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Happy Birthday, Tyler Seguin!

31 Jan

Dear Tyler,

I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies for the lateness of these birthday wishes but I swear I didn’t forget about you.   That’s just not possible.

You’re my lobstah.

Especially when you dress up nice…

And when you sing so pretty…


And when you crack up laughing…

And when you get excited like a fluffy Canadian puppy…

And when you bust a move…

And when you give hugs…

And when you do this…

So a very happy 20th birthday shout out to my favorite #19.   

Only one more year until you can drink legally in the United States…

But not like that’s stopped you before.


31 Jan

When Mr. Pants and I boarded our flight in Houston on Saturday, I had NO idea there would be individual TVs on the plane.  Then I saw the All-Star Game Skills Competition was on.  I may have screamed.  One swipe of the AMEX later, I was sitting an inch from the screen with a huge smile on my face.

Mr. Pants: “What are you so happy about?”

Obviously he doesn’t share my pain in missing a week of hockey and the ASG Draft, or as we prefer to think of it, The WUYS Bachelor Auction.  I’m sure it was great.  And I saw they put Letang in the front row because even he can only get away with tripping once.

The Elimination Shootout started as we reached cruising altitude.  Stamkos stepped up… and the pilot came on the PA talking about miles programs and tail winds and how, if you looked out the right side, you could see a chicken in Mississippi riding a bicycle.  He talked the ENTIRE TIME!   We almost had an incident with Homeland Security.  Plus the seatbelt sign was on forever and I really had to pee.

During the post-win interview, I lost it and said, “Stop touching him, Pierre!” really loud.  Unless Pierre has scissors, though it doesn’t look like he’d know how to cut hair.

Hands off the merchandise, Troll.

Also, it’s not easy to watch Nealmobile do Accuracy Shooting when it’s illegal for me to scream, run around or throw things.  As I watch back through the coverage, the ASG never fails to be a highlight of the season.  It brainwashes me into a maniac who thinks things like:

Red heads in pink shirts?  Sure, why not!  Too bad no one could straighten it out before shooting.  Unless Giroux’s going to tear it off, it shouldn’t be stretched like that.  My inner publicist cringes.  (Note: That plaid jacket still needs to go. Along with Neal’s. Were they on sale in Ontario at some point?)

Carey Price is funny.  And charming.  I didn’t think this could get worse.

Scott Hartnell + the Sedins = my nightmare.  Except it’s fantastic.

And some things’s don’t surprise.  Henrik Lundqvist puts everyone to shame, in every category.

If you didn’t think Patrick Kane would steal the show then you must be new around here.

My tights are underneath.

As always, the awkward prom photos.  Everyone is cringing about talking to fathers and having to

See you at the prom party, Segs.

Logan can pick us up in his new car.

 What did you guys think?  No Crosby, Toews, Green, Backstrom, zero Staals.  Still everything you hoped for?  And share your favorite bits, because I probably missed them!

When they show a hockey player…DRINK!

26 Jan

All-Star Weekend is our 2nd favorite time of the year here at WUYS (behind the awkberg assemblage that is the NHL Awards) and since Pants is off on her honeymoon getting all tan, hanging with monkeys, drinking umbrella drinks and being all in lurve, it’s going to be really lonely around here this weekend.

So to brighten my spirits and entertain myself for the next few days,  I’ve devised a little All-Star Weekend Drinking Game.

Because, really nothing says “fun” like hockey, hockey players, and a little booze.

Just ask Patrick Kane.  Or Brad Marchand.  Or Tyler Seguin.

from thehockeyjunkies.blogspot.com

from dirtydangle.com


The All-Star Weekend Drinking Game
(suitable for all events – Fantasy Draft, Skills Competition, & the game itself)

  • When they show a player laughing…drink.
  • When they show a player taking a photo/video…drink
  • When they cut to Phil Kessel…drink.
  • When they show the Sedin Twins…drink.
  • When the last player is selected…throw your hands up in the air.  Then drink.
  • When they mention a player out “due to injury”…make a sad face.  Then drink.
  • When a player goes to block a shot…scream “SACRIFICE YOUR BODY!”
  • When Kris Letang goes to block a shot…scream “NOT THE FACE!”
  • If they get hurt…finish the bottle.
  • When they show any hockey bromance…say “Awwwww”. Then drink.
  • When they show a player with beautiful hockey flow…whip your hair back and forth.  Then drink.
  • When someone falls down during the Fastest Skater competition…drink.
  • If its a goalie…drink twice.
  • When someone passes the 100mph mark during the Hardest Shot competition…drink.
  • When someone goes 4 for 4 on the Accuracy competition…drink.
  • When someone does something crazy during the Elimination Shootout…drink.

I have a feeling I’m going to get really drunk this weekend…

So, WUYSers, what other rules would you add to your ASG Drinking Game?

Six Degrees of Tyler Seguin

7 Jan

Last night, I went to the Boston University/Merrimack hockey game.

There I was, just minding my own business, on my way to get a beer.

And this happened….

Tyler says "Go BU! BC Sucks"

I never did get that beer…

P.S. We have excellent taste in hats.

P.P.S. That jacket is fierce.

P.P.P.S. BU won! Office dance party!


WUYS Morning News

17 Nov

Mike Green didn’t make the trip to Winnipeg with the Caps, but he did take his sprained ankle to the Kid Rock show in DC last night.  He wore his only favorite sweater (seriously, he wears this more than Toews wears that suit) and that hat that makes me want to throw snowballs.  Money was raised for Mike’s So Kids Can charity.  Gator is from the D and she wanted to go, but instead we worked, A.K.A. watched Breaking Dawn, ate snacks and yelled back at the screen.  Good times all around.

At least Kid Rock looks excited.

Chicago beat Vancouver (ooh, say it again!) 5-2 with a couple of wacky bouncers.  Kaner, Hossa, Montador and Toews all had 2-point games.  And for anyone who didn’t cringe when we made Patrick Kane a Foxy Friday, he’s got a new One Goal commercial [link].

Brendan starched another shirt and Shanabanned Blues’ Chris Stewart three games for boarding Wings’ Niklas Kronwall.  This one’s ugly.

NHL.com used my favorite phrase as a headline.  Sadly it’s about Ilya Kovalchuk.  I watched this hoping actual pants would fall, but alas there is only a very pretty goal.

The Islanders introduced their third jerseys, which are pretty standard.  They’re worlds better than this yellow mess Nashville adopted, but no amount of fashion changes the fact you are still the Islanders (sorry).

The red-hot Bruins put their 6 game win streak on the line tonight vs. Blue Jackets.  Seguin’s on fire (Chuck loves) and leads the NHL in plus/minus rating with +15.  (Don’t mind EStaal down at the bottom with -18.)  Speaking of bottom of the barrel, Columbus is 3-13-1 with only 7 points on the season.  Now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably win.

Team Jacob

The Penguins are in Tampa Bay tonight and Sid will not play.  Errrrbody calm down (obviously I mean me).  Disco Dan would not comment on Saturday’s game – could Sid return?  I want him back this instant, but am also willing to await a triumphant debut in DC on 12/1 when I’m getting booed for wearing my 87 at Verizon Center.  It would be like a romantic comedy: Sid taking the ice, me dodging flying food, then Pens winning.  I can see it now.

James Neal will of course play tonight, and he’s got a 7-game point streak going (ties longest of his career).  JStaal has three goals in two games.  Stamkos and Neal are tied will 11 goals, and I like to think this means bromance rivalry.

Now boys, don't fight.

Only 8 hours 10 minutes till game time.

Hi, I’m Tyler Seguin and I’m a boss.

7 Nov

Yes, you are, Tyler Seguin.  

Yes. You. Are.

TS19 scored his first career hat trick in the Bruins 7-o rout of Cartman Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs and it was glorious.

Goal # 1One-timer from the left circle.  Great cross ice pass from Peverley and Seguin SNIPES it. 

Goal #2 – Truly thing of beauty.  After making a mistake in the offensive zone, Seguin doesn’t panic.  Comes back into the neutral zone.  Makes a smart play, kicking a loose puck up to Bergeron.  Bergeron comes in, down the right.  Seguin in the slot.  Bergeron flips it to him, it gets deflected and Seguin bats it out of mid-air over the sieve’s left shoulder.  My reaction? “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Hand-eye coordination perfection.  Sick mitts.

Goal #3 – Again a smart play from the Professor (would you expect anything less?), with a little help from Marshamont and Seguin nets his first hatty of his career.

This is only the beginning, people.

There is a reason why he went #2 Overall.   And you’ve just seen it right there.  Yes, he may be young, but there is no denying the talent he possesses.  Is he the next “face” of the NHL?  We certainly hope so.

from drinkbeerandpetcats.tumblr.com

Side note: Seguin may be a natural centerman but there was something so beautiful about the way that he played with Bergeron.  

Just like Biggie and Puff Daddy – Bergeron laced the track.  Seggy rocked the flow.

Pomp and Circumstance

7 Oct

This whole grad school business is going to seriously cut into my hockey watching time.

Class this semester is on Thursdays, which means that I’m going to have to tape alot of games this year, only to watch them when I get home at 9:30pm.

Chuck no likey.

Yesterday, I taped the Bruins game (natch) and couldn’t race home fast enough to watch my beloved Killer Bs raise their championship banner.

Two words.  Goose. Bumps.

I’m not an overly sentimental person (except at Pants’ wedding when she danced with her dad.  Me = hot mess), but last night, I was all dewy-eyed and loved up over the Bruins’ banner ceremony.

The old generation (1972 Bruins)  passing the proverbial torch to the new generation (2011 Bruins). 93 year old yet spritely Milt Schmidt arm-in-arm with Bobby Orr just made me all happy.

It was a well-done, exhilarating, and classy production.


Pants and I couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

Enough with the lovefest! Let’s play some HOCKEY!

And play we did.

Despite the loss, the fact is that there are 81 games left.  Still a lot of season left to play.

Five other facts from last night’s Bruins/Flyers match up.

1) Timmy’s smile is infectious.  Like ebola.

2) Pierre Maguire looks like a muppet.

meep meep meep

3) Brad Marchand shall now be known as Squirrel.  He’s right squirrely that one.  Quick.  Nimble.  Darting in and out of the Flyers’ defense.  Collecting hockey pucks like acorns.


4) Jaromir Jagr has been in the NHL since he was a fetus (okay, since he was 18), but dude can still play.  Jagr + Giroux + van Reemsdyk could be a nasty combination this season.  Flyers coach said that Jagr will come back to the rink AFTER having already practiced that day to work out again.  Really?  Way to make everyone else in the hockey world look straight up lazy.

Toews, Letang, Nash ain't got nothing on my workout videos.

5) Our boy Tyler Seguin looked very mature on the ice.  Making breaks, smart plays, crisp passes to his BFF Marchand.  But he’s only 20.  Still plenty more of this yet to come.