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Mikey Monday: Don’t Go

4 Jun

Now that it’s June, we might as well start talking about the elephant in the room: will the Caps re-sign Mike Green this summer?

Or, more accurately, does anyone want to see my meltdown if they don’t?

Before I put my head in an oven like Kate Winslet in The Holiday, please read this hilarious RMNB piece: “Year End Review: Mike Green.

Fidget will become a restricted free agent on July 1.  If this is new to you, read the rules here.  Basically the Caps have to make a “qualifying offer” equal to his $5 million/year salary to retain his rights.  Mike can wait to see what other teams might bid, then the Caps have the option to match it.  If Mike doesn’t stay, the Caps would get draft picks as compensation from wherever he goes.

Mike doesn’t want to leave me DC.  He told CSNWashington: “Absolutely, I love it here,” he said. “This is a great organization, a great city and I believe that we’re going to win a Cup here and I want to be a part of it.”

He’d better say that.

The story will come down to what the Caps are willing to pay.  Mike had a couple of killer seasons, including back-to-back Norris Trophy nominations and the standing record for longest goal-scoring streak by a d-man (8 games).  The last two years he’s struggled with injuries, a more defensive system, increasingly skinny jeans and falling down.

People love to blame Mike for everything, and I get it (sometimes).  It’s frustrating when key guys don’t produce.  If that were a song, the Caps could play it during pre-game skate.  He is not alone in the doghouse, but it is expensive to feed him at this rate.

Alas, here are the top 25 paid defensemen for last season [link].  Mike is #25.  Recent contracts to guys like Duncan Keith ($8 mil/yr) and Brent Seabrook ($7 mil/yr) have seen prices skyrocket for elite defensemen.  Shea Weber went to arbitration last summer and got $7.5 million, just to be an RFA again this year.  They’ll be printing money with his face on it.

The last two years, these guys are out of Mike’s league.  He hasn’t been an impact player.  Accident or incident?  Who knows.  But two/three years ago, Mike was right up there.  He’s still only 26 – Doughty (22) is the only d-man on the list who’s younger.  Do the Caps gamble on keeping their Young Guns together for the promise of another run?  That requires more question marks, like ‘Has Ovi turned a corner?’ and ‘Will Semin be Sasha Fierce every day?’ (Semin’s an unrestricted free agent, and that’s gonna get ugly.)

Maybe we just need more guyliner.

There’s also the fact that the Caps have &#%@ all else on the blue line.  Put Karlzner aside (iCarly is an RFA too – get paid, son!).  Who are we left with?  The stonewall defense pairing of Jeff Shultz and Dmitry Orlov?  Hamrlik and Wideman?  Wideman’s a UFA, don’t plan on seeing him in October.  Unless the Caps have their eye on another defenseman to fill Mike’s skates, this squad couldn’t stop the WUYS Kickball Team.

Back when Mike was… scoring more points? That hurts.

Blergh. I obviously believe in Mike.  Am I an eternal optimist or a sucker for a lost cause?  When he’s good, he’s so, so good.  Confidence and the consistency of regular play are the keys for Mike.  Right now, I want to grab him and shake him and make him write a list of ten things he likes about himself.  A full season can turn him around and he is worth $5 million, damn it!

If the Caps won’t take the chance on Mike, someone else will.  Let’s hope that day never comes – I won’t be the only one hitting a low point.

Not Quite Mikey Monday

29 May

Ever think you could watch a good-looking guy just do nothing all day?


Since we missed Memorial Day Mikey Monday yesterday, the lovely Katie Howell sent us this workout video.  I have to do these planks endlessly for Tough Mudder training, so I should clearly be going to Mike’s gym.  He doesn’t look at all like he wants to die, or surrender into downward dog for a break.  He’s just chilling, or even bored.  On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t go to his gym.  No one wants to step over my dead body on the floor.

It’s going to be a long summer.  Get back on the Instagram, Mike!

Mikey Monday: Lights Out

21 May


If this whole summer is going to be about hockey players in plaid shirts that aren’t buttoned all the way… we’re going to make it after all.

(Pam found this one first – savesthedaynj.tumblr.com)

I don’t even care that I hate this hat, because it makes me think of a kick-ass Butch Walker song: “Lights Out

Alternative exhibits in this case: Crosby, Stalberg, Nealmobile.  Keep ’em coming, boys.

Mikey Monday: Love & Memories

14 May

Lying dead on the floor in front of my TV was not an ideal Saturday night, but at least I wasn’t the only one.  I won’t get down on the Caps for their game seven performance because it’s not what I want to remember all summer.

