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All Hail Jarret Stoll!

24 Apr

 So the Kings making it past Vancouver was like this happening …

But my friends once in a blue moon dreams do come true! So taste the rainbow Kings fans!

And it was all because of the guy with the most AWESOME hair this side of the Mississippi! And I can attest from seeing it in person. HOLY CRAP! It deserves a post of its own – hell, it deserves a facebook page of its own. Le-swoon. Plus, who knew Jarret Stoll was snaggin’ hotties under the radar like this?


yes, that's super model Rachel Hunter with the newly dubbed, west coast - 'bigboy hair'

But what’s really important is what he does on the ice which is this:

But I’ll be honest, it’s nice that under all that is this too :

LA seems to agree with Mr. Stoll

Don’t Be Hatin’

14 Apr

Hey there handsome! yes, I embarrassed you in front of your team, that was me

Ok, I’m starting this off with I don’t hate the Vancouver Canucks. I just happen to LOVE the LA KINGS – even more so after seeing them last night. Look at the play-off beard!

do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Mr. Canuck fan? no wonder you're with another dude at this game!

If Pants was worried about me when we went to see Ovi in SJ in my outfit, she should have chaperoned me to Vancouver in my harmless Drew Doughty/LA KINGS t-shirt last night because holy Cheesus! I was literally one of 5 Kings fans in the house and the only one with a sign. You could see it anywhere in Rogers Arena.

F%ck you camera man! Telling me I suck. I made it on the Jumbotron anyway! so suck it ... we won too!

The one question I kept getting asked last night was – Why do you like the LA KINGS? Really? I saw Mr. Cherrie hold his breath hoping against all hope I wasn’t going to say something snarky so I waited until now: (our two little friends above the exit sign where AWESOME!) HI!

1. LA has a real goal tender – Quick doesn’t cry either!

Koppie tried flipping me a puck during warm up! totes love for you.

2. LA has Kopitar who can stick handle in a phone booth and I believe is about to cut loose because he is certainly due

He's all class and no sass!

3. LA has Dustin Brown with 2 shorties on them in their barn

Capt. Downtown Brown was trying not to laugh at my sign. Quick had a giggle too along with the rest of the team giving Doughty shit.

4. LA has Jeff Carter and Mike Richards now
5. LA has Drew Doughty (of course) 😉

Drew also tried to flip me a puck during warm-ups!

Any questions? Didn’t think so.

This was totally staged for my pleasure because they were all laughing and trying not to look at me. Hello -Paging Kings Fan of One.

See ... they started laughing and 22 (Trevor Lewis) is a stone cold FOX

But I would like to give a shout out and a thanks to the gracious Canucks fans who let me stand in front of them during the warm-ups so I could watch. They were very nice about it and I truly appreciated it.

Kilroy Was Here

12 Apr

There is no accounting for taste in our household. Traitors abound. Mr. Cherrie is a hard-core Buffalo fan.

 But when I went to consult my bookie, I mean my oracle- the great swami Osiris Jones, man about town and counselor at law, when he’s not picking NHL play-off games for cat treats, much to my horror this is what I found!

Whut can I saz, I heart king henry

When I told him there’d be no more treats for this treacherous betrayal –

But i'm no foo eder

His brothers are much smarter and helped with the sign making for tomorrows big trek across the border. With Doughty getting so much ice time I am sure to get my money’s worth so look for this sign in the sea of blue and green: 

yes mom, I am 12 years old ...and I can make a sign like one too!

I’m hoping to get some exclusive shots for the blog if Mr. Gates doesn’t make me stay after school for extra credit. I am also hoping for another game like last night!

Wow - for me? Awesome .... A hatrick for you then!

 But what I really wanted to know was – who would end up in the Stanley Cup finals? So Swami Osiris Jones drug under the couch cushions, licked his butt a few times and gave me two answers – you decide from reading my posts which one is real and which one is for more cat treats … 

Swami Jones has spoken ... and it shall come to pass that these two hot horses will play each other in the finals ...

or this: 

Pst ...I hear Dawn's picked us for the finals ...
Of course she did, I'm reliable and I always come through even though she's saying it's her 'cat' and she hates Pittsburgh

Two Tickets To Paradise!

9 Apr

ah ... can someone get me into the dressing room for an interview? I have a lot of questions for these guys and they look a little bored.

