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22 Mar

The Blackhawks have won five in a row, including an OT nail-biter against Vancouver last night.  Their next game is Sunday vs. Nashville – a big one for playoff position.  Too bad they’re going to have to do it without Duncan Keith:

No question that’s a dirty play.  Daniel Sedin struggled back to the bench, played one more shift then went to the dressing room [link].  Keith got an elbowing minor and now everyone fully expects him to be suspended.

Shane Doan just got Shanabanned 3 games for elbowing Jamie Benn [link].  Mike Green served 3 games.  But this looks more like Rene Bourque’s hit on Nicklas Backstrom (grrrrrrrrr) that earned a 5-game suspension.  Both Borque and Doan are repeat offenders – this would be Keith’s first suspension.  (Green’s previous suspension was more than 18 months ago, so not classified as a repeat offender – link.)

The NHL has not yet announced a hearing, but with four days till the Hawks play again there is no rush.  Sedin will be re-evaluated today in Vancouver and any sustained injury considered in the case against Keith.  Henrik Sedin spoke after the game, saying Keith “did what he wanted to do” [link].

The Canucks are comfortably atop their Division and could still catch St. Louis for 1st in the West and the President’s Trophy [standings].  That dream takes a dive if they lose Sedin – their only 30-goal scorer on the year.  They play tomorrow night at Dallas.

Doan and Keith have both been publicly contrite about their hits [link], but who cares?  Time to start thinking before you get your elbows up, boys.  If you can’t do it for safety at least do it for your teams down the stretch.  But really, do it for safety.

And the winner is…

15 Dec

I missed 24/7 last night because I fell asleep re-watching Fright Night with Colin Farrell.  I mean he’s in the movie, he wasn’t with me.  And the movie’s great.  But I will have to catch up on the Rangers/Flyers this weekend, and from the sound of your Tweets there is plenty worth watching!

Another thing I’ve missed up until now is the NHL All-Star Game voting.

I restricted my choices to people currently playing.  Obviously I believe Crosby should be in – he was more of an all-star in his few games this year than most people are in a whole season.  But if he’s well, he’ll get in.  (See the leaderboard here.)   I deliberately sent my votes where they can count.

1) Nicklas Backstrom – If Ovi gets in and Nicky doesn’t, someone will receive a strongly worded letter written in cut-out magazine letters.

2) Jonathan Toews – scored his 300th career point last night, overall superstar and BAMF.  You don’t see a lake named after anyone else.

3) James Neal – needs no explanation. HONK!

4) Duncan Keith – Did you see him rob Matt Cullen on a shorthanded breakaway last night?  Norris Trophy, what?

5) Shea Weber – 100+ MPH shot, massive blocking body, all-star playoff beard, friends with Dierks Bentley.  Scored from the cheap seats (and we mean in the net!).  Haven’t seen it?  Puck Daddy has it, they always do [link].

6) Marc-Andre Fleury – Forever holding it down in the back, never knowing who might be available to stand in front of him every night.  And for the off chance he’ll spin like a ballerina or sass Carey Price.

You can vote up to 30 times at vote.nhl.com.  I’ll let you guys win the trip to Ottawa, because I’ll be on my honeymoon until that Saturday. I’m missing the draft and  skills competitions in real-time, so Chuck will have to man the Twitter and express all of my squee-tastic opinions.

I Googled this photo, which led me to another WUYS post. Of course.

Duncan Keith = Superhero

14 Oct

It’s true…at least according to the video voice over.

WARNING!  Fainting may occur.

WARNING! Swooning will occur.

Duncan Keith is cooler than you.

And stronger.

With better hair.

And pectoral muscles.


Ladies, ask and ye shall receive.

A Few Sweet Dudes

7 Oct

You knew it was coming.  Captain Serious cannot be outdone in any category (especially his own category) – he was just saving the best for last.  Taking a (really too obvious but keep doing squats and we don’t care) page from 24/7, Blackhawks TV once again brings you the best hockey programming around.  Carter, Lindsay and you (yes, you) – enjoy:

Blackhawks Fitness Testing Video [link]

Blackhawks Stretching & Weights Routine[link]

Of course JT isn’t the only one working hard.  Hammer can be my Field Day partner – check out that one-legged long jump distance.  Duncan Keith’s quad is the size of my waist:

Seabrook’s hair is a World Wonder:

And Kaner owns this balance measure… he once used it as a sobriety test.

