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Two for the Road

8 Apr

We don’t watch as much Western Conference hockey as we’d like – it’s past our bedtimes.  For those who do, and whose teams ended their 2011-2012 seasons last night, this one’s for you.

The Dallas Stars finished in 9th place last year too.  Frustrated but the hopeful.  The ultimate hockey fan emotions.

Flames fans are a tough bunch, just ask Lindsay.  You can’t ever get tickets, and they haven’t made the playoffs in three years.  That’s dedication.  Do the damned Canucks have to be first *every* year?!

The Avalanche have a few up-and-comers among our favorite players to watch.  They had some rich years, and we think they’re coming back.  More Landeskoging, please.

I once figured that based on all the consecutive sellouts the Wild had, including pre-season games, that you could put a second NHL franchise in their parking lot and it would see more tickets than the Coyotes every night.  We are beyond impressed.

Anaheim.  I don’t know what the hell happened there, but this team should be tearing it up.  I’d like to see them give this top notch cast another season – Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf if he can find his mojo.  And Teemu, please play forever.

The Oilers are rebuilding away.  With Eberle, Hall and Nugent-Hopkins clicking and a strong team behind them, it’ll be watch out world.

Columbus, don’t give up.  We know it hurts with Nash and that the wait has been long.  We hope a new chapter is starting.  Oh, and we’re coming to visit for the All-Star Game.

So long to the favorites who finished – play some golf, get healthy and come back hungry.  Now,on to those still left.

Had a Bad Day

28 Feb

Yesterday’s NHL Trade Deadline was a snore.  I thought Twitter might melt from all the ennui and complaints, or Alyonka Larianov’s increasingly desperate attempts to hold our interest.  Here’s how things shook out [link].

John Scott was “shocked” to be traded to the Rangers, and was in the middle of doing laundry when the call came.  Bonus points for Foxy Fridays Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, who led the Avalanche love-fest for players both coming and going by Tweeting their teammates hello and goodbye simultaneously.  Brian Rolston goes back to Boston, where he played 4+ seasons.  The winners are anyone leaving the Islanders or Jets, and anyone going to the Canucks.  The abstainer was The Washington Capitals.  The loser?  Rick Nash.  Let’s discuss.

The Washington Capitals made zero trades, surprising a lot of people.  This seems to say that GMGM either 1) thinks the team is fine the way it is or 2) has given up on this season.  In my opinion, it’s more likely that no one was buying at his prices.  The Caps chemistry is flawed and inconsistent, but it doesn’t need to be burned to the ground.  GMGM showed continued/expensive faith in stars and fragile pandas (Sasha Fierce, Mike Green).

Misplaced faith?  Ask me in six weeks when the Caps don’t make the playoffs.  But what they had to sell (Knuble, Hamrlik) really only matches the Rolston/Mottau deal, and that was for prospects.  The Caps need players who can deliver immediately.  To get those guys, GMGM would have had to give up some of the few things that are actually working for the Caps.  I don’t want Laich, Chimera, Perreault or anyone else moving when they seem to be the only hopes left for March and April.

Then there’s poor Rick Nash.   Chuck and I are biased because we love his smiley lumberjack ways.  Also because he’s incredibly talented and seems like a genuinely nice guy.  But he’s no fool.  All Nash has to show for 9 seasons with the Blue Jackets is one trip to the playoffs, swept by the Red Wings.  The only place this captain is going is down with his ship – so he finally wanted off.

Columbus GM Scott Howson revealed yesterday that Nash asked to be traded [link].  This refuted talk the Jackets were shopping him of their own accord, and came as the clock ticked down on the biggest fish in the trade pond still trying to bite a hook.  But no team would put out enough bait.  Howson defended his astronomical asking price by pointing out he is neither required nor compelled to trade Nash just because he asked nicely.

How many of these are left in Columbus?

Now, I’m mad.  Howson threw Nash under the bus.  “Think you’re miserable now?  See how it feels when I turn the fans against you!” (Obviously not a real Howson quote.)  If Rick can’t get out of Columbus this summer, my heart will break.  He wanted to anchor that team and be the franchise guy that built a winning club.  Columbus has not delivered.  The Jackets are talking about “rebuilding” – rebuilding what?!  You have one Nash-shaped support beam and no house!  You never did.

In truth, the Jackets can’t afford to sell Nash unless they immediately start winning in return.  Rick’s price tag is something between a ransom and a bounty.  He’s all they have right now, after supposed big moves like Jeff Carter are quickly forgotten.  Columbus ranks 26th overall in NHL attendance, due in part to being so close to other teams (Pittsburgh fans call match-ups in Columbus “home games.”).  Nash is putting bodies in seats on nights when no one else can.  Without him….