Hey Jumbo Joe … at least pick on someone your own size…

Giving the West Coast some love and Mr. Cherrie too … for our anniversary – what better way to celebrate than seeing my beloved DDTBG in person! And on one of our favorite day of the year – FRIDAY THE 13th!

Yes, I've used this photo before but finding shirtless photos of Drew is like finding a Unicorn, a rainbow and Ovi with a hat trick this year! Ohhhh did I just say that?!

Look out Vancouver – here we come! Because last years autographed Letang Stanley Cup Puck really can’t be out done unless Mr. Cherrie gets Letang gives me a lap dance!

I don’t know whether to wear my “FEAR THE TWINS” shirt from last year’s play off or my ever green – DREW DOUGHTY shirt? Or I could committ the ultimate jersey foul – cut them apart and frankenstein them! Switch them out too! Brilliant I say!

complete jersey foul if I stich these together!

(I guess that depends on who wins in the end …) I learned my lesson at the 2010 Olympics! :0

These are tough and important decisions because I don’t want to be the Hulk Hogan dude that got razzed by Hartnell at the Pens game.

Either way ladies, it’s play-off time and this girl has a new outfit in the making. And you won’t believe your eyes! After being the highest googled Ovi sweat pants peep – my goal is to be the highest google Sex-hair gal.

I need a sign ... but not from god.

I will also need a sign. I found this one but it’s just not me. So I have very little time to come up with something for both sides that I can flip. Because while I am completely there for DDTBG, let’s not forget that Mr. Edler will be in the house. MEOW!

What? Dawn's coming? HERE?! Shut the Front Door!

Let the play offs begin … Can’t wait to see Drew’s play off thingy …can’t call it a beard.

We need a hero... to save us from all those things growing on our hockey heroes!


22 Mar

The Blackhawks have won five in a row, including an OT nail-biter against Vancouver last night.  Their next game is Sunday vs. Nashville – a big one for playoff position.  Too bad they’re going to have to do it without Duncan Keith:

No question that’s a dirty play.  Daniel Sedin struggled back to the bench, played one more shift then went to the dressing room [link].  Keith got an elbowing minor and now everyone fully expects him to be suspended.

Shane Doan just got Shanabanned 3 games for elbowing Jamie Benn [link].  Mike Green served 3 games.  But this looks more like Rene Bourque’s hit on Nicklas Backstrom (grrrrrrrrr) that earned a 5-game suspension.  Both Borque and Doan are repeat offenders – this would be Keith’s first suspension.  (Green’s previous suspension was more than 18 months ago, so not classified as a repeat offender – link.)

The NHL has not yet announced a hearing, but with four days till the Hawks play again there is no rush.  Sedin will be re-evaluated today in Vancouver and any sustained injury considered in the case against Keith.  Henrik Sedin spoke after the game, saying Keith “did what he wanted to do” [link].

The Canucks are comfortably atop their Division and could still catch St. Louis for 1st in the West and the President’s Trophy [standings].  That dream takes a dive if they lose Sedin – their only 30-goal scorer on the year.  They play tomorrow night at Dallas.

Doan and Keith have both been publicly contrite about their hits [link], but who cares?  Time to start thinking before you get your elbows up, boys.  If you can’t do it for safety at least do it for your teams down the stretch.  But really, do it for safety.

Honorable Mentions That Don’t Get Mentions

21 Mar

He is only going to get better - so watch out ya'all

Erik Karlsson is on fire and not mentioned – AT ALL – here. I have been loving him for some time now that the Captials season has been in the crapper with Dale Hunter Hockey. It gave me a chance to watch some other teams I may not have noticed.

And he's like two years old so he's not even gotten started on his awesomeness

And he's like two years old so he's not even gotten started on his awesomeness

 Ottawa was not supposed to do anything this season once the owner had a fire sale on talent but look at those scrappy dudes? Talk about an offensive/defensive man? And Alfredsson’s kids adore him!

This isn't his only secret weapon - SPEED is his other one!

This isn't his only secret weapon - SPEED is his other one!

The numbers he is putting up this season are amazing so here is some love Erik. You keep rockin’ it my little Swedish bad boy. I love to watch you score!

And on the other coast, I’ve noticed Alex Edler, from the Vancouver Canucks.

I get to play with the Sedin-bots!

I get to play with the Sedin-bots!

