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Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown

25 Apr

So here we go.

7:30pm tonight.

Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins.

Battle of the Blog: Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown.

Remember back to your history class when they talked about the gun battle at the OK Corral?

Tonight’s Bruins vs Caps game is going to be just like that.

Only with hockey sticks instead of guns.

Pucks instead of bullets.

Skates instead of spurs.

Please note that both of us look pretty good in cowboy hats and you all know that the Calgary Stampede is high on our bucket list.

Maybe this won’t be as bad as we think it will be.

Oh, who are we kidding?

This is going to be torture.

Are you #TeamChuck or #TeamPants?  Let us know on @WhatsUp_YaSieve

Happy Friday the 13th – Best Day for Hockey!

13 Apr

No other horror movie celebrates Hockey with such bad assery!

Last night was a heart breaker when the Caps lost in OT to Boston – I’m sure Ovi had this Nightmare: 

No, not the floating head of death again!

And Seidenberg tried to take Ovi out with this hit but he found that weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! If Ovi can knock Jagr into next year at the Olympics, you’ll have to try harder Siddy-bergy than this:

As for it being FRIDAY THE 13th – I know we ran this before, but there is no such thing in my world as too much Kris Letang so for your FRIDAY THE 13th MOMENT OF ZEN:

Battle of the Blog: Playoffs

12 Apr

Welcome to the NHL Playoffs.  Where all friendships are suspended and The Battle of the Blog really begins.

Pants vs. Chuck, Round One

The Bruins and Capitals begin their playoff series tonight.  Chuck and I have called a time out on fifteen years of watching “So I Married an Axe Murderer” and 3 AM pizza deliveries.  All those *N Sync concerts and the time we got fined a dozen donuts by our broomball team mean nothing.  We are enemies.  Dawn is also a Caps fan – in fact, I blame her for most of this.

I don't like Ovi, but I will like him more than Chuck tonight.

I won’t bore you with a playoff match up preview because frankly, I don’t know which Capitals team will show up tonight.  We have Varsity, JV and powder puff, and they all wear the same uniforms.  Sometimes they swap out during intermission.  The only guarantee is that rookie goalie Braden Holtby will start tonight.  Foxy Friday, don’t fail me now!  

The Bruins are mean and tough and they know how good it feels to win.  The playoffs do crazy things to repeat contenders – Pens/Wings back and forth, the struggling Hawks almost pulling off a first round miracle last season.  Could this be the first repeat since Detroit in ’97 and ’98?

The fight is on.  We know a lot of you guys face this dilemma with your friends or family.  Any tips on how Chuck and I can play fair when we face off tonight?

Battle of the Blog: Pants vs. Chuck (again)

4 Apr

Last night was yet another Battle of the Blog: Pants vs. Chuck.

Pants won.

You know who didn’t win?  (I mean besides me and the Bruins, of course.)

Johnny Boychuk and Joe Vitale

At 6:45 of the 3rd period, Boychuk collided awkwardly with Arron Asham and crumpled to the ice.

I screamed “Boychuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk Nooooooooooooooooo.”  Immediate *facepalm*  It did not look good.

He ended up leaving the ice, placing no weight on his left leg, his arms draped over the shoulders of his teammates, Chris Kelly and Brian Rolston.  After the game, he was seen limping from the locker room and will most likely be reevaluated today.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that the injury isn’t as serious at it looks.  The Bruins defence is already sans Darth Quaider (whose mullet is looking even more ridiculous nowadays and I love it) and the potential of losing our #3 defenceman is not something I really want to think about with the playoffs just around the corner.  Boych has a dominating presence on the Bs blueline, is the team’s hardest hitter, and has a wikkid slappa.  Luckily, the Bruins have some depth at defense, so we might be okay.

And then we have Joe Vitale – he of Northeastern Hockey and Foxy Friday fame.

Usually, all sorts of good things happen for our Foxy Fridays.  It is like a little good luck charm.

Well, not so much for Mr. Vitale last night.

He took a Zdeno Chara slapshot to the face.  A ZDENO CHARA SLAPSHOT TO THE FACE! 

Everyone in the world screams “NOT THE FACE”! Everybody *facepalms*.

This is a story that Vitale will tell to his grandchildren, after bribing them to listen to him with Werther’s Originals.

