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And Now For The CBC-ASG Version

31 Jan

kris letang's slap shot off hiller's mask

Ok, so Pants and Chuck watched the Versus Broadcast and I watched the CBC broadcast because I don’t get Versus, both literally and philosophically. Below is the Sports Centre highlight of the Mad Skills wrap up if you want to watch.

So here are my highlights and lowlights of the ASG weekend in no particular order:

1. Only in Canada would they NOT go to the All Star Game because the Grand-Slam of Curling is going into Over Time. Leaving me running around the house in a panic while a large rock slowly drifts down a long runway while a bunch of men rub brushes in front of it.

2. Jonathan Towes is a bit of a gash. Sorry Pants. This weekend only made me dislike him more. He’s a bit a cry-baby. And I think his team mates think so too. Which is why they did what they did.

3. On the other hand, Jeff Skinner made like the Grinch and STOLE THE ASG weekend! At 18 years old he showed poise, sportsmanship and a knock out smile. Watch out for this one!

4. The CBC mic’d up Eric Staal the whole game. All I can say is, next year, please put this game on HBO and mic up Fleury because you know Fleury was talking smack all first period. Micing up E. Staal is like micing up Ned Flanders or a bowl of vanilla ice cream, only vanilla ice cream doesn’t scream like a girl, totes seriously. My cats were really upset during the game.

oh gosh ...golly ... I gotta go get that .. acckk!

5. Contrarily, the third period when Tim Thomas was mic’d, he was hilarious. Especially

please don't insult me with that comparison

when the announcers wouldn’t stop talking to him and his son texted and told him to stop so Timmy could concentrate! Then they asked about Letang scoring on him Timmy said, “I made three mistakes on that one: first I didn’t see the backcheck, second I expected him to pass and third, he took the shot and went up on me. hahahahha.”

6.Danny Briere. Now I don’t like him – AT ALL. And initially I didn’t think he should be there. But after the CBC interviewed him and his three kids, I’ve done a 180. When they asked his son what was the best part of the weekend, his son said, “Spending time with my dad.” Danny seemed to really need to be there more for his kids’ sake then his ego and watching his son give the interview, Danny seemed on the verge of tears. Strange family dynamics going on there but he obviously really cares about his kids and it meant alot to him to have them there. Total Hallmark moment.

7. The CBC interviewing Fleury about his chat with Ovi after Ovi scored on him in the breakaway challenge. One thing you have to love CBC interviews is there are never any warm up questions. They cut to the chase. So when Scott Oakes opens the interview with Fleury saying, “So obviously this isn’t the first time Ovi has scored on you.”  Nice. Way to warm him up. Awkward. Then he continues asking about the intense rivalry between The Caps and The Penguins and what would they have to talk about. So Fleury just replies, ” I try to remain civil, you know, not throw my stick at him.” with a big smile. Way to make Scott Oakes go away.

what is happening to me? two penguins in a post?

8. Almost lastly, no matter how much this game ‘doesn’t count’ the first period started out nonchalant but then it got competitive. Not super competitive but you could tell no wanted it be a landslide either way. So when Kris Letang almost took Jonas Hiller’s head off with a seriously hard shot, he went over to apologize. Even he doesn’t realize how awesomely hard his shot it.

9. Mike Green a.k.a. Where’s Waldo? When ever the CBC showed Ovi you got a shot of Kris Letang, which for me, was AWESOME. I already did a post on the best thing that came out of the ASG! I expected to see Mike Green but I got KL. But like, where did Mike Green go? Did he and Ovi have a fight? Was Greenie upset because he got ditched for Kris? Can I blame Ovi?


ASG Weekend #3: The Big Game

31 Jan

We’re finally through.    Yesterday’s NHL All-Star Game capped a great weekend for hockey and it might take us a while to recover.  Team Chuck (Lidstrom) won 11-10.  That’s 5 more goals than the average ASG, and it felt like it.  Our fave moments:

– Cam Ward was mic’d up and stole the show in the 1st period.

Lots of guys had a 2-goal game: Danny Briere , Anze Kopitar, Eric Staal, Kris Letang, Loui Eriksson

– Recent Foxy Friday had 4 assists : Shea Weber

WUYS faves had 2 assists: Corey Perry, Henrik Sedin, Jonathan Toews, Loui Eriksson, Mike Green, Patrick Sharp, Zdeno Chara.

