O. M. Geno.

7 Jan

There are five lanes of traffic and a trolley track between my office and this newspaper rack.  I said “No way!” out loud to the whole sidewalk, then almost got hit by a bus taking this photo.  Most of these ads are a stretch (Jenna Elfman?), as is this one unless you’re a Pens fan.  But I cheer!

Just another day at the office.

Malkin is the, um… unobvious?… choice for an ad campaign, but that’s what makes it so fun.  He’s an All-Star.  He’s a big deal.  Most people seeing these don’t know Crosby either so share the love.  Any mainstream ad campaign starring an NHL player is good with me.  And the TV spot is just priceless:

We love our office Flip Cam, though no one does stick handling drills.  It’s more zombie flash mobs and superhero costume parties around here.


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