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Remote Control

18 Aug

The NHL TV schedules are out [link], and I’m going to have to get the NHL Network this season.  They have too many games I can’t miss.

NBC will air (potentially) seven Bruins games, six Penguins games, five Capitals and five Blachawks games, none before US Thanksgiving.  That’s not going to cut it for anyone without cable.  The good news is you can tune in to Versus on 10/10 to see Gator climb the glass after Stamkos when the Bolts play the Caps for my (and Mike Green’s) birthday.

What is the point of announcing the Winter Classic next week [link] if it’s on today’s TV schedule?  Not to mention that it’s on MONDAY, January 2 at 1 PM so as not to interfere with NFL schedules.  Or with my haircut appointment or the burning need to rearrange my spoons by how many swirls are on the handle.  Unless the NHL also announces they’ve gotten us all extra vacation days, I’ll be watching that on DVR.

Clearly not our husbands (we'd never marry Habs fans anyway).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

We at WUYS love St. Patrick’s Day for many reasons: beer, Irish accents, beer, Westlife, corned beef & cabbage, Boston, beer, kilts, Westlife.  We don’t really understand why the NHL loves St. Patrick’s Day so much, but we like it.

Lucky Seven(teen)

Today you can save 17% at the NHL Shop, and you can save it on special St. Patrick’s Day gear:

Green Team

If you’re going to pick a random holiday, we’re all for SPD.  What could be more fun? And in the middle of the playoff race it’s generally when regular season attention is peaking.  Dawn and I both own SPD-edition shirts – mine is Crosby, her’s is Ovi.  Is that what they mean by fighting Irish?

Patrick, yes. Saint, not so much.

Sláinte everyone, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

25 Jan

can't let a day go by without a photo of his hotness

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t stand Sidney. If he can attend a Pens’ Charity event, he can damn well at least attend the All-Star game. He owes it to the fans.

ignore the princess on the left - fleury is adorable!

As far as  Malkin goes, if he can bowl, I’m not seeing anything wrong with his knee. Again, he can get his Russian hockey butt to the All-Star game too if only to attend for the fans. UPDATE: Evidently now Bylsma is claiming Malkin has a sinus infection/illness and won’t be attending and will not be playing in tonight’s game either.

I think Geno and Crosby should just come clean like Zetterburg and Luongo and say, “I just don’t want to attend. Thanks but no thanks .”  Which leads to a whole other discussion, should there be an All-Star game? Because with the All-Stars dropping like flies – what does that say to us fans? It sorts feels like the ultimate F-You –  D-listed like the entertainment. Dissed and disrepected.

knee looks good to me

When you have the honor of being VOTED into the top six players in all of the NHL BY FANS, I think you ought to check your tiara at the door, put your best prom dress on, fix your mascara and show up sister.

Hockey on Hulu

19 Jan

On vacation, sans Center Ice, I discovered that the NHL is now on Hulu! So if you’d rather watch outdated hockey games you know the ending of than Underworld for the 80th time, now you can: www.hulu.com/nhl.

Cleeeeeek on me.

The content is a little outdated, but you can watch condensed games (known as highlights to the rest of us) and full games.  For the Penguins, the last highlights are 1/12 and full game is the Winter Classic.

Each team’s site also has features, like “A Day in the Life” and player profiles, like this ridiculously cute footage of Martin St. Louis and his kids – Squishy and Squishy Jr and Lil’ Squishy! All were previously available on NHL.com [Video].

Can I wear my helmet to school?

There are even classic games – and I screamed when I saw a Whalers jersey.  The broadcast was so lo-res it hurts my brain, but the power of Zarley Zalapsky restored me!

It's a hockey stadium. In a mall.

This is very exciting if you travel, or if you get annoyed when they don’t even show the good parts of Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale making out on TBS.

I Am a Hockey Nerd Not a Comic Book Nerd – Sorry.

7 Jan

Ok – I’m going to apologize upfront here. I’ve never read a comic book – EVER.  Not once. And it took marrying Mr. Cherrie for me to discover the greatness of hockey and that is after many years of married bliss. Even when he first pointed out Ovi, I glanced up from reading my Glamour Magazine, saw a zit-face Cro-magnon freak, stared blankly at Mr. Cherrie, gave him the obligatory wife nod, and went back to the fashion do’s and don’t section and immediately forgot about him.

