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Two for the Road

8 Apr

We don’t watch as much Western Conference hockey as we’d like – it’s past our bedtimes.  For those who do, and whose teams ended their 2011-2012 seasons last night, this one’s for you.

The Dallas Stars finished in 9th place last year too.  Frustrated but the hopeful.  The ultimate hockey fan emotions.

Flames fans are a tough bunch, just ask Lindsay.  You can’t ever get tickets, and they haven’t made the playoffs in three years.  That’s dedication.  Do the damned Canucks have to be first *every* year?!

The Avalanche have a few up-and-comers among our favorite players to watch.  They had some rich years, and we think they’re coming back.  More Landeskoging, please.

I once figured that based on all the consecutive sellouts the Wild had, including pre-season games, that you could put a second NHL franchise in their parking lot and it would see more tickets than the Coyotes every night.  We are beyond impressed.

Anaheim.  I don’t know what the hell happened there, but this team should be tearing it up.  I’d like to see them give this top notch cast another season – Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf if he can find his mojo.  And Teemu, please play forever.

The Oilers are rebuilding away.  With Eberle, Hall and Nugent-Hopkins clicking and a strong team behind them, it’ll be watch out world.

Columbus, don’t give up.  We know it hurts with Nash and that the wait has been long.  We hope a new chapter is starting.  Oh, and we’re coming to visit for the All-Star Game.

So long to the favorites who finished – play some golf, get healthy and come back hungry.  Now,on to those still left.

The Kid Stays in the Picture

13 Mar




Hurrah for Gabe Landeskog on one hell of a game.

After missing the pre-game skate with flu-like symptoms, he somehow managed to tough it out and score the game-winning goal (his 4th GWG of the season) versus the Kings in OT last night.

When I have the flu, all I want to do is eat saltines, drink ginger ale, and watch bad movies like “Teen Witch”.  The thought of having to play 60 minutes of hockey when all you want to do is hurl makes me want to hurl.

I don’t know how you did it, kid.

Landeskog also had three shots in the game bringing his season tally to 235 for the year, breaking Peter Stasny’s franchise rookie record for shots set waaaaay back in 1980-81 (12 years before GL92 was even a fetus.)

The Avalanche are in a desperate fight for a playoff spot so they are gonna need every point they can get.  Last night’s win moved them into 8th in the Western Conference.

With Matt Duchene out with a ankle injury, the Avs are going to have to depend guys like Landeskog, O’Reilly, and Stasny to keep them in the hunt.  Also critical to their playoffs hopes is the goaltending of Varlamov.  He’s been playing really well as of late and last night, he looked pretty tioght.

Let’s hope that the Avs’ young talent can sustain them and keep them in the race.

Because frankly, we’d love to see more of this.


P.S.  Kudos to Landeskog for giving a very nice, poised, coherent post-game interview.  So often, I cringe every time players do post-games because 99% of them are in desperate need of media training.  But Gabe was perfect.  Kid is gonna be a superstar.

Foxy Friday: Matt Duchene

24 Feb

If you haven’t realized it yet, Pants and I are sort of nerds (in a sexy, classy way of course).  So it it is only natural that we have a soft spot for nerdy guys.

They are the ying to our yang.  The milk to our cereal.  The chips to our salsa.

Now, when they happen to be  nerdy hockey players…well, that’s even better!  Our hearts just explode with rainbows and glitter.

Take this week’s Foxy Friday, for example.

Matt Duchene

"Who are you wearing?" "Uh, not sure. My mom bought this for me."

Is there anyone more adorkable? Seriously.

I mean look at him. He’s got to be one the nerdiest in the NHL.

But you know what?  It makes him all the more foxier.

So let’s break it down.  Why is Matt “Pass the Dutchy” Duchene deserving of such a prestigious honor like Foxy Friday?

He’s got the serious hockey flow. We all love the flow… when done correctly. (We’re looking at you, Steven Stamkos.)

Dutchy gives you WINGS!

He is a fan of nerdy things – just like us.  Soulmate.

He’s got the sweet dance moves.

He love vodka.  So do we, Matt.  So. Do. We.

He loves country music.  Which automatically makes Pants love him more.

Honestly, how can you not love a man who can go from this…

We love a man that can rock a jort.

to this…

Hai sexy girlfriend.

It’s called versatility, people.

He’s self-deprecating and goofy and he gives off the vibe that he doesn’t take himself so seriously.  Which I’m sure most of us can attest to, is a very foxy quality in a man – hockey player or otherwise.

Obviously, we can’t forget Matt’s hockey skills, which is a large part of the reason why he is this week’s honoree.

He’s only got 25 points this season (12 G/13 A) but he did just returned to the lineup on Feb. 18th after missing 20 games with a knee injury.