I also feel for the Jackets’ fans; of course they don’t want to lose their one bright spot.  These fans, all the more precious for being in an expansion market, have stuck with the team like Nash has.  I hope they understand the position he’s in.  They can still get solid players in a Nash trade.  Come summer, teams struggling to make the playoffs now will have time to figure out what a fresh start with Nash is worth.  After what will be the Jackets’ 11th rough season in a row, it’s certainly worth a try.

DDTBG Game Winner!

2 Feb

I am the god of hell fire and I bring

Now if that’s not touched by god, I don’t know what is.

Drew was due, that we knew. Should I make all this rhyme too? It was review-able but it was still do-able.
But the refs said it was good, that made the CBJ’s bang their wood and Drew got a goal with only .04 to go and you can watch it above in slow-mo!

Around The League In Milestone Minutes

9 Jan

 It was a banner weekend ladies as many of our men made history and milestones: chillin in the dome with Jerome: Iggy got his 500th goal.

 Teemu got his 651st goal by the end of the night.

 Little Danny Briere put on his big boy pants and got in his third ever fight and had a hat trick to boot.

Shane Doan got his first hat trick EVER with .o1 to go – YES and the Coyotes have really needed SOMETHING to get their party started.

And faster than you can say “Excuse me but does this stick in the face make me look fat?” the PA put the hammer down on the realignment and the Blue Jackets have fired their coach. Whew. There was a crap load of exciting hockey happening this weekend and I didn’t even cover Corey Perry’s hat trick  – wait I just did.

So if you missed any of it, I suggest you watch the above because it was pure hockey magic. A banner weekend of nuggeted hockey gold wrapped tightly like a firecracker that exploded a little late for the new year but we’ll take it any way!

Terrible Outbreak of Shpilkis in the Genechtagazoink.

9 Jan

Scott Arniel is the latest NHL coach to catch a case of the shpilkis.

He’s out at Blue Jackets head coach.  Todd Richards is in.

Exit...Stage Right...

This morning the Blue Jackets announced that assistant coach Todd Richards will be taking over coaching duties of the struggling team (on an interim basis) for the rest of the season.  Richards joined the team as an assistant in June of 2011 and will make his head coaching debut on Tuesday when the club takes on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Scott Arniel now joins the every increasing list of fired NHL coaches this season – Davis Payne (Blues), Paul Maurice (Hurricanes), Bruce Boudreau (Captials), Randy Carlyle (Ducks), Jacques Martin (Canadians), and Terry Murray (Kings) – and we feel sort of bad for him.  He had a rough start to the season without James Wisniewski and a grip of players out with injuries.  They seemed to pick it up in Nov/Dec but have floundered as of late, essential sending Arniel off to collect unemployment.  Columbus is in dead-last place in the NHL, with just 27 points and 20 points out of a playoff spot.

There is no doubt that all the teams who have lost coaches this season have talented players peppering their rosters, so how come they aren’t winning?  Are the coaches not motivating the players enough?  Is their style of coaching not suited to the caliber of players on the team? Are the players being lazy? Or are they just not as good as we think they are?  Has the management just not put the right pieces of the puzzle together to build a winning hockey team?

So with this recent firing, we want to pose a question to our WUYS readers.

When a team is struggling & not winning games, who’s really to blame?  The coach?  The players?  The management?

WUYS Morning News

17 Nov

Mike Green didn’t make the trip to Winnipeg with the Caps, but he did take his sprained ankle to the Kid Rock show in DC last night.  He wore his only favorite sweater (seriously, he wears this more than Toews wears that suit) and that hat that makes me want to throw snowballs.  Money was raised for Mike’s So Kids Can charity.  Gator is from the D and she wanted to go, but instead we worked, A.K.A. watched Breaking Dawn, ate snacks and yelled back at the screen.  Good times all around.

At least Kid Rock looks excited.

Chicago beat Vancouver (ooh, say it again!) 5-2 with a couple of wacky bouncers.  Kaner, Hossa, Montador and Toews all had 2-point games.  And for anyone who didn’t cringe when we made Patrick Kane a Foxy Friday, he’s got a new One Goal commercial [link].

Brendan starched another shirt and Shanabanned Blues’ Chris Stewart three games for boarding Wings’ Niklas Kronwall.  This one’s ugly.

NHL.com used my favorite phrase as a headline.  Sadly it’s about Ilya Kovalchuk.  I watched this hoping actual pants would fall, but alas there is only a very pretty goal.

The Islanders introduced their third jerseys, which are pretty standard.  They’re worlds better than this yellow mess Nashville adopted, but no amount of fashion changes the fact you are still the Islanders (sorry).

The red-hot Bruins put their 6 game win streak on the line tonight vs. Blue Jackets.  Seguin’s on fire (Chuck loves) and leads the NHL in plus/minus rating with +15.  (Don’t mind EStaal down at the bottom with -18.)  Speaking of bottom of the barrel, Columbus is 3-13-1 with only 7 points on the season.  Now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably win.

