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Would You Rather…

15 May

The Rangers and Kings are up 1-0 in their respective series(es?).  Tonight’s game isn’t till 9 PM.  Otherwise, it’s a slow news day.  Dale Hunter quit his job coaching the Caps (we are available!).  You could watch the Capitals exit interviews – Nicky (how many chains are you wearing?), Mikey (why is your hat so big?) – but they’re terribly sad.  How can we be happy instead?

Let’s play Would You Rather.

Would you rather have a half-hug from Viktor Stalberg:

Or Gingeroux’s plaid suit (you can hug sad Max after):

Or no hug, but stand near awkward Crosby as he tries to fit his giant hands into tiny pockets?

Would you rather have Sid give up his pockets to carry your stuff:

Or ask Jordan Eberle because today is his 22nd birthday?

Would you rather have Toews in spandex:

Or Nealmobile?

Would you rather have Karl Alzner with a beard:

Or no beard, add puppies?

Would you rather have this guy babysit:

Who is this?  The kid is Danny Briere’s son Caelan.

Or Crosby take your kids out for a lap around the block?

See what happens when my teams are out of the playoffs?  It’s going to be a long summer, get ready for a lot of these. 😉