– Jonathan Toews also showed us his spin cycle:

– Jeff Skinner didn’t score, but even Team Lidstrom seemed to be passing him the puck.

– Carey Price was kind of awesome in net.  Barf.

Ovi threw his stick at Matt Duchene on a breakaway, laughed hysterically, then was charged with the first penalty shot in ASG history.

– Patrick Sharp was named MVP (and Foxy Friday) and won a car.  Just like Phil Kessel.  First or last, Honda is your ride.

Carolina tore it up this weekend – excellent job, everyone.  Good thing it’s another year before it happens again.  Right, Cam?  RIGHT?!

Too busy flirting with the mic to stop all those goals, Cam?!

Mikey Monday

31 Jan

When I saw this photo, I nearly burst my spleen laughing.  WHO DOES THESE? Either brilliant or tragic, you decide.


Yah00! Puck Daddy caption: “Dude, senior prom was weird this year.”

My first thought was: This is how they make their moves on the ladies. Let me dim the lights by throwing my jersey over this IKEA lamp.  Although they both do it numbers-side up.  Show-offs.

In the skills competition, Mike competed in Fastest Skater against Steven Stamkos.  I’m sorry, what?  Ovi couldn’t help but steal Mike’s TV moment.  Here’s how I imagine this going:

You no win. I always win. How feel, Mike?

Ovi: Mike, you not very fast. Stamkos fast.  Also, Stamkos 20 years old.  You not so young.  And Stamkos weigh like 185.  You not so skinny.  He a race car, you a Vespa.  So Mike, how you think you do?

Mike: Stop c***-blocking me, douche.

Mike only lost by half a second, which I think is pretty impressive.

Mike also competed in the Skills Challenge Relay, doing right-handed one-timers from the blue line.  He followed Kris Letang (best defensive pair EVER) and did well.  Tanger had a tough time getting pucks up, Mike did a little better.  I was like a nervous mom.

Apparently, Sports Illustrated’s red carpet interview question was “What should you win an Oscar for?”  Mike answered, “My hairdo.” But should he?  I think he may have been topped this weekend:

Is that guy a Staal? He looks like a Staal. How many are there?

He’s good good angles on the tri-hawk here.  But Ryan Kessler has the thorns out:

Like a cactus.

And the dark horse candidate, no one saw him coming… Rick Nash with the porcupine:

I'm making a point.

What’s the verdict, does Mike’s hair take home the gold? Can any of these guys get a helmet on over these messes?

I Survived ASG Weekend

30 Jan

Let’s take this in baby steps and try not to get too carried away.  Because we could go on for DAYS about All-Star Weekend (wait, we already have).

First, everyone missed their flights to Raleigh.  Patrick Kane was busy packing his “Louis V shades.”  Mike Green and Ovi couldn’t fit two grown men and hockey gear on a Vespa.

When they finally arrived, there was the red carpet.  Roenick asked everyone what they were wearing, and he’s scarier than Joan Rivers.  All you need to know is Fleury danced in his Prada shoes and this happened:


Then the All-Star Fantasy Draft.  Or it shall henceforth be known: Awkwardfest 2011.  In the best and most uncomfortable 90 minutes in television history, Teams Staal and Lidstrom selected their players.  Highlights:

– Cam Ward goes #1, steals the show.  (This is a recurring theme.)

Mike Green chews gum, with his mouth open, on stage.  The entire time.  Because he loses the “Best Hairdo” award to Ryan Kessler.

Really? You're picking him? We wouldn't.

Jonathan  Toews doesn’t get picked at the beginning. Derp face.

– The Sedin twins are split up.  Can aliens live separate from their host?

– Awkward host calls Tim Thomas old for being drafted by a team that no longer exists.

– Jonathan Toews still not picked.  Derrrp face.Source: richieandcarts.tumblr.com

– Eric Staal has a mean streak, picks Lundqvist.  Marc Staal says no more Christmas presents.

– Jonathan Toews finally picked. Derrrrrrrrrrp face.

– No one understands the science of microphones.  If you’re back six inches, it can still hear you.

– Kris Letang picked in Round 12?  Idiots.  Swaggers on stage, easily making fools of all.  Trips going up the stairs.  Still wins.

Round 12 is the new black.

– Brent Burns denied our Fear The Beard campaign to show that – surprise! – he looks a lot like sparkly Robert Pattinson.

– Matt Duchene is my new favorite dork.

– Phil Kessel (Cartman) gets picked last.  Thinks Toews had it easy.