 “See this scar here?  One time, kids, there was a great bear of man.  His name was Chara.   He was the biggest man I’d ever seen.  He shot a puck 100 miles an hour.  I stopped it with my face.  And I’m alive today to tell you this story.”

No word yet on the severity of his injury, but we’re pretty sure that our stash of Muppet bandaids aren’t going to be enough.

In other game news…

Sidney Crosby scored two goals.  He’s the best player in the game…blah blah blah.

Kris Letang looked like the Italian soccer team with all that diving and flopping.  Even Pants agrees with me that it was a bad penalty call on Rich Peverley.  Sure the stick got a little high, but Letang whipped that hair back like he was Willow Smith.

Beniot Pouliot scored his 15th goal of the season…and it was, like, really pretty.   That was his 31st point of the season, which is a career high.

Andrew Ference RAGED against the goal machine that is James Neal.  One of the best moments of the game, for sure.

Must See TV

26 Mar

Do yourself a favor.

Click on the image below.

Watch the video.

Totes brilliant, right?  LOVE IT!!

Screen capping GOLD!


Making sweet music

Master of the post-National Anthem fist pump.

Nothing more important than the flow.

Gosh, he's just such a noob.

Andy the Science Guy

The Bear is the worst roommate ever.

Patty cake.

I know how you feel, Jack. I love The Bear too.


12 Mar



The Bruins are teetering precariously on the edge of the abyss…and they are threathening to take me with them.

Saturday, they lost to the Capitals.  Yesterday, they got violated by the Penguins.  Patrice Bergeron and Adam McQuaid both got injured.  With Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, Beniot Pouliot, and Tuukka Rask already out, it only to the dire situation the Black and Gold find themselves in late in the season.

Can I get a prayer circle?

Never have I seen a sadder face. Never.

McQuaid took a hard hit from James Neal in the 1st and did not return for rest of the game.  Bergeron took a shot off the leg and labored badly to try to battle through, but did not return.

Obviously, goaltending is a SERIOUS issue for the Bruins.  Serio, people.  I knew losing Tuukka would be tough but I had not fully realize it until this weekend.

And when I did, this was me.

Luckily I managed to pull myself together and attempted to analyze this mess of a situation the Bruins are in.

In an ideal world, Tukkaa would have played Saturday’s matinee versus the Caps, allowing Thomas to rest up for the game against the Pens.  But with Rask recovering from a groin injury, the Bruins were up Crap Creek without a paddle.  

Hell, they didn’t even have a boat.

Then you add in the clocks springing forward for daylight savings, and  you have a recipe for a grade A+, #1 disaster of epic proportion.

Yesterday’s game was that unmitigated disaster.

The Pens jumped all over Thomas from the first whistle scoring 3 goals in the first.  It was ooglay.

I was ready to rage every time the Penguins touched the puck out of sheer frustration.

Normally, I have no issues with the Penguins.  While they are not my favorite team, I respect them and like alot of their players but yesterday, I want to kick all of them in the shins.

Like really hard.

Bruins managed to stauch the bleeding somewhat at the beginning of the 2nd period by pulling Thomas and putting in Marty Turco.  TURCO TIME, YA’LL!

Turco played well in his first NHL game in over a year and no one threw smelly fish at him.  He only allowed 2 goals (if that can be considered a postitive) and made some great saves, including this gem on JStaal.

Poke Check.  Stack the pads.

I don’t know how it could get any worse for the Bruins but if they hope to have any chance to make a run for defending their Stanley Cup, they need to do something.

I have a suggestion.

Bubble wrap.

And lots of it.

Call Mike Green.  I’m sure he has some extra lying about.

Foxy Friday: Gregory Campbell

9 Mar

This week, we’re going to the bench and giving the 4th line some playing time.

We thought it was time to give some love to the muckers and the grinders, the gritty players who claw and fight and forcheck their ways into our hearts.  While they might not show up on stat sheets or make it to ESPN’s Top 10, they are still deserving on our love.

And none is as deserving…or as foxy as Gregory Campbell, 4th line center for the Boston Bruins.

Thank you Lord for the v-neck tshirt.

Mean mugging with Horton and Looch

Campbell, or Soupy as he is affectionally known, came to the Bruins along with Nathan Horton in a trade at the beginning of the Bruins’s spectacular Stanley Cup season of 2010-2011.  He’s 6ft, 197 lbs of solid hockey man and has been a stalwart on the Bruins’ aggressive and impressive 4th line (aka the Merlot Line because of their wine colored practice jerseys) for much of the time he’s been with the Bs.