This year, I watched more hockey than ever.  I wore out the Center Ice Package and my DVR (and my husband’s patience).  I went to more games this season than in my entire life combined – 29, that we could remember, and every one of them a Caps game.  I gave up trying to fight it.

Just when you’re feeling down, you can count on Mike to take a photo of himself standing in the bathroom for you to find on the internet.

So thanks, Caps, for a season that was better for me than it was on the scoresheet: more fun, more memorable, possibly more frustrating than any game recap could recall.  Some of my all-time hockey fan highlights were written this year.  There were also moments of tough love when doors were slammed, channels changed – I once got so mad at Mike that I threw a fit and bought a Backstrom shirt out of spite.

Yeah, I’m crazy.  I just never thought it would be for them.

Now “there’s always next year,” and the year after that.  But what I’ll really miss is what can never quite be repeated – the ecstatic, hilarious, infuriating magic that is a single season, with a single team, and almost always ends too soon.

Mikey Monday: FTW

7 May

The only reasons to be awake at 7 AM on a Saturday are you’re 1) still up from the night before or 2) buying playoff hockey tickets.  I woke Gator up with a text and we debated (read: I peer pressured her).  Something was telling me to go.  The Force was communicating.  So we went.



Mike warmed up with his helmet on, which he never does.  I guess a 12:30 start didn’t give him enough time to do his hair (reason #3 for being up at 7 AM?).  It’s not as if he wakes up looking like this:

Worth every penny. (Thanks @jlrpuck, who dropped her camera after this one.)

First Ovi scored, and the Rangers scored.  Nicky scored, the Rangers scored.  Then with just under six left in the third, Mike did this:

Be still my beating heart.

I tackled Gator like a squid and we almost fell off the upper deck.  If any single voice in the Verizon Center was louder than mine, I challenge that person to a duel.  Mike Green goals are my favorite thing in the history of things.

If I had missed living that moment, I’d be devastated-while-ecstatic and I’m not sure how many feelings I can feel at the same time and survive.

It’s not just the goal.  It’s EVERYTHING.  Okay, maybe I’m overstating it, but Mike needs confidence.  He needs to trust the judgement that made him a 70-point scorer and two-time Norris trophy candidate.  Green stepping up on offensive plays can give this team a boost it doesn’t always find on the front line.  Nicky getting on the board feels awfully good too.

Piglet Power!

Here’s Mike’s post-game interview [link] and post-practice from Sunday [link].  I love his beard – this must be his real hair color (you know he dyes that hedgehog perfection).

From NewYorkTimes.com: Afterward, in the Capitals’ locker room, Green, 26, was reminded how he, Ovechkin, Backstrom and Alexander Semin were once called the Young Guns.

“We’re not that young anymore,” he said, smiling. “But it’s good to know we can still put it in the net.”

Yeah, that’s what I she said.

On the cover of today’s Washington Post Express – I love Mondays!

Game 5 tonight at 7:30 PM.  Listen for the screaming.

Mikey Monday: Definition

23 Apr

I was at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park today and in the Dr. Seuss store, I found this:

Coincidence?  Or the only explanation for this:

Mike scored a goal yesterday, for the first time since October 22.  I yelled something inappropriate while watching the game with my dad.  He just laughed.  It didn’t matter in the end, which made me yell something even more inappropriate.  Game seven is Wednesday. Do or die, nothing else to say.

Mikey Monday: Game On

16 Apr

That moment when the Washington Capitals my most consistent team…

… and running hard like they really belong in this race.

The Bruins and Capitals have played 144 minutes of hockey and scored a combined four goals. The Flyers/Penguins are averaging four goals per period in their series.  Needless to say I’m a bit high strung about tonight’s first home game in DC.  There are a lot of us who like both the Pens and Caps – weird, but true.  Tonight I’m mad at my boyfriend (the Pens) and probably going to get rowdy about that guy I keep saying is “just a friend” (the Caps Nicky B Mike even Ovi for heaven’s sake).

Mike had four shots on goal Saturday (Jay Beagle had six. SIX!) and played over 33 minutes.  I want him to score so everyone can shut up about how he used to be like Erik Karlsson.  (It’s true but I get so defensive!)

Here’s Mike talking about feeling “the best [he has] in two years” and how tight games frustrate both teams [link].  His hair is so Elvis from this angle he’ll be asking all the cameras to shoot this way from now on.

He even uses “attrition” correctly in a sentence.  Break out your SAT words (or whatever they have in Canada) for the playoffs!

And remember that time Sasha Fierce blocked a shot?!  I KNOW!  Everybody’s into it now!