Where am I going with this? Well Stan Lee created THE GUARDIAN PROJECT where each day until the All Star game he is revealing an NHL ‘guardian’ based on each NHL team. Sounds cool? If you are a comic book nerd. I suppose it’s a wet dream of a life time. Really. Honest. And if you are a hockey-comic-book nerd, you’ve hit the mega-millions!

But you know what? I had a deja-vu moment. Mr. Cherrie was prattling on about this Stan Lee Guardian Project and superheroes and all I heard was the NHL and superheroes and I kept waiting for the villain Stanley. I kept waiting for ‘cup’ to follow Stanley. But it didn’t. Finally in exasperation I asked, “What does the Stanley Cup have to do with all this?!” This time it was Mr. Cherrie staring blankly back at me. “The Stanley Cup? What are you talking about?” Then it dawned on him what I meant and he started laughing. “I bet no one else in the world would even think that but you!”

Gee thanks! Really? Come on? No one? No one. No one else hears STAN LEE and the NHL and is waiting to hear CUP drop after all that? SERIOUSLY?! Well then, I guess I’m just blessed with a lovely dry sense of humor.

But if you want to check out all the fabulous superheroes created by STAN LEE and not the STANLEY CUP, go to www.guardianproject30.com or if you’re single and want to impress your comic-book nerd neighbor and get a date, send him there, he’ll be impressed that you know about it. And no need to thank me, thank Mr. Cherrie.

All-New All-Star Game

10 Nov

So it’s sixth grade and you’re in gym class, wearing itchy cotton/poly-blend elastic shorts and RecSpecs over your glasses.  You stand in the back, behind the awkwardly tall early-growth-spurt kids, hoping no one will notice you.  But they always do.  They always pick you last. It’s the reality of adolescence, the prepubescent torture made famous by after-school specials.

I’m willing to bet that most NHL players never experienced this (except Gionta).  Now they’ll have their chance.

The NHL announced the new All-Star Game format, which will debut this year at Carolina.  Here’s how it will work:

A new format for this year’s festivities will see the conference vs. conference approach replaced by a player draft, conducted by the All-Star players themselves, to determine the rosters for each team.

The 2011 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft will be Friday, Jan. 28, to kick off All-Star Weekend, which will be hosted for the first time by the Carolina Hurricanes.

Captains for each side will select from a pool of players chosen by a combination of fan balloting and the NHL Hockey Operations Department. The change in format is a joint effort by the League and the NHL Players’ Association. [NHL.com]

After the entire All-Star squad has been chosen by fan voting and NHL Hockey Operations, the players will choose 2 captains per team.  So if Crosby & Toews are chosen captains of one team and Ovechkin & Gionta captains of the other, those four will then alternate picks to draft their respective teams from the remaining 38 players.  We know which side would have blue lightsabres in the battle of good vs. evil!

I'd rather kiss a Wookie.

What do you think of this? Shanahan’s all for it, as is Rob Blake: more excitement, mix it up, invest the players in the fun of the event.  And since there was no All-Star game last year due to Olympics, it’ll be nice to have everyone back.  The Skills Competition is still the highlight – should we call it the Showboat Competition?  The Hockey Hair Pageant?  For my vote, I think the fantasy draft is a cute idea and I look forward to seeing how it works.  Players from the same team could face each other – Ovi’s shot blocked by Green, Getzlaf vs. Selanne on a face-off.

Спасибо. (Spasibo.)

There’s one solution the NHL has not considered here:  Team Cherrie/Pants vs Team CI/Chuck.  The epic battle of choosing good vs. good-looking, sexy vs. scoring ability and the inevitable hug between Sid & Ovi when C/P wins… a sports legend in the making.

PS: @DaveLozo is tearing it up on Twitter with random imaginings of how the draft will go down.  Hilarity -“Alex Ovechkin with his hand-written lists on notebook paper saying, ‘I’m pretty sure I can get Semin later. I’ll take Toews.'”

It’s Movember … and Props to the Washington Caps!

10 Nov

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is getting behind ‘Movember’, a movement established to create additional awareness for men’s health – especially prostate cancer.  Their tagline is quite catchy : “Grow that Mo and SAVE A BRO!” So when you see your favorite player a little more hairy then usual, now you know why!

The current leader board across the NHL has four Washington Caps in the top five spots, raising money for the cause: John Erskine, John Carlson, Karl Alzner and Matt Hendricks – you go my boys!

George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks  SHAVED his famous mustache in support of this event!

Mr. Cherrie has also decided to support this cause by growing his own ‘Mo’ much to my dismay but I guess it’s for a good cause. Stay tuned for that  photo at that end of the month!