Team Jacob

The Penguins are in Tampa Bay tonight and Sid will not play.  Errrrbody calm down (obviously I mean me).  Disco Dan would not comment on Saturday’s game – could Sid return?  I want him back this instant, but am also willing to await a triumphant debut in DC on 12/1 when I’m getting booed for wearing my 87 at Verizon Center.  It would be like a romantic comedy: Sid taking the ice, me dodging flying food, then Pens winning.  I can see it now.

James Neal will of course play tonight, and he’s got a 7-game point streak going (ties longest of his career).  JStaal has three goals in two games.  Stamkos and Neal are tied will 11 goals, and I like to think this means bromance rivalry.

Now boys, don't fight.

Only 8 hours 10 minutes till game time.

Anything you can do, I can do better.

30 Sep

Move over Kris Letang!

Rick’s got his own workout video AND his own home gym in which to do it.

Four words.

Rick. Nash. Workout. Video.


Why I am I just finding this now??

He really is trying to keel me.

This man can wear a backwards baseball cap like a boss.


Rick Nash – Are you trying to kill me?

16 Feb


He’s doing this on purpose.   Just to torture me.

Doesn’t he know what this does to me? *swoons*

The hair.

The beard.

Those shoulders.


P.S. Click here to watch post game interview of Rick being all adorable and lumberjacky.


With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

15 Feb

ESPN.com recently posted its NHL Power Rankings for Week 20.  Some teams shot up the rankings like the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings , and Columbus Blue Jackets.  While some faltered like the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins.  (Pants and Dawn are extremely sad pandas.  Like really really sad.)

As a Bruins fan, I’m glad to see that the B’s are holding steady in the top 10.  They’ve been playing well, despite their back to back losses to the #3 Red Wings.  The line of Patrice Bergeron, Mark “Wrecking Ball” Recchi, and Brad Marchand is arguably one of the top lines in all of the NHL.  They hit, they produce major points, and they work hard each and every shift.  Marchand’s nickname should be “Motoscooter”!  He is wonderfully aggressive on the fore-check and is having a breakout season for the B’s.  Chuck likes.

All out. All the time.

Glad to see that Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets moving up the rankings (from 26th to 19th).  They’ve been winning.  Nasher been getting points (5 points in last 5 games).  Rick gets named a Foxy Friday and his team’s starts playing better?  A coincidence?  I think not.

Look at Patrice Bergeron.  Before being a Foxy Friday Honoree?  Having an okay season.  After FF?  Hot like fire.

WUYS is more powerful than we thought.

So, where does your favorite team rank?  Do you agree or disagree with Burnside’s list?  Do you think the Flyers can overtake the Canucks with the acquisition of forward Kris Versteeg?


2010-2011 Power Rankings: Week 20

Continue reading

Foxy Friday: Rick Nash

4 Feb

It is a well documented fact that I love lumberjacks.

Okay, so not actual lumberjacks (considering I’ve never met one) but guys who look like lumberjacks.  Tall.  Scruffy.  Woodsy.  Unabashedly manly.

This girl is living my fantasy.

For this week’s Foxy Friday, I’ve decided to honor Columbus Blue Jackets right winger, Rick Nash – the original NHL Lumberjack.

All that's missing is a red & black checked shirt.

In all honesty, I’d totally forgotten about Nasher.  But then he goes and makes the All-Star Team again and like the tulips in the Boston Public Gardens in the spring…my love is renewed.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my awesome girlfriend. Her name is Chuck and she's amazing.

Can you really blame me for forgetting about him?  He plays in a small market team that very rarely, if ever, plays mine. (read: Not on TV)  His team is never on Versus or NHL on NBC.  (read: Not on TV)  I’m so delighted that he got some screen time at the NHL All Star Fantasy Draft.  Seeing him NOT be so horribly awkward like a majority of the other players make me realized the reason why I’d loved him in the first place. Nasher at All-Star Draft.


Look out, Mike Green. Nasher & his hair are coming for ya.

So, why is Nasher so Foxy?

  1. the 2010 Season stats – 23 goals, 21 assists, 5 GWG
  2. the hair
  3. the beard
  4. the lips
  5. 1st overall pick in the 2002 Entry Draft
  6. the fact that he’s remained loyal to CBJ when I’m sure he’s had the chance to go to a large market team
  7. won the 2009 NHL Foundation Player Award for his work in the community (read: big softie)
  8. Olympic Gold Medalist

Sidney: "Still coming over for dinner tomorrow night? Pants is making enchiladas." Rick: "Oh great. I love enchiladas."

Ricky, the fire in my heart burns for you once more.

And thanks to newly found videos on the Bluejackets’ website, I promise that it will never again die out.

(See Exhibit A: Water bottle = Stanley Cup?)

Those jeans should be illegal.