With all the talent on that team, I know one might get over looked especially when you have Ryan Kesler taking naked photos. But I consider him the Kris Letang of the West Coast, hot, hard-working but not an attention seeker. He’s a reliable work horse but he also attended the All-Star game.

Every girl loves a sharp dressed defensemen

Every girl loves a sharp dressed defensemen

So just wanted to point out some other hockey players out there and give out some pre-Play-Off-season love because as I stated last year, if your favorite team doesn’t make it, you’ll have to find someone else to cheer for, so ladies, start your choices ….

There is all sorts of right going on in this photo I don't know where to start

There is all sorts of right going on in this photo, I don't even know where to start


9 Mar

When I get an email from my co-worker Shades with the subject line “Weird Things Happen in Vancouver Friday,” it’s safe to assume he’s been watching hockey clips.  These are from Deadspin.com and almost make us like the Canucks.  Blergh.  Jonathan Toews, hug us!

The best thing about this video?  

Bieksa and Kesler do this in the locker room every day.

Keep watching, he sings the lyrics. [original link]

Juice is in on this one too, and it’s a winner.  The one-way train to Laugh Land makes frequent stops at the WUYS office.  Good thing we didn’t plan on getting any work done today.

[original link]

Happy weekend, everyone!

Before It Went To A S.O.

7 Oct

My pretty pony comes up with the shoot out score!

I told Mr. Cherrie, the Penguins have won because everyone knows Lou goes down. And even Kevin Weeks is in love with Kris Letang – “He’s silky…” WTF? Does he know something we don’t? Oh well, I’ll share him.

Because We Say So.

5 Oct

It’s time to predict the eventual winners for the 2011-2012 season, so we can look smart and important when spring rolls around.  Or not.  Last year we all picked some combo of the Caps, Blackhawks, Canucks and Penguins [link].  That 25% result is less than the chance that Intern Jeff Skinner’s going to take you to the prom.  So here we go again:


Eastern Conference Finals: Bruins vs. Capitals

Eastern Conference Champs: Bruins

Western Conference Finals: Canucks vs. Kings

Western Conference Champs: Kings

Stanley Cup Champs: Bruins

We all know that repeating as champs is nigh impossible though in the NHL these days, but the Bruins only lost two players to free agency (Kaberle & Ryder) and 1 to retirement (Recchi).  The heart and soul of the Bruins are still here.  Bruins have arguably the best and deepest set of forwards in the game and can get production from all 4 lines.  Plus, let’s not forget that you have Tuukka Rask, a top-notch goalie in his own right, backing up Thomas.

Kings are my dark horse team.  After picking up Mike Richards and Simon Gagne and resigning Drew Doughty, the Kings look to be a serious contender in the Western Conference. They have good young netminder in Jonathan Quick and if Gagne and Anze Kopitar can stay healthy, they could be the team to watch.


Eastern Conference finals: Penguins vs. Capitals

Eastern Conference Champs: Penguins

Western Conference finals: Canucks vs. Sharks

Western Conference Champs: Canucks

Stanley Cup Champs: Penguins

Like everyone else, I think the Capitals will be a force to reckon with this season.  It’s (mostly) selfish hope that they will carry it all the way into the playoffs, so I can have the longest hockey season ever.  But I think the Pens will be strong early with Malkin and Staal in, and maybe James Neal will get his scoring touch back.  The Return of Crosby will be like Willy Wonka somersaulting down the orange carpet to greet his lucky minions at the gate.  Chocolate Stanley Cups for everyone!

Much like the Caps, I think the Sharks are long overdue for a dominating post-season performance.  They’ve won their division the last four years in a row and made it to the Conference finals the last two years.  Ultimately I don’t see them beating Vancouver, but I think they can do better than last May’s 4-1 failfest.

So, let’s hear it – who are your picks to have a great 2011-2012?  Feel free to shamelessly back your favorite teams – we obviously have.  Don’t hate us because they’re awesome.


This Isn’t Where I Parked My Car

5 Oct

Ryan Kesler in ESPN Magazine’s annual “The Body” issue.

You know the part in National Treasure when they light the little pool of oil and it spreads 10,000 feet of fire and illuminates a gazillion dollars in gold and stuff?  That’s what happened to the internet when this picture was posted.  You’re gonna have to wait a bit for the wallpaper-size version.