But when you score flithy goals like this AND play on a line with Gabe Landeskog and Ryan O’Reilly (aka the Ultrasound Line), we don’t think it will take very long for Dutchy to remedy that situation.

Follow Matt on the twitter – @Matt9Duchene

Front Page

22 Dec

Someone we know once posted this to Facebook:

Thanks, Paul C.

Safe to say that hashtag also applies to:

Biebs skated with the Leafs  [link] in a track suit because they didn’t have any Youth Medium hockey gear laying around.  Look at his pants – I bet they’re rolled at the waist too.  Phaneuf is all, “You said Disney princesses!  I brought my Ariel lunchbox to get signed!”  I don’t think JB’s huge diamond stud earrings would fit under a helmet.

In a totally unrelated story, look which ad is featured on NHL.com today:

This triggered a chorus of “MissyouWhyPhiladelphiaagainSid’sdryerislonely” from my office.  And I haven’t even been watching 24/7!  But I’ll catch up now so as to not miss the triumphant return of Claude Giroux.  He wasn’t concussed, he was just saving up points.

Hahahahaha, NHL.com, you so funny.

Gingeroux had 1 G/3A in the Flyers win over Dallas last night [link].  He missed 4 games and still holds the NHL lead in points scored with 43.  Alright fine, you kinda like him don’t you?  Gross.

As predicted,  Pens’ Deryk Engelland will have a hearing with Shanahan today over his hit on Marcus Kruger [link].  Kruger did not play last night as the Hawks piled up on the Habs.  Corey Crawford, who has been benched in favor of Ray Emery for the last 6 games, was pretty impressive in net for Chicago.  Also applause-worthy is Jonathan Toews tying Stamkos for the NHL goal-scoring lead (it was an empty net but we’ll take it!)

Love everything about this.

Colorado won their 7the straight home game [link], which would be really exciting if they hadn’t also lost their last 9 road games.  But now they’re at .500 and they have 3 home games left before the end of the year.  They could be pulling up into the top 8 in the West pretty quickly.

And if you’re still watching, the Hurricanes blew a 3-1 lead to Phoenix last night in a really hard loss.  They are 2-6-2 under their new coach and are last in the East with just 26 points.  Apparently the fact that I really like the Canes and that their mascot Stormy is “an anthropomorphic ice hog” (Wikipedia gem) doesn’t count for much these days.  I’ll keep writing letters to Santa and maybe he can give EStaal and the boys a break.


Shanabanned: Andy Sutton

1 Nov

5 games for this hit on Gabriel Landeskog.

Mr. Shanahan does not like it when you mess with our Foxy Friday honorees.

Not. One. Bit.

Click [here] for Shanabanned’s ruling. 


Foxy Friday: Gabriel Landeskog

28 Oct

hey all!  Chuck here with this week’s edition of Foxy Friday!

Here at WUYS, we do not discriminate.  We love all hockey players equally.  Young. Old. Canadian. American. European.  It don’t matter.  They’re all cool in our book.

Today, we’re feeling a little cougar-ish..okay a LOT cougar-ish…but not in a South Florida-divorcee-white-jeans-wearing-white-wine-drinking-sorta-way.  We’re totes classier than that.  We like red wine better.  Or gin.

The subject of our adoration and Foxy Friday honoree this week is a mere 18 years old.

You make me...feel like I'm livin' a....teenage dream.

18, people.   You don’t want to know what we were doing at 18.  it probably involved keg stands at West Campus frat parties and dumping dish soap into the fountain in front of the COM building at BU.

This young man is doing none of that.  He’s a bona fide, real life, NHLer.

From hockeyboylove.tumblr.com/

So, why have we seen fit to grace Gabriel with this highly prestigious honor?

Well, isn’t it obvious…

No shirt. No shoes. No problem.

Hockey player + puppy = love

Hockey Player + Baby = mega love.

But in all seriousness, there are plenty of other reason why we thing Gabriel is foxy.

  • He’s a solid 6’1″, 204lbs.
  • He’s Swedish.
  • He was a first round draft pick for the Avs in last year’s draft.
  • At 17, he was youngest player in 30 years to wear the ‘C’ ‘for the Kitchener Rangers & 1st European Captain in their history.
  • Also wore the ‘C’ for Sweden’s Under-16, Under-17, Under-18 teams.
  • And his Djurgarden team at the age of 6.
  • Made Swedish Elite League debut at 16 years and 90 days.  Youngest player in Djurgarden history.
  • Most embarrassing hockey moment: Going on to the ice with his skate guards on in front of 6,000 Kitchener fans.
  • His childhood idol is Peter Forsberg…who also happens to be Swedish…and to which Gabriel has often been compared to.  We’re going to start calling him Foppa 2.0.