Ovi films, laughs maniacally.

The point of the draft was to liven up the weekend and show the players’ personalities – it certainly did that.  And we just couldn’t Tweet or text fast enough to keep up!  Afterward, everyone congratulated Brendan Shanahan on continuing to be the awesomest of awesometown.

(I didn’t make any of these Macros.  But damn they made me laugh.)

Put me in, coach!

28 Jan

Chuck and I also did a mock rookies draft yesterday, which resulted in less slap fighting but a little more name-calling.  Because neither of us wanted Subban.  At all.  But Chuck ended up with him (mwhahahaha) because she also got the only Boston U alumni in the group.

The whole point of this draft was to give me the chance to pick Logan Couture first.  I’ve been to 4 or 5 Sharks games this season, and Couture has a goal in every single one.  He’s really holding up his end of our friendship.

Team Pants, jump for joy!

WUYS All-Star Rookie Teams

(aka Team Staal)
(aka Team Lidstrom)

  • Logan Couture
  • Cam Folwer
  • Taylor “Square Head” Hall
  • Evgeni Dadonov
  • Jamie McBain
  • Michael Grabner

  • Kevin Shattenkirk (Go BU!)
  • Tyler Seguin
  • Oliver Ekman-Larsson
  • Derek Stepan
  • Tyler Ennis
  • PK Subban

The Rookies will compete in the SuperSkills Competition tomorrow, so Chuck and I are just fighting for bragging rights.  I should get bonus points because Fowler lives with the Neidermayers and Chuck should have to forfeit because of Subban.  Right?  Check out Seguin’s sick first goal:

Mock All-Star Draft: WUYS Style

27 Jan

Now what kind of hockey bloggers would we be if we didn’t do our own Mock Draft for NHL All-Star Game?  Terrible ones, that’s what kind.

Just to preface, this draft was conducted via Gmail chat and remained mostly civil and professional, with the exception of when Pants drafted Sharp and when Chuck drafted Letang.  Choice , colorful language was used.  There were threats of violence and the removal of earrings and press-on nails before engaging in a girly slap fight.  We learned how from watching Mike Green.

And these guys…

Pants vs. Chuck

We used a very highly scientific method of selecting these teams, which included not only their obvious talent and season performance thus far, but also how awesome their hair/beards are.

So here you go…

Team Pants vs. Team Chuck

(aka Team Staal)

(aka Team Lidstrom)



  • Patrick Kane
  • Martin St. Louis (SQUISHY!)
  • Steve Stamkos
  • Daniel Sedin
  • Henrik Sedin
  • Rick Nash
  • Brad Richards
  • Matt Duchene
  • Paul Stastny
  • David Backes
  • Anze Kopitar
  • Claude Giroux

  • Mike Green (would have drafted him first, obvs)
  • Duncan Keith (aka Duncan Teeth)
  • Dustin Byfuglien
  • Marc Staal
  • Erik Karlsson
  • Brent Burns


  • Marc-Andre Fleury
  • Cam Ward
  • Jonas Hiller

So based on this mock draft, who do you think will win this year’s All Star Game? Who will be the MVP?

Chuck suggested that Brent Burns should dye his beard black a la Brian Wilson of the SF Giants.  Thus it only makes sense he would be on Pants’ team.  FEAR THE BEARD.  And we’re not talking about that Amish nonsense the Staal boys grow during playoffs.

Brian Wilson
(the baseball player)

Brent Burns
(the hockey player)

Working for the Weekend

27 Jan

I hope you’ve cleared your schedules for All-Star weekend.  If you’re not snowed in (Chuck) or 2839.97 miles away (me), please go to the events and report back!  At least the free stuff, like…

Red Carpet Arrivals [NHL.com]

Saturday, prior to the Honda NHL SuperSkills, players will arrive at the RBC Center to a red carpet runway. The players will arrive at staggered times from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  All will walk and interact with fans and media.

Hive five, great success.

Schedule of Events (all televised on Versus):

Friday – 8 PM ET (5 PM here, leaving work early!)

NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft

Saturday – 7:00 PM ET

NHL Skills Competition

Sunday – 4:00 PM ET

NHL All-Star Game

I got it!

This works out well for me since I’m moving out of my apt and all I have left is a beach chair and my television.  I can tape up boxes while I watch the festivities.  I’m guessing the draft will be my new favorite part of the event, because it’s likely to be more competitive than the actual game.