Hey Gurl.

He has ingraciated himself with the Bruins fans for his consistent and smart play…and his ability to bloody and pummel opposing players when the occasion call.  Sometimes he gets pummelled in return, but that just part of the game.  As the great band The New Radicals once said, “You gotta get what you give.”

Taking one for the team

He was a critical part of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run where he masterfully center the penalty kill, limiting the Canucks to just two power-play goals in seven games.  He forechecks like a mutha.   He is strong on the face-off.  He even scores goals occasionally, like this beaut from last night’s game vs. the Sabres.

He has lovely eyes.  And his beard…well we all know how I feel about beards.

His arms inspire sonnets and proclamations of undying love.

He brings tasty pies to those that do not have pies.

He likes things shiny.

Sure, his dad might be Colin Campbell, former director of hockey operations for the NHL, but don’t think for one minute that this guy hasn’t earned his place in the NHL through nepotism or favoritism. He earned it through grit, determination, and and smart hockey sense.

He is an invaluable part of the Bruins squad and that alone makes him worth for this Foxy Friday honor.

Happy Birthday, Tyler Seguin!

31 Jan

Dear Tyler,

I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies for the lateness of these birthday wishes but I swear I didn’t forget about you.   That’s just not possible.

You’re my lobstah.

Especially when you dress up nice…

And when you sing so pretty…


And when you crack up laughing…

And when you get excited like a fluffy Canadian puppy…

And when you bust a move…

And when you give hugs…

And when you do this…

So a very happy 20th birthday shout out to my favorite #19.   

Only one more year until you can drink legally in the United States…

But not like that’s stopped you before.

Bruins in the Beltway

23 Jan

This afternoon, the Boston Bruins were honored by President Obama at the White House for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup.

Wait...When did we trade Gregory Campbell?

The President spoke for a bit, chided the city of Boston for having too many championship teams, called out Brad Marchand (“Little Ball of Hate?  What’s up with that nickname?”), and posed with the team for the obligatory photo shoot. Watch the full video [here].

Notably absent from today’s festivities was goaltender Tim Thomas, one of only two Americans on the team.  Apparently, Timmeh is a stauch conservative and refused the invite from the Commander in Chief due to “political reasons.”

While Thomas is absolutely entitled to his beliefs and can choose do to what he wants (this is a free country, after all),  wouldn’t you want to go just to share the experience with your teammates…and steal pens and hand towels from White House?  

Eh, whatever. I’m over it.

As long as Timmy keeps making saves and playing like a boss, I don’t really care whether or not he likes the President.

A Lesson from the Professor

17 Jan

Last night, Patrice Bergeron gave a lesson on how to play like a boss.

Granted, he’s always exceptional in my opinion, but last night vs. the Panthers, #37 really was the #1 star of the game.

He scored both goals during regulation for the Bruins – this wrister on a sicky no-look pass from Pouliot and this tip-in on a beauty on a pass from Tyler “Teen Wolf” Seguin.

EH OH! That's a good looking goal, eh?

And as if that wasn’t enough, he scored the crucial goal in the shootout to keep the Bruins’ chances alive, allowing David Krecji to score the SO Winner.

Most of the time, Bergeron’s play isn’t fancy or stuff that is going to make it on NHL on the Fly, but what it is, is solid, consistent and smart.

And with a nickname like “The Professor”, would you really expect anything less?

Sometimes, when you win, it ain’t so pretty.  It’s okay.  It doesn’t have to be.  A win is a win, but this one was sorta ooglay.  Bruins, for some reason, have struggled against the teams in the Southeast division this season but managed to pull out a win and 2 points thanks to the skill of their assistant captain.  [ Check out Bergy’s Post-game presser here. ]

Tonight, Bruins take on the Lightning.  Normally this match-up would have us more excited, but TB is struuuugling.  Like Buttercup and Wesley in the Fire Swamp quicksand.

They are 17-23-4 and  on a 3 game losing streak.  We want them to be better because we adore Stamkos and Squishy and Matt Gilroy (Go BU!), but things just aren’t looking good for the Bolts – despite Stamkos being 2nd in the league in points (50) and leading the league in goals (30).

Tampa Bay, we have a problem.

But at least they are purty to look at.