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Fall Down, Go Boom.

31 Aug

Well, folks, it was bound to happen.

Stanley is a little banged up, thanks to former Bruin Michael “Cool” Ryder and a flimsy Nova Scotian card table.

To which my friend Fatty J exclaimed, “Jesus Michael!”

Dios mios indeed!

What is that table made out of anyway?  Paper mache and matchsticks?

You’d think that they’d be able to find a sturdier table to hold the Cup, you know, to prevent that from happening.

Luckily, the Cup is okay.  Just a little dent.

Can’t say the same for Ryder’s pride though.

Welcome to infamy, my friend.

Man Down.

Waiting for Tonight…

1 Jun

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!

Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Hell ya, they are!

Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have grad class until 8pm but I’m totally planning on having to “go to the bathroom” and racing home (as much as one can race on public transportation) to watch the game.  I was invited to a meetup of Canadian ex-pats in Boston to watch the game, but they’ll all be cheering for the Canucks and I don’t know if I can handle that…

There has been a lot of media coverage of the SCF here in Boston (natch) and with that comes some awesome photos and screen caps of our most favorite Bruins players.  I only felt is was far to share them with our loyal readers because regardless of your personal hockey affiliation,  you understand the magnitude of the Stanley Cup Finals and what it means to the Canucks and Bruins hockey fans everywhere.

Plus their beards and faces are awesome.  See evidence below.

You’re welcome.


Hi-fives for everyone!

Click, Click, Click...BOOM!

"I once caught a Canuck aboot this...big..."

Learning about the elusive creature known as the...Power Play Goal.

Still pondering just how in the world he made that save on Steve Downie...

Krecji looking all kinds of Euro


I already got my name on the Stanley Cup...what about you?

Teen Wolf like shiny cup.

Notice who's on the wall behind him. *good omen*

"I am Darth Quaider. You will fear me...and my mullet"

Czech me out, ladies.

Why hello there, Boych. Don't you look foxy. P.S. Your profile is *swoon*

The Professor has tenure with the Bruins. 7 years. He's only 25.



Foxy Friday: 2 for the price of 1!

22 Apr

Time and time again, Foxy Friday has proven to be a good luck charm to many an NHLer.

You get featured on this blog, good things happen.  It’s a fact.

It is also a place where we can recognize the exceptional feats of athletic awesomeness of those players who do big things when it matters the most.

I was all set to feature just one player in this week’s post, but I just couldn’t choose between these both very deserving guys.

I said, “Forget you! I’m gonna get wild and pick TWO Foxy Fridays!”

So, this week’s Foxy FridayS are:

Michael “Cool” Ryder and Duncan “Teeth” Keith

Foxy Friday #1

Dear Michael, you are foxy for the following reasons:

  • You have the sun-kissed locks of a golden god.
  • You are very Nordic looking despite being from Bonavista, Newfoundland.  Are there lots of Vikings there we didn’t know about?  You look like you should be pillaging Iceland with Eric Northman from “True Blood”.
  • For finally showing us that “sniper shot”  and “scorer’s touch” that everyone is always talking about.  And just at the right time, athankyou.
  • For having a 3 point night (2 goals, 1 assist) in a crucial game for the Bruins, including the game winner 1:59 into OT. 
  • For being the 1st ex-Canadien to score a playoff overtime winner in Montreal.
  • For tying the series at 2 a piece and giving the Bruins the chance to play another day.
  • For looking really adorbs in a knit hat. {see how cute here}
  • For faithfully reading our blog.  We knew it was you creeping all up on our posts.  You may not comment but we see your IP address.

Time to visit my favorite website! Those girls from WUYS are brill!

I feel so much better in this sweater. The red and blue one was itchy. Like a hair shirt.

And for Foxy Friday #2…

Dear Duncan, you are foxy because:

  • You had 2 goals and 2 assists last night to stave off elimination YET AGAIN. Like Hansel, you are “so hot right now.
  • You have really good hockey hair.  Seriously good.  The way it peeks out from under your hat…*sigh*
  • You single-handedly embarrass Roberto Luongo, take him out of the game, and make his playoff beard throw up little white flags of surrender. (Thanks @CoachQsMustache!)
  • Play exceptionally well despite the injury to your defense partner (and platonic life partner) Brent Seabrook.  It’s like peanut butter with no jelly.  Ketchup with no mustard.  Peaches with no Herb.  It hurts, we know, but it’ll be okay.
  • In one photo you can look amazeballs and like someone we want to take home to our moms AND also do very bad things too.  On the other hand, you can look like a meth-head, redneck, hillbilly from the Ozarks.  See evidence below.  We like the dichotomy.  It makes it exciting!



Congrats to Ryder and Keith for being dual Foxy Friday honorees today! Like Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock said…It takes TWO to make a thing go right!

Boston Garden aka The House of Pain

10 Feb

I’m exhausted.

Last night’s Canadiens/Bruins game was epic.  The craziest 60 minutes of hockey I’ve ever seen.  Seriously.  Ever.

Every game between these long time rivals is emotional charged but this was ridiculous.  Ridiculously AWESOME.  I started to write this post last night, but was too emotionally exhausted so I went to sleep to collect my thoughts.

After not so restful 8 hours of sleep, here are my thought about FightFest 2011

The TD Garden, home of the big bad Bruins, will henceforth be known as the House of Pain.

Bring it.

  • This game had everything.  Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! 14 goals.  41 penalties.  237 fights.
  • A PLETHORA of goals.  Between two of the top defensive teams in the NHL. The poor PA guy barely had time to catch up between all the penalties and the goals.  Get that man a Ricola STAT!
  • The massive 2nd period brawl – 34 PIM handed out.
  • Crowded house in the penalty box. At one point, 6 Bruins in the penalty box, 5 in the Habs’ box.  As Pants pointed out, it is like piling people into a phone booth.

Tight squeeze

  • Goalie fight! Thomas vs. Price.  Not as epic as Johnson vs. DiPietro but entertaining none the less.  Timmay smiling and laughing the whole time.
  • All five players on one line putting up their dukes.  Now that’s what I call teamwork, boys. You fight, I fight, We all fight!  YAY!
  • Nathan Horton has a 5 point game (1 goal, 4 assists).  Could he finally be living up to his potential??
  • Lucic the Love Doctor added 2 goals and an assist.  Ryder score 2 goal-scorer’s goals. Krecji had 3 assists.  With Savvy done for the year, these guys are really going to have to produce for the Bruins to have any shot at making a run in the playoffs.

On a side note, Tyler Seguin totally bumming that he missed this game.  The youngster was a healthy scratch last night because he hasn’t exactly been playing up to par recently.  Perhaps Coach Claude thought a night watching from the stands might light his fire.  After that fightfest, I bet Ty-Ty is hitting the weight room and skating at practice twice as hard.

Forget about guns. I got missiles.