We see you, lady at the table. Eyes on his feet!

The Hawks kick off the season tonight in Dallas.  The game is on NHL Center Ice, so if you want to come over just bring pizza.

Hawks – Class of 2011

27 Sep

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Chicago Blackhawks season.  Also known as Patrick Kane’s 10th birthday party.

Patrick is *really* excited because him mom got him a new Huffy bike and the double chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake that all the cool kids had last year.  Duncan is psyched because he stole that kid’s cake and just ate the last piece he had in the shoebox under his bed.  Now he’s coming for this cake.

Sharp is mentally calculating the value of the presents vs. the cost of the party and creating a Profits & Loss sheet.  He’ll then determine the compounding interest forecast for investing in Patrick’s 11th birthday party.  Economic indicators are not good.

Jonathan is figuring out how to get each of Patrick’s sisters alone in the treehouse and which one is mostly likely to believe he’s a doctor.
He’d better hurry, because Brent is planning to set that treehouse on fire.

Mikey Monday: Get Physical

13 Jun

We haven’t seen Tazer so a squat in a while, so… here’s Mike’s workout from last summer.  There’s about one thing in this video that I could do and it’s the part where he stands around looking winded.

You can thank Tumblr for these and more.

Here’s the video – Mike Green’s Off-Season Workout.  Bonus: Duncan Keith!

Foxy Friday: 2 for the price of 1!

22 Apr

Time and time again, Foxy Friday has proven to be a good luck charm to many an NHLer.

You get featured on this blog, good things happen.  It’s a fact.

It is also a place where we can recognize the exceptional feats of athletic awesomeness of those players who do big things when it matters the most.

I was all set to feature just one player in this week’s post, but I just couldn’t choose between these both very deserving guys.

I said, “Forget you! I’m gonna get wild and pick TWO Foxy Fridays!”

So, this week’s Foxy FridayS are:

Michael “Cool” Ryder and Duncan “Teeth” Keith

Foxy Friday #1

Dear Michael, you are foxy for the following reasons:

  • You have the sun-kissed locks of a golden god.
  • You are very Nordic looking despite being from Bonavista, Newfoundland.  Are there lots of Vikings there we didn’t know about?  You look like you should be pillaging Iceland with Eric Northman from “True Blood”.
  • For finally showing us that “sniper shot”  and “scorer’s touch” that everyone is always talking about.  And just at the right time, athankyou.
  • For having a 3 point night (2 goals, 1 assist) in a crucial game for the Bruins, including the game winner 1:59 into OT. 
  • For being the 1st ex-Canadien to score a playoff overtime winner in Montreal.
  • For tying the series at 2 a piece and giving the Bruins the chance to play another day.
  • For looking really adorbs in a knit hat. {see how cute here}
  • For faithfully reading our blog.  We knew it was you creeping all up on our posts.  You may not comment but we see your IP address.

Time to visit my favorite website! Those girls from WUYS are brill!

I feel so much better in this sweater. The red and blue one was itchy. Like a hair shirt.

And for Foxy Friday #2…

Dear Duncan, you are foxy because:

  • You had 2 goals and 2 assists last night to stave off elimination YET AGAIN. Like Hansel, you are “so hot right now.
  • You have really good hockey hair.  Seriously good.  The way it peeks out from under your hat…*sigh*
  • You single-handedly embarrass Roberto Luongo, take him out of the game, and make his playoff beard throw up little white flags of surrender. (Thanks @CoachQsMustache!)
  • Play exceptionally well despite the injury to your defense partner (and platonic life partner) Brent Seabrook.  It’s like peanut butter with no jelly.  Ketchup with no mustard.  Peaches with no Herb.  It hurts, we know, but it’ll be okay.
  • In one photo you can look amazeballs and like someone we want to take home to our moms AND also do very bad things too.  On the other hand, you can look like a meth-head, redneck, hillbilly from the Ozarks.  See evidence below.  We like the dichotomy.  It makes it exciting!



Congrats to Ryder and Keith for being dual Foxy Friday honorees today! Like Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock said…It takes TWO to make a thing go right!