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Every Damn Day

1 May

WHEW!  With a must-watch hockey game every night, how is everyone doing?  I’m skipping the gym and am way behind on Game of Thrones.  Poor Chuck is trying to graduate from grad school!  We must remember to revel in it now because when it’s over, it’s over.   Then you can get a tan, learn Swedish, run Tough Mudder and whatever else I’m you’re doing this summer.

(Hahaha, sorry but I had to!)

Meanwhile, back in the playoffs…

These jerks again!  I hate and fear the Flyers in equal measure right now.  And every time I see Danny Briere’s face… everyone cover him!  But that would leave no one to cover the playoffs leading point-scorer (Giroux) or Philly’s season leading goal-scorer (Hartnell)!  Game 1 was great – a strong sign for the Devils who had about 10 minutes off between rounds 1 and 2.  Still, this is exactly how the Pittsburgh series started.  Tonight we’ll see what the Devils bring in game 2.


The screaming.  The newly-coined 4 letter words.  The way Mike Green refuses my love and plays WORSE than before!  Last night was solid, physical, frantic.  The Rangers were using Green as a bounce house and Mike Knuble was winning footraces.  Ovi played for the blink of an eye (read the decoy theory here and here) but scored the GWG.  For a crash-course in this series, check out a great piece from Puck Daddy.  At least I’m burning a lot of calories watching this stuff.  Game 3 in DC tomorrow night.


I enjoy a series where both mascots are clearly defined (What is a Capital, exactly? A Ranger?) and have fangs.  Phoenix won game 1 in OT, but weren’t thrilled with their 24-shot performance.  Coyotes’ hot-glove goalie Mike Smith stopped 39 of 42 shots.  So they came back in game 2 with a 39-shot effort that yielded 5 goals.  Give Smith that kind of support and he may be unbeatable.  Chuck is all for the Predators, but they’re going to need a big game when the series moves to Nashville on Wednesday night.


Chuck’s adopted 2012 team is the LA Kings (she’s with Dawn), who had a goal-splosion last night to win game 2 by a score of 5-2.  Mike Richards rang the bell just 31 seconds in, then LA got 3 in the last 6 minutes of the first period.  More points for everyone named Dustin!  Jonathan Quick doesn’t care what seed you are, world.  The Kings take their 2-0 series lead back to LA Thursday night with the best momentum of any team still playing.

I can’t make any honest Round 3 predictions with a team still in the race, but I’d love to hear yours.  What are you most impressed with, what scares you most?  Who have you come to love or hate?  (Or both, and you can’t say Giroux because that’s my answer!)

Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown

25 Apr

So here we go.

7:30pm tonight.

Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins.

Battle of the Blog: Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown.

Remember back to your history class when they talked about the gun battle at the OK Corral?

Tonight’s Bruins vs Caps game is going to be just like that.

Only with hockey sticks instead of guns.

Pucks instead of bullets.

Skates instead of spurs.

Please note that both of us look pretty good in cowboy hats and you all know that the Calgary Stampede is high on our bucket list.

Maybe this won’t be as bad as we think it will be.

Oh, who are we kidding?

This is going to be torture.

Are you #TeamChuck or #TeamPants?  Let us know on @WhatsUp_YaSieve

We’re So Excited…And We Just Can’t Hide It!

9 Apr


Pants and I are proud to announce that during the playoffs, WUYS will be writing a weekly post on Puck Daddy!!

So much of this right now.

It’ll be about the best (and worst) playoff beards, which is one of the things we simply adore about hockey players.

I heart beards so much that I have been know to accost totally strangers in bars and ask them if I can touch their beards.

Creepy?  Absolutely, but I just can’t resist.  Especially when they are so fluffy.

Special thanks to Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy for giving us this great honor.  According to him, he feels our “particular brand of whimsy” regarding this topic would be “sick.”

Best. Compliment. Evah.

Surely you can’t be serious! I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.

26 May

This about sums up how I’m feeling about last night’s Bruins loss in Game 6…

Chuck does NOT love.

Not even one little bit.

It’ll only takes one…

24 May

The Bruins are one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

One win.  One measly little win.

It is so close, we can taste it.

Tastes like peanut butter and happiness.

Yesterday’s 3-1 win over the Lightning was not pretty by any means, but it is a “W” nonetheless.

Bruins’ d-men looks shaky and slow.  Communication between Timmay and ZC33, AF21, DS44, TK12 and the rest of the guys was off and we don’t like it one bit.  But they did stick Big Z in front of the net to screen out Smith.  Well played, Claude.  It’s like trying to see around a California redwood.

Bruins let TB score early in the first (again!).  Guys, we can’t let this happen anymore.  WUYS forbids it.  It is soul-crushing and we can’t take the stress about the B’s having to come from behind a minute into the game.

We’re totally cool with goalies playing the puck…when it is safe and necessary to do so.  Too many times this series Timmay has gone back to play the biscuit and crashed into a defensemen or misplayed the puck leading to a turnover.  Do us a favor, Timmy.  Just stay in your home.  Don’t venture out.  Become agoraphobic.  Those blue lines are to become your personal little bubble.

Bruins got scoring from Horton, Motorscooter Marchand, and Rich Peverley, who I’m sure goes home everything and prays to baby Jesus in the tuxedo t-shirt that he got out of Atlanta when he did.  While his former teammates back up their u-hauls and deal with the drama of the Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg, RP49 is one win away from getting the chance to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The game was hard-fought and one could argue that the Lightning outplayed the Bruins, but some how the Killer B’s pulled it out.

