he’s GOING to do in the play-offs.

Dear NHL - stilling waiting for Letang's solo "Because of the Cup" ad. Statistically speaking - Pens can win without St. Sid but not with out #58. Just sayin'

I want to see Kris Letang brush his sexy hair out of his face and smile at me as he skates at the screen.

I want to see Erik Karlsson and his glorious mullet, all awkward and sh&t.

Dear little man, may you win the Norris if Kris Letang (a complete dark horse but I wish would win) doesn't.

 Hell, I’d even take Jagr saluting me! (not quite but see below for you hard core philly fans – bless you all!)

You've grown on me like a fungus but you make me laugh - which is hard to do!

It isn’t quite that but it will do for now. So for your viewing pleasure if you haven’t seen these yet:

Foxy Friday: Nicklas Lidstrom

16 Mar

I was thinking on Tuesday of all the NHL teams and who had never gotten a Foxy Friday (yes, this is what I think about).  Your suggestions are spot on – we’ve never featured a Senator, Star, anyone from the Blues or the Wild.  Or… drum roll… the Red Wings.  (I’m not counting Mike Modano.)  Plus it’s been Swedish Takeover here lately.

So it’s time for Nicklas Lidstrom.

Understand the I dislike the Red Wings with intensity.  Always have.  But no one, not even I, dislikes Nicklas Lidstrom.  He is classy, cool and endlessly well-respected.  That is Foxy.

We’re not talking 20-years ago Nicklas Lidstrom either:

Okay, then too.

We prefer recent-to-current, distinguished gentleman Lidstrom, bathed in the amber glow of 20 years as the NHL’s top defenseman.

At 41-years old, Lidstrom has won 4 Stanley Cups and 7 Norris trophies (including last year).  He’s been selected 12 times for the All-Star Game.  In ’02 he won the Conn Symthe and in ’06 won Olympic Gold.  He’s played for the Red Wings (and only them) longer than Tyler Seguin has been alive (19 seasons).  Lidstrom reached the 1500-game mark in October 2011, Gator and I were there to see it.  (Has she mentioned she’s from Detroit? Reminds me every day.)

Bonus: Norris Trophy presented by my stunt double, Robin Sparkles.

Foxy Friday was pretty much the only award Lidstrom didn’t have.  Surely now all his dreams have come true.

In his career, he has 1,139 regular season + 189 playoff points.  Lidstrom scored his first (and only) hat trick at 40 years old.  He has 4 kids who are undoubtedly the coolest kids at school.  The list goes on and on [link].

Perfect family is perfect.

Nicklas Lidstrom likes to keep everyone guessing.  In ’06 and ’08 he signed two-year contracts, as if he might retire after each.  In ’10 and again in ’11, Lidstrom took one year deals with the Red Wings.  Will he retire at the end of this season?  Probably not.  But just in case, Happy Foxy Friday.

The end.

Wait, what?  Oh all right.  Fine.

We can’t take you guys anywhere.

[Seriously Sweden, what is in your water?!]

I get a kick out of this commercial every time… and @rebelheart87 and I share a confessed thing for Corey Perry too.  Where are they supposed to be going?  For some reason I think it’s IHOP, because I would go for a post-game waffles & eggs with them.

You jump, I jump. Right?

15 Feb

The Detroit Red Wings set the NHL consecutive home game win record last night with 21 straight, edging out two teams (1929-30 Bruins and1975-76 Fyers) to claim the crown.  Detroit also holds the record for consecutive road wins (12) [link].  Well la dee freakin’ dah.

The Wings have only 3 home losses this season, the last one on November 3. They’re #1 overall with 80 points, just a step ahead of the NYR (79).  And makes Gator feel like…

I think I see an octopus!

Then there’s the Chicago Blackhawks 9-game winless streak (8 regulation losses, 1 OT loss).  The extended road trip has earned 1 point in 7 games, all losses against Western Conference teams.  They’ve been outscored 38-17 and still have to visit NYR and Columbus.

Currently 6th in the West, this isn’t the end of the Blackhawks world. Because the ship can’t sink, right?  The Central Divison is by far the strongest in the West (damn you, Detroit!) and hey, 65 points would put you first in the Southeast (yes Caps, I’m talking to you).  But there’s a skid and then there’s…

Women and Joey the Junior Reporter into the lifeboats!