NHL Central Scouting’s Chris Edwards on Gabriel Landeskog…
“He is a good-size guy who is solid on his skates, not afraid to take the puck to the net or battle for it along the boards. His skating is very good in all areas. He plays the game with so much passion, he plays the game hard, he’s a great mentor for players that are younger and older, maturity beyond his years. (He) doesn’t need one game in the American league next year — he should step right into the NHL. I think the team that gets him next year is going to get a player that helps them win a Stanley Cup.”

Remember this face. In 5 years, I'm going to be pretty boss.

Pretty bold words if you ask us.  But we sort of have to agree.  For what we’ve seen so far, the Foppa 2.0 has mega potential, for sure.  He’s big and skilled and great with the puck.  All the thing you want in a guy you drafted #2 overall.

Avs are 6-3 this young season and so far, Gabriel has 6 points (4 G, 2 A).   Not a bad start for a 18-year-old in his first season.  We’ve got our eyes on him this season.

Rookie of the Year?  Maybe.  But we are taking applications for a new Rookie of our Lives….

from alexedlers.tumblr.com

Learn more about Foppa 2.0 here.

We Were Only Freshmen

29 Jun

Chuck and I may have had a class with Chris Drury at BU our freshman year.  No one remembers for sure.  We obviously learned a lot in “Rocks for Jocks” or whatever we were studying, and that knowledge comes in handy today when identifying the sediment strata of the landscape in pictures of Jonathan Toews golfing.

New York Rangers captain Chris Drury has told the New York Post he will accept a buyout of the final year of his contract Wednesday, and become an unrestricted free agent Friday.

Drury signed a five-year, $35.25 million with the Rangers on July 1, 2007. According to CapGeek.com, Drury will count approximately $3.716 million against the 2011-12 salary cap, and about $1.667 million in 2012-13. [NHL.com]

Chris battled injury last year, including that pesky broken finger that really made NYR Fan Steph mad.  He’s 34, has played 12 seasons and tallied 255 goals + 360 assists.  He was part of the ’01 Avs team that I loved so much, along with Ray Borque.  That was a fun year.

And thanks to Wikipedia for doing all this work:

(Terrier) Puppy Love

So… where do 34 year old former captains with possible serious knee problems go?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Let’s hope he gets  a few more seasons in before he’s done (even if he does like the Yankees).
PS: This post makes us feel old. If you don’t know the song from post title, you definitely didn’t have class with us.

Another Great 8 Gets a 3-fer.

28 Mar

hat trick for hottie

Old men getting it done! Teemu Selanne pulls a hat trick out of his ass to put the Ducks past Colorado tonight. There must be something about that number. I secretly have a crush on the old man and it’s not because he wears #8 too like TBG and Ovi. OK, maybe because he does. No, not really. He just get’s it done like Lidstrom, the other old man in the NHL but he seems to get less attention. This is his 22nd hat trick, 124th multi-goal game and this makes him the 4th over-40 dude to get a hat trick. Whew. 40 – the new 20?


Sidelined: Duchene

16 Feb

If you are the Colorado Avalanche, your morning went like this:

Good grief.

Matt Duchene is out indefinitely with a hand injury [link]. He is the Avs leading scorer this season (21 G, 26 A).  The Avs are in the midst of a franchise-worst losing streak (8 straight) and play against Pittsburgh tonight. He was hit by a shot in Monday’s 9-1 loss to Calgary.

Duchene charmed us to pieces at the All-Star Game and we were trying to think of a suitable nickname for him.  I kinda want to call him “Duche,” which isn’t very nice.  But we already have a Matty D around the WUYS offices (who is also fond of too many cocktails after a Superskills Competition).  Suggestions?  Perhaps this victory dance with Paul Stansy will inspire… the only thing we love more than hockey is choreographed dancing.

Hurry back, insternicknamehere. We’ll be waiting.

Hej då, Foppa.

14 Feb

“I know you can be overwhelmed and I know you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”  “I think you can in Europe.”

10 Things I Hate About You (WUYS all-time fave)

And in Sweden.  This afternoon, Peter Forsberg will announce his re-retirement from the NHL.

You're a good man...

Well thanks a lot, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, for getting me all excited and then having some crap plot line about aliens and locking yourself in a fridge.

We have to tip our hats to Foppa for giving this a try.  It’s an inopportune time (the Avs are in the midst of their worst-ever losing streak: 7 games) and he was really making a go of it.  Injuries kept him off the ice so much during his career that no one is really surprised they will be the end of it.  The foot that has plagued him for ages just isn’t up to the rigors of NHL hockey.  But there was only one way to find out.

Still, I’m sad.  One of the greats getting back into the game could have been epic, and these days 37 is still pretty young in the NHL.  We applaud Peter and thank him for pressing his luck.  Too bad it came up a Whammy.

We’ll probably forgo audio/video updates from the presser unless they involve Matt Duchene being drunk.  Otherwise it’s just too painful.