I want to see more of those plays and this expression tonight while I’m jumping around, trying not to fall from the 400s at Verizon Center.

PS: Sorry to Chuck for all the things I’m going to say about the Bruins, right out loud this time.

Mikey Monday: Hint, Hint

9 Apr

Damn you, post-season!  I am having a hard time saying anything for fear of being a jinx.  Let’s try this…

How many Monday home games has Mike Green played this season?  ONE.

That sucks. (Photo by @raedanda)

Did the Caps win? YES.

A little better.

Was it also his/my birthday?  YES. (October 10, close enough.)

Mmm, cake.

Were Gator and I there? OBVIOUSLY.

We weren't even cold.

And now, what day is the Caps’ first home playoff game? (Hint: April 16.)

I see where you're going with this.

It doesn’t mean anything.  There are two games in Boston to get through first and large parts of the Caps season have been held together with popsicle sticks and Scotch tape.  But as Monday is Mike’s very own day of the week, it’s been a long time coming.  Like a goal (October 22) or an assist (March 19).   Mike hasn’t even taken a penalty since February 25.  Something’s gotta give, right?  A little help?  Just pretend you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Good job, Nicky.

Mikey Monday: Appreciation

2 Apr

Saturday night was Fan Appreciation Night at Verizon Center, and they gave us plenty to love.  First, Nicky B returned.  I wish you guys could have heard the cheer when they announced the starting lineup!

Mike looked a little extra happy too, showing off with a between-the-feet move to end warm-ups (he missed).

Best Caps photos by the lovely jlrpuck.tumblr.com!

Just seeing Nicky out there made everyone want to hug and sing “Backstreet’s Back, alright!”  (Yes, that actually happened in my brain.)

This is a real balloon! Why didn't I know this before?!

The place was packed and as loud as last year’s playoffs – thank God because we were screaming anyway.  The Caps won in a shootout, then did the “Jerseys Off Our Backs” thing.  Watching the entire team get partially undressed one at a time?  That’s our kind of party.  Here’s the video.

Not to be outdone by the celebration, Mike had possibly the seasons’ best hair night.  We appreciate you, Mike’s hair.  Hedgehogs everywhere bow down.

Remember the Flowbee?  I think that’s how this perfection gets accomplished. It’s like a topographical map.  Mike was all smiles in the post-game interview, and Nicky’s there too. [video link]

I mean COME ON.

The Capitals are not out of the woods yet.  They’re 2 points up on the Sabres with only 3 games left to play.  Tonight they face Tampa Bay.  We’ll be there Thursday night vs. Florida.  I might have to borrow Mike’s hair dye because I’m going gray from the stress.

Mikey Monday: It’s Time

26 Mar

I spent a portion of Saturday night fighting off a panic attack that the Caps had dropped to 9th place in the East.  That was after Gator, Deb (@DLF1021) and I watched them blow a three goal lead to lose in OT on Friday night.  Hockey is why I don’t keep snacks in the house, I’d stress-eat constantly.

The Caps picked it up last night vs. Minnesota with a 3-0 win and reclaimed the 8th spot.  I’m willing to temporarily un-hate Ovi if he comes to play everyday.  Even Sasha Fierce downloaded new software from the Matrix and remembered he plays for, not against, the Capitals.  Everybody happy, right?

Wrong.  Among the NBS Sports 2nd intermission discussion topics was “Mike Green’s Regression.”  They noted Mike’s struggles since returning, including how the Caps won the first 8 games Mike played in, but have gone some low number-for-some high number since his return.  Oh yes, BLAME MIKE GREEN.  It’s all his fault.  The talking heads agreed that with “the way Mike Green is playing, I’d be licking my chops to face to Capitals in the first round.”

Say that to my face!

True, Mike hasn’t been in top form.  He hasn’t scored a goal.  Last night he tried to pass to me, in Maryland, and iced the puck for no reason.  But no one gets to make fun of Mike Green except for us, because we do it out of love. Sometimes Mike does dumb things – he did them when he got two Norris nominations.   The Caps have been struggling all season, where were you morons?   I had some choice words for Milbury last night, I think my neighbors earmuffed their kids.

That said, I’m done defending the players on this team.  I’ve kept my mouth mostly shut (except to Gator) all season and tried to stay positive.  I don’t care if the defense pairings are painfully awkward.  This is the time.  Ovechkin has his sparkle back, maybe Semin too.  We’ve been waiting all damned season for that, so take the opportunity while there’s still some gas in the tank.  You might get Nicky back.  You might elect Jason Chimera as your tribute from the District.  You might even make the playoffs.  So let’s go!