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Fall Down, Go Boom.

31 Aug

Well, folks, it was bound to happen.

Stanley is a little banged up, thanks to former Bruin Michael “Cool” Ryder and a flimsy Nova Scotian card table.

To which my friend Fatty J exclaimed, “Jesus Michael!”

Dios mios indeed!

What is that table made out of anyway?  Paper mache and matchsticks?

You’d think that they’d be able to find a sturdier table to hold the Cup, you know, to prevent that from happening.

Luckily, the Cup is okay.  Just a little dent.

Can’t say the same for Ryder’s pride though.

Welcome to infamy, my friend.

Man Down.

Break out your Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan.

27 Aug

This summer’s been pretty awesome for the Bruins. Winning the Stanley Cup pretty much guarnetees that.

The celebration tour has taken the Cup all over the world, but one place it’s been quite a bit this summer is…


Nautical themed pashmina afghans and flippy floppys for EVERYONE!

Stanley has more than earned his sea legs these last few months.

So, where’s he been exactly?

Well, he was…
At Niagara Falls – ON A BOAT! (Daniel Paille)
At the Jersey Shore – ON A BOAT! (Dennis Seidenberg)
In Vancouver – ON A BOAT! (Milan Lucic)
In the Welland Canal – ON A BOAT! (Adam Creighton, Bs Scout)

But you know what boat we REALLY want to see Stanley on? This one.

With Seguin and Marchand too.


Kings of the world, on a boat like Leo.

Foxy Friday: BioSteel Sports Camp

26 Aug

Okay, they earned it. Videos and photos and… thank heaven for this week.  And for Alyonka Larionov (person I am most jealous of in the world!)’s Twitter photos.  Who said something about Seguin wearing the heck out of a suit? Did you ask for a t-shirt?

That sound you hear is Chuck's lifeless body hitting the floor.

And Stamkos showing off (approved):

There's a "throw me up against the wall" joke here...

I obliged Intern Jeff Skinner and did a single pull-up at the gym yesterday.  Almost popped my shoulders out.  I can plank and run and lift… but not like this.  I get woozy just thinking about it.  Not enough BioSteel in the world to get me through 1/10th of what these guys do.

Impressed yet?

He doesn't even look tired.

What you really want is video of Biz doing yoga in his unders.  You got it.

And hey, look who got 10 seconds of camera time?

Frankly, this is not enough.

So that’s Foxy Friday – the boys working it out because they can’t wait to get back together with you.  Now if this hurricane really takes us all out, at least you saw Biz in his skivvies.

Staal Wedding Weekend

16 Aug

We hacked the Bauer Hockey Facebook page today and posted nothing but pictures of the Staals.  Oh wait, that wasn’t us?  Someone else did this?  BRAVO.  And woah.

You can see all the photos here.  But you can’t handle it. (Oh wait, that’s us.)

Ginger Staal got married over the weekend, hence the festivities.  The Staal Bros are going fast, ladies. 

From TheDManProject

Someone should find us a larger version of this photo, because it is PERFECT.  Beautiful.  Doesn’t it make you wanna get married?  Congratulations to the lucky couple, even if he plays for the Rangers!

Swedish Summertime

12 Aug

If you’d like to spend your Friday watching Nicky B, you’re in luck.  Bonus if you speak Swedish or mumbling.  He has such nice eyes.

Interview Video 1 and Video 2.  Fair warning: There isn’t any smiling, as he obviously misses Mike.  It makes me wanna:

Our pal @raedanda found this on Twitter – MUCH better.  Someone tell me how this thing stays afloat as Nicky demonstrates the appropriate length and plaid in this season’s Swedish swim trunks.

Posted by Nicky's brother Krisstofer (@kbackstrom85)

Kris Letang Reads Our Blog!

29 Jul

Was I not just lamenting the other day that Kris Letang had not done right by all of us and gone shirtless recently? Well evidently he read my post, hopped on a plane and jetted to a sunny destination where he promptly removed his shirt and started drinking fruity drinks.

why thank you, I'll have what's he's having and then some!

Can I hear a hallelujah from all you sisters out there? Because that is how powerful my posts are! When I ask Kris Letang to take his shirt off, HE OBEYS! DAMN IT!

nothing to see here ladies. nothing to see here. absolutely nothing to see. nada.

And I’m not going to point out the obvious, OK, yes I am, but is that a Penguin in your pants or were you glad I asked you to take your shirt off? JUST SAYIN. HAPPY FRIDAY WUYSIES! 😉

have a great day too!

Blackhawks Weekend

26 Jul

This weekend’s breaking news: Jonathan Toews brought a girl to a baseball game.  Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling.

In a related story, it wasn’t us.

We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls.  Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can handle it.  You can Google her if you like.  Suffice to say that Kaner is *really* jealous somewhere in Upstate NY.

What we will post is the fantastic work of Roving Reporter Veronica from the 2011 Blackhawks Convention.

Kaner rocking the tan and that salmon shirt.

Mike Green is jealous of this.

My dentist is jealous.

Veronica obviously had a great time.  She says the Hawks Convention is a must for any fan… which clearly means us.  WUYS road trip next year.  And that Chicago pizza… we may never leave.  Veronica lives in Raleigh and has ‘Canes season tickets, so she’ll also be keeping an eye on Intern Jeff Skinner for us.  Don’t let him drink the Mexicola, it gives him the giggles.

And now, for the Best Photo Award.  How could you not want this face to lead you to victory?