Birthday Boy: John Carlson

10 Jan

Happy Birthday, iCarly!  John is 22 today.

iCarly was born outside of Boston (represent!) and grew up in New Jersey.  We can’t explain the math but this makes us love him even more.  In the 2010 World Junior Championship vs. Canada, John had two goals including the OT winner to give America the gold.  He used to wear 11, but it wasn’t available on the Caps so he chose 74 because 7+4 = 11.  Admit it, that’s cute.  

John has 5 G /17 A this season, which is the last season on his NHL Entry Contract.  He most often plays the blue line with his one true love and defensive partner, Karl Alzner.

If they played on any other team, they’d win Best Bromance.

John’s favorite animal is a monkey and he used to have every birthday party at the Rainforest Cafe.  (I would absolutely make that up if it wasn’t true.)  Off the ice he can be found contemplating the value of oriental rugs:

Training to beat Gator in a wicked round of Apples to Apples [video]:

Representing the Red, White & Blue as his alter-ego, Captain America:

We obviously love iCarly around here.  He strangely resembles both Mena Suvari and Anton Yelchin at the same time.  He wears his helmet tipped back and is forever looking out from underneath the visor, as if it weren’t see-through.  It’s a constant source of amusement for me and Gator.

Mostly we love him because he’s scrappy and plays with a ton of energy.  And he falls down pretty often.  Plus Gator’s mom is going to love him when he shows up to take her to the prom.

For more adorbs, follow John on Twitter: @JohnCarlson74

3 Responses to “Birthday Boy: John Carlson”

  1. Josie January 10, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    My friend Mackenzie and I thought no one else got amusement from Carlson always looking under his visor, glad others are too! Happy Birthday John!

  2. Deanna January 10, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Favorite. I love iCarly and his smug little smile. Happy birthday to him!

  3. Cassy January 10, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    Happy birthday iCarly!

    Shouldn’t there be a Foxy Friday for this guy!

    Do they win runner up for best bromance on the Caps? (we all know Nicky & Fidget/Sad Panda/Mike win hands down)

    Does Stammer know his & Gator’s wedding is off?

    Answers in my inbox please!

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