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Birthday Boy: Intern Jeff Skinner

16 May

Break out the Mexicolas and sprinkles…

It’s Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday!!

Jeff turns 20 today, so he’ll be doing… exactly what he does every other day.  Drinking a gallon of milk, giving up his seat on the Metro and buying Girl Scout cookies.  Sorry Skinns, we can Party in the USA next year.

Definitely invited.

Oh heck, we’re inviting everyone.

You told EVERYBODY?!

It’s going to have a prom theme, for all the ones Jeff didn’t get to go too.

Not funny, guys!

We promise, no figure skating jokes and Eric is going to buy the beer.

This is sounding better.

So have a good summer, Jeff…

What’s that saying? Bend and snap?

And maybe at 20 you won’t be quite so – oh, forget it.  We love it when you’re horribly embarrassed with Nealer and Stamkos laughing in the background.

Happy 40th Birthday (a little late) Martin Brodeur

7 May

Can I just lable all these photos “Hot like fire?”

Happy Foxy 40th Martin Brodeur! I might be a day late but don’t think I missed your game winning awesome play! Welcome to the Foxy 40 club with Teemu Selane, Mike Modano (before he retired) and some others.

You really wanna F%$k with me? Really? Because I can score on your ass too!

As you might have guessed, I’m not a really big fan of teams in general per se, I don’t like the Penguins but I love me some Kris Letang.

I got this one – SRSLY … I do. I got it. See?

Not a huge fan of New Jersey but I will always love me Martin Brodeur – Because I LOVE GOALIES and if you love goalies, YOU MUST LOVE MARTIN.

Oh Dawn, if you were here, I’d kiss you like this. Thanks for all your support through the years even though you don’t like my team much.

He is the pinnacle of awesomeness. He’s not a butterfly but he stings like a bee!He can’t be copied, replicated or outdone. He’s played his entire career for New Jersey.

This is one of my favorite photos – eva!

But I must say, I cried a little bit when he broke Patrick Roy’s records below. Because again, I love goalies and I love Patrick Roy too …

Most career wins, breaking Patrick Roy’s record of 551.

Most playoff shutout 24.

Most minutes played, breaking Patrick Roy’s record of 60,235 minutes.

Most games played, surpassing Patrick Roy’s record of 1029.

Most regular-season shutouts, breaking Terry Sawchuck’s record of 103.

He’s now also played a play-off game in every decade of his career as a teenager to his forties.

And if anyone saw the interview on Sunday, he was unfortunate enough to have Pierre McGuire wish him “Happy Birthday, mon ami.” YUCK –A-ROO! Short of Pierre kissing him and sitting on his lap during the interview, Pierre was more than his usual sycophantic self.  I not only wanted a bath, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. But as classy as Martin is, he took it in stride, smiled and got the hell out of there before Pierre could slime him anymore!

So a day late, but not any less enthusiastic, A BIG WUYS – WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT! – HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MARTIN BRODEUR!


Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

29 Apr

Happy 24th birthday, Tazer!

Captain Fill-in-the-Blank, fearless leader of the Chicago Blackhawks, is celebrating a birthday.  Do you think he eats cake?  I think he does today.  A whole cake, in front of the TV, yelling at the Flyers/Devils game sounds about right.  I might do the same – you know, in solidarity.  Then we can go to the gym.

The Toews Fan Club meets here every time I post about him, so there’s not much else to say.  Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, Gold Medal, a lake named after him… he’s had a good 23 years, 365 days.  The Hawks season is over (*sniff*) but Jon and his team will be back in October t0 go again.  Here’s this year’s Last Day of School interview [link].

I know it’s sad, but hopeful too.  It’s the Stalberg one that nearly made me cry (talk about cake…).  Now chin up, y’all.  Once you get past the loss, summer is not so bad…

Last year’s Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews post, just for fun (and more photos).

Happy Birthday Kris Letang – Disney Prince

24 Apr

Happy Birthday - Kris Letang! It's all Pants' fault!

Since Pants loves to blame her Caps obsession on me, I can only return the favor by blaming my Kris Letang obsession on her. I would have NEVER known about ANY Pittsburgh Penguin EVER if she hadn’t e-mail bombed me relentlessly photos of Kris Letang. And now I am helpless, helpless I tell you.

