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Fantasy Draft Day: Sort of like the NHL’s…but not…

13 Sep

The start of the inaugural season of WUYS Fantasy Hockey league is right around the corner, so you know what that means….


As much as we would LOVE to hold our very own Combine (Running! Jumping! Flexing!) and rent out an arena in which to hold said draft, we just can’t.  WUYS doesn’t actually make any money (yet).

So to help you create your ultimate fantasy hockey team, I put together a listing of my top 75 players fantasy players, based a number of statistical categories.

While I was tempted to take into consideration the statistics of  foxiness, awesome hockey hair, and hug-ability when compiling these rankings, I decided just to go with the good old-fashioned stats.

Pants wanted me to add a category for squatting ability and derpness…but I had to veto that.

I am the Commish, after all.  I have the power.

Before drafting your players keep in mind that our league is a “Head to Head – Points” league.  This means that teams are matched up weekly and each manager tries to accumulate the most points from each statistical category.  In our league, points will be earned as follows:

Forwards/Defencemen Stats

  • Goals (G) = 3 pts
  • Assists (A) = 2 pts
  • Plus/Minus (+/-) = 1 pt
  • Penalty Minutes (PIM) = 0.5 pt
  • Powerplay Points (PPP) = 1 pt
  • Shots on Goal (SOG) = 0.4 pt

Goaltending Stats

  • Wins (W) = 4 pts
  • Goals Against (GA) = -1 pt

Each team will consist of 2 centers, 2 right wings, 2 left wings, 4 defencemen, 2 goalies, and 4 bench players (from any position).

For those of you who are new to fantasy hockey, you can use the list below to help you decided which players you want to draft.  But you don’t have to.  You can pick whom ever you want.  Full list of all players available for the draft can be found at

The teams are set.

Bieksa’s Got Back.  Gator Goldfish.  Joey the Jr. Reporter.  Shut Your Five Hole.  Don’t Toews Me!.   I Laich It Hot.   El Coop.   I Like ‘Em Skinner.   Easy Being Greener.   Dave’s a KILLER!.

10 teams will enter…but only one will get Toews.

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