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Free parking at our office!

9 Feb

I like to think that if your car breaks down in Canada, you take it to a place like this.  Stamkos, Eberle, Phaneuf and Spezza in the new commercial Nike “Clutch” truck commercial.

Oh, Eberle.  Checking himself out in the hubcap.


Workout with Crosby

30 Jan

I really am doing an ASG Weekend recap post, but I missed a lot of the festivities.  It’s coming tonight, before everyone goes back to regular hockey work tomorrow.

For now, it appears Lindsay is not holding a grudge over the Claude Giroux Foxy Friday.  Or perhaps she is trying to cleanse us of all the ginger dreams.  In their place, she submits Sidney Crosby’s new Gatorade commercial.  Complete with the ice bath she needed after watching. 😉

It was announced over the weekend that in addition to his post-concussion syndrome, Crosby suffered a neck injury that has now healed.  It may or may not have been discovered in LA or Utah, and may or may not have been broken vertebrae. [link]

Am I getting this right?  Crosby goes to the doctor like every 10 minutes and it took someone 7 weeks to find this?  That is, if he didn’t injury his neck even before the last game he played (12/5 vs. Boston).  Crosby’s camp says the injury is no detriment to his concussion recovery process and things proceed as they were.

Sid’s currently cleared for “light exercise.”  I guess this commercial was filmed before his symptoms resurfaced, because I’m tired and hungry just looking at it.  Ray Shero is optimistic that Crosby will play again this season.  So am I, and so are you.  Go put on your C, you’ll feel better.

Dear Frustrated Superstar

1 Nov

Hahaha, I thought this was the commercial that plays before the video starts.  But it is the video!  Patrick Kane Discover Card commercial [link]

Girls, my credit card is maxed out. I need a ride.

Patrick, you got drunk and gave it to us last night.

Very funny. Come get me.

Great party though.  Too bad you fell asleep.  All that fun and only Toews to hang out with… he may never recover.

But I was Foxy Friday.

What can we say?  He’s serious about WUYS.

That's it, I'm walking.

Move Closer to the Screen

10 Aug

Sportchek’s new Crosby commercials are out!  Can I please live in Canada?  I believe it’s a magical place where things like this really happen… starring Sid as himself and an 8-year old kid as me.  Here’s the link – it’s even in French. 😉

Here’s the second one [link].  We miss his adorkableness something awful.

And the new SC87 gear advert.  JUST TAKE ALL OUR MONEY.

Intern Jeff Skinner isn’t going to be happy spending all day entering us into this:

Here’s the contest link.  You have to be Canadian to enter (that’s racist!), but you win for 4 people.  So you’ll take us, right?  We’ll even get to the ‘Burgh on our own, you can sleep across our empty seats on the plane.

Goes Together Like…

14 May

When I see this commerical, I think of Dawn, Ke$ha and TBG Drew Doughty.

It just takes one.

22 Apr

You don’t even KNOW how happy this makes me.  Nealmobile got a commercial for his double OT game-winner!  And the announcers had it spot on as it happened…

I’ve got the chills!  Time to run around the block.  Is it Saturday yet?!

Door-to-door salesmen

13 Apr

Did I forget I was in charge at Bauer?  Because I definitely did the endorsement casting for these commercials:




Wish you were in the playoffs, EStaaaaaaaaaaal.