Um ... did I just see what I thought I saw?

So a WUYS HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to truly one of Hockey’s greatest, foxiest, sexiest, most awesome players of the game.He never let’s us down. He’s dependable, hard-working, comes through in a clutch (game scoring OT winner with a concussion and broken nose – anyone?)

He’ll drop the gloves and go toe to toe. Although we don’t want that beautiful face to suffer – please – but I have to admit, a black eye is a little hot! Pittsburgh proved they can win without Sid but they can’t without Letang. He’s earned his spot on the roster the old fashion way – hard work.

Seriously ... how does anyone resist ALL THIS?

So while I honestly do wish they were still playing, here’s to Tanger taking a long, HOT summer vacation because that means more shirtless photos! And hopefully another work out video!

If you insist, I'll vacation somewhere warm - again. Just for you.

Happy birthday sex hair! And thanks for not cutting it this year. I was a little worried there.

thanks guys ... love you too!

Birthday Boy: Steven Stamkos

7 Feb

I think it’s safe to say you all know how I feel about Steven Stamkos.  I don’t run away from just anyone in the street!  Well today is Stammer’s 22nd birthday… as if I needed an excuse to gush.

He’s handsome.

He’s charming.

And he has excellent friends.

But I digress.  Steven also has the most NHL goals ever by the age of 23 – 153 total, including 34 to lead the League this season.  Add that to 136 assists for a total of 289 points in 3.5 regular seasons.  And he’s the hero of my all-time favorite BAMF moment ever.

I know a lot of you are off Steven because of the hair.  It’s pretty awful, but I am not deterred.  And you could always focus on something else… like goals.

Right.  Goals in short sleeves.

Okay, okay.  The Lightning made a hot run through Feb/March last season, right over the Pens and Caps in the playoffs.  This year they have struggled.  They’re currently 10 points out of a playoff spot in the East, though fewer than 10 would put them into first in the Southeast and an automatic berth.  No one’s out yet.  Of their remaining 31 games, 26 are against Eastern Conference teams.

So happy birthday, Steven Stamkos.  We’re pulling for you (and carrying scissors in our purse.)  Follow Steven at @RealStamkos91 and read his ASG blog [link].  It’s no secret that good grammar and punctuation make us swoon.  (Pssst, Steven!  We take guest bloggers!)

For those of you keeping score at home, last year’s post – Birthday Boy 2011: Steven Stamkos.

Happy Birthday, Tyler Seguin!

31 Jan

Dear Tyler,

I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies for the lateness of these birthday wishes but I swear I didn’t forget about you.   That’s just not possible.

You’re my lobstah.

Especially when you dress up nice…

And when you sing so pretty…


And when you crack up laughing…

And when you get excited like a fluffy Canadian puppy…

And when you bust a move…

And when you give hugs…

And when you do this…

So a very happy 20th birthday shout out to my favorite #19.   

Only one more year until you can drink legally in the United States…

But not like that’s stopped you before.

Birthday Boy: John Carlson

10 Jan

Happy Birthday, iCarly!  John is 22 today.

iCarly was born outside of Boston (represent!) and grew up in New Jersey.  We can’t explain the math but this makes us love him even more.  In the 2010 World Junior Championship vs. Canada, John had two goals including the OT winner to give America the gold.  He used to wear 11, but it wasn’t available on the Caps so he chose 74 because 7+4 = 11.  Admit it, that’s cute.  

John has 5 G /17 A this season, which is the last season on his NHL Entry Contract.  He most often plays the blue line with his one true love and defensive partner, Karl Alzner.

If they played on any other team, they’d win Best Bromance.

John’s favorite animal is a monkey and he used to have every birthday party at the Rainforest Cafe.  (I would absolutely make that up if it wasn’t true.)  Off the ice he can be found contemplating the value of oriental rugs:

Training to beat Gator in a wicked round of Apples to Apples [video]:

Representing the Red, White & Blue as his alter-ego, Captain America:

We obviously love iCarly around here.  He strangely resembles both Mena Suvari and Anton Yelchin at the same time.  He wears his helmet tipped back and is forever looking out from underneath the visor, as if it weren’t see-through.  It’s a constant source of amusement for me and Gator.