It’s too depressing to listen to them talk.  The only things that could possibly make us feel even a little better are Viktor Stalberg’s eyelashes.

Does he have to always look like he just woke up?  Ridiculous interview video link.  And another ridiculous video:

(Pants Note: We had a Titanic 3D event last night.  Forgive us.)

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

13 May

I leave the Bay Area and NOW YOU WIN!?!?!  If my other teams were in it I’d be so mad at you.  But beggars can’t be choosers and you guys let us drink on Caltrain so… YAY SHARKS.  I hug you!

Not only did you beat Detroit (insert me making siren noise here), but you managed not to fall apart like a house of cards.  I mean, you came close.  Really close.  I had to angle away from the TV and pretend to Tweet because I knew the minute I looked, disaster would strike.  I might have peeked but I didn’t watch until the announcers were screaming too.

Gator’s really bummed about the Red Wings.  I might have to buy her Chicken McNuggets for lunch (extra ketchup).  Maybe she’ll feel better after reading this.  But now she’s just like me and Dawn, without her top team(s) and choosing sides based on beards and bus stops and the perfect teal nail polish.

Hey Wings, U MAD?!

Oh, in case you forgot what I was thinking for a second…


So we’re down to the Final Four.  How are we doing on predictions?  We had the Bruins, Canucks and Sharks getting out of the first round, and the Bruins and Canucks from the second.  Bonus of the Sharks.  No one had the Bolts because I would have kicked them in R1 and Dawn would have scratched them in R2.  Now anyone who wants to root for TB can take on Chuck.

Not good enough! Om nom nom!

PS: Gator is rooting for TB.  I will sit quietly on my hands and try not to cheer for anyone in that series.  Chuck roots for my teams when she can, I shall root for hers.  And Steven.  There, I said it!

Tonight, Tonight!

12 May

It’s Detroit Rock City VS the Sharks … And we shall see who will be, wait for it… wait for it …Yes, I went there!

I gotta dance!


Save the Last Dance

12 May

Who’s excited for tonight?  Nervous?

On Monday, Rookie of My Life Logan Couture posted this.  It made me all teary-eyed like that Green Day “Time of Your Life” song.  Not that 19 years is a long time in the hockey world.  Or that you’d rather play 7 than win in 4.  But way to be optimistic, LC.

I don’t know what to say about the Red Wings except they are about the last team I’d want to face in an elimination game.  Or in the playoffs at all.  They’re just a huge pile of awesome that sits around thinking up ways to skip school so they can kick your ass.

The Sharks will have to come up big tonight, but I think they can do it.  Remember they won 5 OT games in a row these playoffs… that’s grit.

We know Chuck will be pulling for Jumbo Joe.  She’s seriously been on that kick since 1997 and it’s about time Thornton returned the favor.  Between Joey and the Bruins both still in the post-season, Chuck is having all the luck this year while I sit on the back nine with Toews, Fleury and Brooks Laich trying to make par.

Going All The Way

11 May

So this happened last night.  And if you expected something else, you must be new around here.

Gator was particularly excited, and posted a photo of an Ice Girl picking up an octopus on my door this morning.  She had faith.  And we’re ready for Thursday’s Game 7.  I want to rock my Sharks jersey (from free jersey night) but since all my teams lose, perhaps I should sit quietly in a corner.

On the bright side, the NHL posted the Conference Final Schedule scenarios so we can plan the next two weeks of our lives:

In an effort to distract Gator from the Red Wings, Stammer showed off his beard and excitement to get back on the ice [video].  Between him and Gator they’ve used all the SPF 50 in Florida.

Meanwhile in Boston, Professor Bergeron is “feeling better” but definitely has concussion symptoms.  Saturday is still a ways off and Chuck is throwing dollars into that wishing well.  With so much momentum between these two teams at the end of Round 2, who do you think comes out strongest after the break?

I think it all comes down to TIMMAAAAAY. [video]  Can the Bolts beat him, or will he beat them?  He won’t let Chuck and Cassy down.  But will it be enough?