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Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

29 Apr

Happy 24th birthday, Tazer!

Captain Fill-in-the-Blank, fearless leader of the Chicago Blackhawks, is celebrating a birthday.  Do you think he eats cake?  I think he does today.  A whole cake, in front of the TV, yelling at the Flyers/Devils game sounds about right.  I might do the same – you know, in solidarity.  Then we can go to the gym.

The Toews Fan Club meets here every time I post about him, so there’s not much else to say.  Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, Gold Medal, a lake named after him… he’s had a good 23 years, 365 days.  The Hawks season is over (*sniff*) but Jon and his team will be back in October t0 go again.  Here’s this year’s Last Day of School interview [link].

I know it’s sad, but hopeful too.  It’s the Stalberg one that nearly made me cry (talk about cake…).  Now chin up, y’all.  Once you get past the loss, summer is not so bad…

Last year’s Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews post, just for fun (and more photos).

This is Your Captain Speaking…

22 Apr

If I were ever on a sinking ship, I’d want to look across the deck and see Jonathan Toews in charge of the lifeboats because you know everyone is getting to safety in a single file line holding their toothbrush and enough money to call home.

"Toes the Day? I don't get it."

I do go on about Tazer, particularly the game seven-tying goal against Vancouver in the first round last year.  I can’t help it if he scores this by sheer force of will!  The Blackhawks didn’t even win, but aside from Parise’s gold medal game-tying goal, I can’t remember being so impressed in a losing effort.

The Hawks and Coyotes went to OT for the fifth straight game last night, tying the NHL record [link].  Between the stress and the lack of sleep these games are causing, I may need to be hospitalized for exhaustion.  If you fell asleep before the game-winning goal, well…

Hold on, Pants is going to post this.

This goal is not the singular heroic physical effort of last year, but it finds the back of the net because Toews has patience.  Two strides, one look, puck in the net.  Game six in Chicago on Monday night.

The moral of the story is: never, ever count Jonathan Toews out.  Sometimes he just seems to decide the Hawks won’t lose [post-game interview].  Of all the current NHL captains, he’s the one I’d want for my team – or my ship.

Side note: Stalberggeddon

Viktor Stalberg, WTF?  He took all four of the Hawks penalties last night.  Luckily the only thing worse than Stalberg’s game was the Phoenix power play, and it didn’t cost Chicago any goals.  The Hawks are short-handed up front in the absence of Marian Hossa, but I was still surprised to see Quenville putting Stalberg back out there every few shifts.  Luckily he got the sole assist on the Toews OT goal. Stalberg had 10 points in the last 12 regular-season games and the Hawks could really use that now.  Come on, Foxy Friday!

This Friday Night…

30 Mar

Last night was not good for anyone.

Sidney took a puck to the face.  I’ve said “not the face!” many times, but never at such volume.  Sid bled everywhere and then did what hockey players do best, let it stop and kept playing.  Well, it didn’t totally stop.

He will play tonight against Buffalo, a game the Caps need the Pens to win.  Wait, what was that?  The reluctant sound of DC fans rooting for Pittsburgh?  Be still my beating heart.

We could say the Pens need the win also – Philly’s only two points back and there’s no reason to lose home ice advantage for the first round.  Sid and Co still have two games vs. the Flyers and one vs. NYR, so any game played against someone else is a bonus where you should grab all the points you can.

In the Battle of the Blog, the Capitals beat the Bruins last night 3-2 in another shitty overtime victory that I’ll take, but don’t like.  I don’t like what it says for when we meet teams that can play sixty.  Any team can struggle any night, but the Caps do it every night.

This hit by Jason Chimera on Adam McQuaid was the talk of the game.  Chimera got tossed for charging, but today the NHL has said no disciplinary hearing will be held.  Can Shanahan do videos for hits that are NOT suspended?  It would explain a lot more to me.

Chuck is not happy about that.  What would cheer her up?  How about Nicky B, possibly back in the line-up Saturday vs. Montreal.  That’s right – MONTREAL. RENE BOURQUE.  Come and get it, punk, we’ll be in section four-oh-something with our elbows up.

Also close to coming back, Jonny Toews.  Imagine how cranky he is not being able to play?  He’s probably organized every fork in his kitchen by how far apart the times are.  With a protractor.  The Hawks have won 7-of-10, but Tazer in the playoffs is a whole new kind of hot damn,

Colorado and Calgary have must-win games tonight… against each other.  WELP.  No guarantee a win will carry the victor into a playoff spot but it’s hard to see the loser of this one hanging on much longer.

Everyone is excited about EA Sports allowing, for the first time ever, a popular vote to decide the NHL13 cover boy.  Get the interns on this one!  Cast your vote(s) at www.NHL.com/CoverVote, or let the players woo you to their sides. Ton of Twitter chirping = our dream.  My favorite:

Uh, Team Claude.

It also looks like the Art Ross and Rocket Richard trophy races are drawing to a close, according to my master plans.

Geno can go till June, thank you very much.  Stammer, well, it wasn’t to be this year.  But Steven keeps on scoring.  He has five goals in his last five games – 55 total, for a career high and Lightning team record.  With five games left, could Stamkos get to 60?  I say YES.  I keep yelling it at the TV.  I keep…

So here’s to tonight, as we near the end of the season, and a lot of hockey fans get ready to say goodbye to their favorite teams.  If you’re looking for someone to back in the playoffs, allow us to make a few suggestions.

The Denial Twist

29 Feb

I have been ignoring this, hoping it will go away.  No such luck.

Jonathan Toews will miss his 5th straight game today.  His “upper body” injury is believed to be related to a concussion [link], and rumor has it he hid the symptoms for a while.  I can believe that, because you know he’s pissed.

JT also had a minor one-car vs. pole accident on Thursday [link].  He was uninjured and refused medical treatment.  No one seems to have asked or said what caused the crash, so I’m going to assume he didn’t pass out behind the wheel due to concussion.  Tazer probably got distracted by his own perfect face in the rear-view mirror and drove into the pole.  That could happen to anyone (who’s looking at him).

We said "squats" not "socks." But there is your proof.

The Hawks have lost 3 in a row, scoring only 2 goals in that stretch.  Currently 7th in the West, they could move over idle San Jose with a win tonight at home vs. the Maple Leafs.  Toronto has dropped their last 5 games to end a terrible February (4-9-0).  This could be the break the Hawks need to get back on track – with 18 games left in the regular season, there’s no time to waste!

Seabs doesn't understand why he can't hug the Swedes, he has the hair!

Get well, Jon.  I cannot bear another of my favorite players being out with a head injury, unless you, Sid and Nicky are going to come over and make Funfetti cupcakes during the playoffs.  Saying The Hawks need Jon is like says ‘water is wet’ or ‘Coke over Pepsi.’  How can you not love a guy that goes from this:

To this:

To this without even trying?

Toews on a Plane. (I laughed, I'm so stupid.)

It’s T-Shirt Time!

15 Feb

I wish I had more free time, so I could make up stuff like this.

The Staal’s different haircuts… genius!  You can see/buy them all here: Skreened.com/refusehockey.

Can I request a special edition that says INTERN over a brown-haired picture with a 53 on the back?

Fired Up

11 Feb

Well the Blackhawks cannot win a road game and somebody’s feeling feisty.

Joey’s jealous because Chuck never made him a Foxy Friday.  Jon was rubbing it in, so Ryane Clowe came over to represent.

Tazer has two career fights, and he lost them both.  He’s a beast but I’m going to say that fighting Jumbo Joe (24 NHL fights, we’re he’s old) or Ryan(e) (50 NHL fights, including 12 last year) would not be a good idea.  Stitches in your lip are sexy once, Frankentoews.  But feel free to get angry because the Hawks have lost four in a row and still have five games left on this trip.

On the Road Again

31 Jan

The Blackhawks kick off a nine game road trip in Vancouver tonight and guess who’s back?  No big deal.

Jonathan Toews suffered an injury to his left wrist on Jan. 21 vs. Nashville, then missed one game and the All-Star Weekend festivities.  Maybe he was just worried about getting picked so late again.

Captain Derpface.

Patrick Sharp, out since Jan 9 with a left wrist injury of his own, is making his way back into the lineup as well.  Sharp practiced yesterday for the first time since the injury and is “questionable” for tonight’s match. [link]

Can we get one of those posters in the background?

Brand new Blackhawk Brendan Morrison will play his first game tonight after being acquired from Calgary on Friday in exchange for d-man Brian Connolly.  Morrison played seven seasons as a Canuck, ending in ’08.  He’s been around the block since and now finds himself strengthening up the Center position in Chicago.

Eight of the Hawks’ nine road games are against Western Conference teams.  The Hawks are currently in 6th place, but can jump way up the playoff ladder with a strong run.

26 of the NHL’s 30 teams play tonight, which is why time zones were invented.  And why the Lightning are playing the Capitals, so I can watch that plus the Penguins, then start the Blackhawks.  Science really does make people’s lives better.