Mostly we love him because he’s scrappy and plays with a ton of energy.  And he falls down pretty often.  Plus Gator’s mom is going to love him when he shows up to take her to the prom.

For more adorbs, follow John on Twitter: @JohnCarlson74

Happy Birthday Drew “touched by god” Doughty

8 Dec

Who could resist this - adorbs!

You heard me right! Our wonder boy also got the midas touch this year with holding out for major contract ca$h to the ca-ching of $56 million over 8 years for my beloved #8. That post already went over how many donuts that would buy him.

to this? ah - YOWZA!

Today he turns a whopping 22 – OMG – December 8, 1989. His full name is Andrew “Drew” Phillip Doughty.

me and my hockey stick go EVERYWHERE together

I am not even going to tell you what I was doing that year. But I will tell you that makes him a Sagittarius. He likes long walks on the beach and Architecture hummmmm. Oh and lots of Diet Cokes. He was the youngest player on the Canadian Olympic Hockey team which won the Gold medal in 2010. He was a finalist for the Norris Trophy that year as well. He went second overall in the NHL draft at the tender age of 18.

excellent company - but why does Stammy get to sit on his lap?

He shoots right, is 6 ft. and weighs 212 (probably on a good day) oh did I go there? He is looking better than EVER lately. He can be seen serenading his teammates on the bench when he’s not out hip checking Taylor Hall or Alex Burrows or pounding one deep in the net.

A BIG birthday kiss from WUYS!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big Guy – my other favorite 8. I wish you an excellent defensive run for the Norris trophy this year, a long career, many goals and keep on singing but not to Brooks and Dunn please! 😉

Birthday Boy: Nick Backstrom

23 Nov


Thank you to @thisisourjamdc for reminding the zombies here at WUYS that today is the 24th birthday of our favorite Swede, Piglet Nicklas Backstrom.

We worked till 2:30 AM, were up for work at 5:30 AM.  We both travel at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  This is the only reason Gator and I are not going to Nicky’s Birthday Party tonight against Winnipeg.  We are sad to miss this:

Nicky did send us his wish list.  If you’re shopping for presents, here are Nicky’s Most Wanted:

1. Hugs

Bonus points if Mikey is involved.

Minus points if Ovi is involved.

2. Toys

White socks in the red laundry... just let us do it for you.

3. Winter Wear

Very popular in Sweden.

4. Hair Product

Only kidding, he has plenty!

… and anything else you can think of that matches his team-leading 16 assists and 22 points.  The Caps finally won a game on Monday and while things still look like The Hangover (the tiger is totally in Mike’s bathroom), perhaps Nicky’s birthday magic can make it two in a row.

The next major holiday is Christmas.  I’m writing a letter that specifically asks for more of this:

Birthday Boy: Luke Schenn

3 Nov

This is a day late.  Sorry!  But we’ve had a few requests for some Leafs love around here and I didn’t want to miss the perfect reason.

Happy 22nd birthday, Luke Schenn!

For his birthday, Luke had a fight in the game vs. New Jersey last night.  It’s pretty much a draw, but the Leafs won it 5-2 – Joffrey Lupul even delivered a natural hat trick.  Everybody loves presents.

Luke is a stay-at-home defenseman (he can stay at our home anytime) who will drop the gloves if the situation clearly calls for him to smack someone.  He had 7 NHL fights in his rookie year, but has slowed a bit.  So far this season he has two bouts.  At 6’2″, 229 lbs, we’d take that action – in a bet, you pervs.

He’s from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say it, it’s fun), loves ice cream, Family Guy and Garth Brooks.  Somebody tell him we’re taking more intern applications.  Schenn also has a program called “Luke’s Troops” that provides military families with tickets to Leafs home games.

Let me be honest about something – it really bothers me that they’re the Toronto Maple Leafs with the plural is “leaves.”  My inner OCD English class nerd just twitches.  But for Luke, I will put my grammatical complaints aside.  In September, he signed a 5-year, $18 million contract with Toronto.

Luke’s little brother Brayden is in the Flyers organization and the two played against each other on October 23 (Philly won).  They are best friends who talk daily and account for some of the 75 texts Luke says he sends every day.  Hey, we have unlimited texts.  Add us to that list!

So, even one day late, get yourself a cupcake and enjoy it while watching this adorable interview from last month and wearing a party hat: