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Happy Friday the 13th – Best Day for Hockey!

13 Apr

No other horror movie celebrates Hockey with such bad assery!

Last night was a heart breaker when the Caps lost in OT to Boston – I’m sure Ovi had this Nightmare: 

No, not the floating head of death again!

And Seidenberg tried to take Ovi out with this hit but he found that weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! If Ovi can knock Jagr into next year at the Olympics, you’ll have to try harder Siddy-bergy than this:

As for it being FRIDAY THE 13th – I know we ran this before, but there is no such thing in my world as too much Kris Letang so for your FRIDAY THE 13th MOMENT OF ZEN:

Must See TV

26 Mar

Do yourself a favor.

Click on the image below.

Watch the video.

Totes brilliant, right?  LOVE IT!!

Screen capping GOLD!


Making sweet music

Master of the post-National Anthem fist pump.

Nothing more important than the flow.

Gosh, he's just such a noob.

Andy the Science Guy

The Bear is the worst roommate ever.

Patty cake.

I know how you feel, Jack. I love The Bear too.

ASG Fantasy Draft

26 Jan

Tonight, we’ll find out who’ll be the Phil Kessel of the 2012 All Star game.  (Perhaps it’ll be Phil Kessel.  That would be amazing.)

At 8pm tonight, fifty of the best hockey players in the world (38 NHL All-Stars and 12 top rookies) will be up for selection in the Player Fantasy Draft.  All-stars and rookies will be divided into two teams  – Team Alfredsson (aka Team Pants), led by captain Daniel Alfredsson and assistant captain Henrik Lundqvist, and Team Chara (aka Team Chuck), led by captain Zdeno “Z-Big” Chara and assistant captain Joffrey Lupul.

Quick refresher on how the Fantasy Draft works…

  • A coin toss will decide first pick, with Alfredsson and Chara, joined by their assistant captains, alternately drafting the All-Stars through 19 rounds
  • Each team will consist of three goaltenders, six defensemen and 12 forwards
  • Each team’s three goalies must be picked by the end of Round 10
  • Each team’s six defensemen must be picked by the conclusion of Round 15
  • The 12 Rookies will be divided by the National Hockey League into two groups of six.  At the completion of the 15th round of the draft, one NHL Rookie will be selected to choose which All-Star team his group will join for the skills competition
  • As a reward (consolation?), the final player selected in the draft will have $20,000 donated to the grassroots hockey program of his choice

So who’s up for grabs?


Jamie Benn Logan Couture
Pavel Datsyuk Jordan Eberle
Marian Gaborik Claude Giroux
Scott Hartnell Marian Hossa
Jarome Iginla Patrick Kane
Phil Kessel Evgeni Malkin
Milan Michalek James Neal
Corey Perry Jason Pominville
Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin
Tyler Seguin Jason Spezza
Steven Stamkos John Tavares
Brian Campbell Alexander Edler
Dan Girardi Erik Karlsson
Kris Letang Dion Phaneuf
Ryan Suter Kimmo Timonen
Shea Weber Dennis Wideman
Keith Yandle Brian Elliott
Jonathan Quick Tim Thomas
Carey Price Jimmy Howard

After he was selected as a captain, Chara did mention that he was going to take this draft very seriously and do as much research as possible, so it will be interesting to see what his strategy will be.  Think he hit up Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli for some pointers?

Will he take his teammate & Vezina winning goaltender Tim Thomas with the first pick?  Or will the events of this week and the recent revelation that Thomas does not have many friends amoungst his teammates sway Chara’s decision?

Now I’m no prognosticator, but I can tell you what you will see tonight.

  • Ridiculous amounts of awkwardness.
  • The Sedins  on different teams.
  • Kris Letang’s hair looking awesome.
  • James Neal’s hair looking like a porcupine.
  • Scott Hartnell’s hair looking like a hot mess cavewoman hooker.
  • Tight bums.
  • Patrick Kane calling Toews to tell him he misses him.
  • Awkward interview with last two players remaining.

One thing you won’t see…

Source: richieandcarts.tumblr.com

And I for one, am gonna miss this.



Yeah….So that happened…

19 Oct

Last night’s game between the Bruins and the Hurricanes was pretty good….

until this happened.

Who farted?



But this is a party you wouldn’t really want to go to.  The food is bad.  The champagne is flat.  And someone clogged up the toilet.

It was ugly, people.  Oooglay.

And like Nine Inch Nails, we were headed into a downward spiral.

Chris Kelly – perhaps the most unassuming, gentle man on the Bruins – even got into a fight.


Chara goes all Godzilla on this guy…

I’m not one to complain about the officials but they were a little suspect last night.

I'm sensing a pattern here....

Bruins = 72 PIM.  Hurricanes = 22 PIM.

Really?  Only 22 minutes?  Both teams were chippy and throwin’ bows but somehow only the Bs got the minutes.

Chuck no likey.

Neither does Coach Claude.  He got tossed.  Pretty sure if he could have chest bumped the refs MLB-stylo, he would have.

Grumpy Bear.

If they do wrong, give them the two minutes (or four…or ten).  Make them feel shame.  But don’t be one-sided in your punishment.

BTDubs – Shawn Thornton, 2 minutes for “Abuse of officials”?  Never heard that one before.

Yes, that really did happen.

16 Jun

“The Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!”

We are the Champions!

Those words will live with me for the rest of my life.

For the first time since 1972, the Black and Gold have won the most beauteous and shiniest of all trophies in professional sports.  The Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks, a team which lead the regular season in points, were a #1 seed and stacked with undoubtedly offensive talent like the Sedin twins and Ryan Kesler.

But when it comes to winning the Stanley Cup, stuff like that don’t matter.

What matters is Heart.  Soul.  Grit.  Grime.  Desire.

A desire that is a slowly burning fire in the hearts of each and every one of these players since they were old enough to skate.

For the Boston Bruins, that fire started in Prague at the beginning of the season.

It smoldered throughout the months, through each long road trip, overtime win,  and shoot out loss.

The sparks started to pop and crackle during the first round of the playoffs versus the Canadians.

The fire began to grow with the sweep of the Flyers  and the emotional victory over the Lightning in the Eastern Conference Finals.

When the Stanley Cup Finals began, that fire was burning bright and hot, but it IGNITED because of one hit.

Aaron Rome’s crushing hit on Nathan Horton in Game 3 was akin to pouring a can of lighter fluid on a campfire.

Once minute you’re slowing roasting marshmallows and the next, you are plucking blackened, charred, nobs of sugary goo off your sharpened branch.

That hit changed something in the Bruins.  It made them angry.  Vancouver’s post game jawing and comments to the press only fueled the fire more.

All season, the Bs played better when they were down, when people counted them out.  They crushed the Canucks in games 3, 4, and 6, and games 1, 2, and 5 were only one goal losses.

The Finals gave the decided advantage to the home team, but the Bruins were a team that would not be denied.

With the exception of a couple of minor penalties and sloppy turnovers, the Bruins played a perfect Game 7.  It was controlled yet intense.  All four of the Bruins lines were churning and working hard to shut down the Canucks, as they’d done the whole series.

Tim Thomas cemented his legacy in the pantheon of Boston sports and became the oldest player ever to win the Conn Smythe as the playoff MVP.

The Bruins defense, led by Zdeno Chara and the exceedingly underrated Dennis Seidenberg, created ghosts of the Sedins and the rest of the Canucks forwards.

Mark Recchi, at 43 years young, won his 3rd Stanley Cup, and promptly retired.  The guy is class all the way and because of him, Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Tyler Seguin will be the future of the Boston Bruins.

What happened last night will be etched into the memories of every Bruins fan everywhere and with this victory, my beloved city truly stakes its claim as the “City of Champions”.  7 titles in 11 years.


A slurpee sounds pretty good right about now.

But only if I get to drink it from the Cup.

It’ll only takes one…

24 May

The Bruins are one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

One win.  One measly little win.

It is so close, we can taste it.

Tastes like peanut butter and happiness.

Yesterday’s 3-1 win over the Lightning was not pretty by any means, but it is a “W” nonetheless.

Bruins’ d-men looks shaky and slow.  Communication between Timmay and ZC33, AF21, DS44, TK12 and the rest of the guys was off and we don’t like it one bit.  But they did stick Big Z in front of the net to screen out Smith.  Well played, Claude.  It’s like trying to see around a California redwood.

Bruins let TB score early in the first (again!).  Guys, we can’t let this happen anymore.  WUYS forbids it.  It is soul-crushing and we can’t take the stress about the B’s having to come from behind a minute into the game.

We’re totally cool with goalies playing the puck…when it is safe and necessary to do so.  Too many times this series Timmay has gone back to play the biscuit and crashed into a defensemen or misplayed the puck leading to a turnover.  Do us a favor, Timmy.  Just stay in your home.  Don’t venture out.  Become agoraphobic.  Those blue lines are to become your personal little bubble.

Bruins got scoring from Horton, Motorscooter Marchand, and Rich Peverley, who I’m sure goes home everything and prays to baby Jesus in the tuxedo t-shirt that he got out of Atlanta when he did.  While his former teammates back up their u-hauls and deal with the drama of the Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg, RP49 is one win away from getting the chance to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The game was hard-fought and one could argue that the Lightning outplayed the Bruins, but some how the Killer B’s pulled it out.

Like the proverbial rabbit out of hat.


Game 6 is tomorrow night in Tampa Bay.  *fingerscrossed*  no magical tricks required.

It’s On!

13 May

Now that you won’t be able to get this song out of your head, it’s the battle of the Super Twins, Count Von Count-anyone-can-do-this-job VS. Jumbo Scrimp (Oxy-Maroon), I’m-still -Cryin’ Patty Mar-where’s-the-loo and Logan Haute-Couture. Who will win the West-Coast Battle for the Cup? I called Vancouver in the Wayback Machine.

capt vs capt (i think it's henrik - who knows for sure!)

On the East Coast we got the Not-so-Jolly-Yellow-Giant Chara, Sir Thomas-the-Tank-Engine and i-blow-pucks-out-my-ass-for-goals-bergeron VS stampeding Stammers, Little-Man Louis and Bat-shit-crazy-face-sort-of-hot-in-a-weird-way-guy-the-butcher. I called neither of these and would have never dreamed of either of these but in reverse psychology and covering my bases. I’m going with Tampa Bay and if they win, I’ll be glad and say I called it. If they lose, I’ll say I helped Boston because every team I pick, loses! So either way, I’m covered! Sound practice!

Because history doesn’t let history repeat.

9 May

I love you, Boston Bruins.

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better…A little better all the time…

19 Apr

Not to worry, friends.  I’m okay.  No really, I am.

I have to admit it was pretty rough for me there for a while.

Last Saturday, there I was – curled up in the fetal position, buried under a mound of covers, empty box of coconut milk ice cream sandwiches by my bed.

My beloved Bruins had just dropped Game #2 (at HOME) to the hated Habs.  I was left a shell of my former self.  Defeated.  Dejected.  Despondent.

The Bruins kicked me square in the gut, knocking the wind right out of me. I felt like I did when I asked a boy to dance with me in junior high and he rejected me.  It could have been that because I was a foot taller than him.  That really sucked.

Welcome to my life, people.

Going into Game #3 last night, I was cautiously optimistic. This season, the Bruins have been a slightly better team on the road than they were at home and I had hope that they could go up to Montreal and “find themselves” like a college student on a gap year.

Coach Claude packed up the team and carted them off to practice in historic Lake Placid, NY – the home of the “Miracle on Ice” and to escape the media scrutiny in Boston and Montreal.

Do you believe in Miracles??

An interesting move, no doubt designed to inspire his team to hockey greatness and perhaps absorb some of the victory vibes in the Field House.

The Bruins came into the Bell Centre needed to win this game or be faced with almost certain elimination and the scorn of thousands of Bruins fans every so hopeful that this year could be the year.  40 years is a looooong time to wait…especially in a city that has seen so many championships lately from their other sports teams.

Well, they won.  (*sigh of relief*)  They pounced on Carey Price early and scored 3 goals.  The Habs came back in tenacious fashion to bring it within 1, but Timmy Thomas stepped up and was stellar in the 3rd period. (Click here to see game highlights!)

He turned away countless shots, make great saves and put himself back on the path of redemption after two terrible games in Boston.  Chara was also back after a bout with the flu and you could tell that the team had missed his imposing presence.

So that being said I’m feeling slightly better than I did last week…but still not 100%.

Think Zdeno will share his saltines and ginger ale with me?

Zdeno Chara – Verdict?

10 Mar

Okay, we’ve gotta talk about it:  Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty.

Pacioretty gave this interview with TSN saying flat out he thinks Chara intended to injure him.  And now there may be a police investigation, as the ministry of Public Security has asked the Montreal Police to look into the incident.  The NHL has not disciplined Chara other than the in-game penalty received on the play.

What do you all think? Should Chara be suspended?  Should the police be called in to look at particularly injurious plays, regardless of what the NHL decides? [Video]


I knew it was the seventh anniversary of Todd Bertuzzi’s hit on Steve Moore, but I wasn’t aware that Moore is still waiting fora  court date to be set for assault charges he filed against Bertuzzi [link].  Bertuzzi was suspended 17 games (the rest of that season) and returned to hockey after the lockout.

Personally, I’m torn.  I don’t think Chara intended to injure Pacioretty, so he should not be suspended.  He’s not a dirty player or repeat offender, anymore than someone who’s 6’9″ throws some understandably heavy hits.  There have been a lot of dirty plays lately and the NHL is not doing enough to police them.  But Chara is not Trevor Gillies and he’s certainly not Todd Bertuzzi.  Then you look at plays like this one, where Pavel Kubina was suspended three games for an elbow to the head on Dave Bolland.  Yes he intentionally gets his elbow up and this season has proven the dangers of such a play.  But when you watch them in succession, is this really worse than Chara’s hit? [Video]