Like the proverbial rabbit out of hat.


Game 6 is tomorrow night in Tampa Bay.  *fingerscrossed*  no magical tricks required.

Foxy Friday: Tyler Seguin

20 May

Let’s face it folks, it was only a matter of time before this post was going to happen.

FOXY FRIDAY: Tyler Seguin

On Monday, Tyler Seguin was just a baby caterpillar in his little cocoon.  On Tuesday, he emerged as a beauty butterfly with black and gold wings.

"I'm gonna unleash "Magnum" on you right...NOW!"

Seguin is this week’s Foxy Friday because he has left a #19-sized, werewolf-shaped stamp on the Bruins organization, its fans, and on the 2011 NHL Playoffs.

After not playing for the first two rounds of the playoffs, SeguinPenguin finally got the chance to show us why the Bruins selected him 1st overall in the 2010 Entry Draft.   The 6’1″ Brampton, Ontario native stepped up like Channing Tatum in that dance movie and put on a show in Tuesday’s Game 2 vs the Lightning.

In three career playoff games has 6 points (3 goals, 3 assists). Foxy.

He scored two goals and added two assists in the 2nd period of game 2, which tied an NHL record for points in a playoff period & made the rookie just the fourth Bruin to accomplish the feat.  Foxy…four times.

He’s displayed awesome speed and a youthful exuberance that is a joy to watch. Foxy.

He even looks good in a hideous 1970’s budget Bruins jacket. Foxy.

Clickity for Game 2 Presser

He makes an excellent iced coffee.  Foxy.


He’s ab-tastic and armed and dangerous.  Foxy.

Pants does not approve of your name tattoo...but she does approve of your muscles.

Soaring to new heights...

He looks awesome in a suit AND a Red Sox jersey.  Foxy.

I swear my mom DIDN'T pick this out for me.

Apparently he is channeling “Teen Wolf” with his interesting choice of playoff facial hair.  Foxy?

Baby playoff beard...

The jury is still out on this one…but at least he doesn’t have Bieber Bangs…

Post-Victory Glow

18 May

Today has been a good day…despite the fact that it has been raining for 4 days straight and the sun is no where to be found.

The reason it has been a good day is very simple.

It is because of last night’s Bruins game and this guy…

The Ring-a-ding Kid

Tyler Seguin.

It is because of you that Bruins fans worldwide have that post-victory, dewy glow.  We have an extra pep in our step.  We smile easier.  Food tastes better.  Those emails from the office Dwight Schrute don’t seem as annoying anymore.

In other words, you make the world a better, happier place.

I think we all know who’s getting this week’s Foxy Friday honor….


The Bear Believes…and so do we…

17 May

Click me to watch Sasquatch-esqe video clip

Power Outage

16 May

2 for 41.

In 12 NHL playoff games, the Bruins power play has been abysmal.  Horrid.  Embarrassing.

2 for 41.

Seriously, it’s not funny. Chuck is not laughing.

After the Bruins dropped Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday, I’m puzzled.  Perplexed.  Flummoxed.

What exactly is Coach Claude was working on in practice?

"Ya, see that net there? Whatever you do, DON'T go there. You hear me? Do not go to the net."

They had 8 days to work on this disastrous aspect of their game.  Surely, you’d think that they stop practicing that rush-in-the-offensive-zone-then-skid-to-a-stop-at-the-top-of-the-circle move that they love so well (I’m looking at you, Brad Marchand), and work on the power play.  By no means do I claim to be an expert in these things, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to score when you have an extra guy on the ice.  5 > 4.

Why are the Bruins just passing the puck back and forth on the power play?  Point-point-hash-point-hash-other hash-point.  Boring and ineffective.

How about getting some guys in front of the net? Plant Lucic and/or Chara in front of Roloson.  Try to see the puck with those beasts standing in front of you.  If he can’t see it, he can’t save it.  Very simple concept, no?

Put SeguinPenguin on the PP.  Please.  Just once.  Give it a shot, Claude.  Throw caution to the wind!  Be a wild and crazy guy.

If it works out, you’ll be hailed as a genius and babies all over Boston will be named in your honor.  If it doesn’t, well, you can chalk it up to trying to give your team the best chance of winning.

Hockey Baby Love.

Bruins were trotting out Recchi and Ryder out there, and while they’re obviously skilled, they ain’t spring chickens.  Seguin has an excitement, a youthful exuberance, a fluffy puppy mentality that could make him dangerous with the man advantage.  He so happy to be playing in the NHL Playoffs, he’ll do what ever you want.  He’s obvious has the skill to be playing at this level (see video below), so why not give him the chance to make a little magic?

Also, why do you sit him for 15 minutes after he scores a goal for you?  Get him out there!  Maybe he’ll score a few more for you.

Yes, I am a Seguinista, if you haven’t noticed.

Admit it. Now you are too.

On the other hand, maybe it is not all that simple as we all make it out to be.  I’m not a fly on the wall of the Bruins locker room or practice rink (but what I’d give if I could), so I don’t pretend to know what conversations Claude, Cam Neely, and Peter Chiarelli have had or the inner working of a NHL club.  But without Savard (*sniff*) and Bergeron, the Bruins are lacking and they need to do something about it stat.

If we don’t, you can kiss a shot at the shiny silver cup buh-bye.  Stammer, Squishy, Roli, Lecavalier, and Finnish Finisher, Sean Bergenheim will snatch it right up from under you.

Tazer Cat Loves the Playoffs!

19 Apr

Meow, bitches.