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Best of Twitter

4 Jun

We have to make a whole category for this if we’re going to get through the off-season.  Can someone remind me what we did in the summer before Twitter?  How did we ever know:

Who makes double entendres with random-yet-endearing capitalization?

What Ebs dreams of when he looks in the mirror?

Who needs you to bring them a beer?

Who will buy you popcorn at the movies?

Who thinks college is way different than it really is?

But gets everything else so right?

With all this, a tan, and the potential of a Mike Richards/Jeff Carter Stanley Cup party to contemplate, I think we might get to September after all.

Foxy Friday: Jordan Eberle

17 Feb

Jordan Eberle really wants to be our intern.  He applies twice a week – and those are just the resumes we see.  Imagine how many Intern Jeff Skinner has intercepted!

As “Job Experience,” Jordan humbly mentioned that he’s s a spectacular hockey player.  He has 25 G/30 A this season, another in the Oilers rebuilding campaign.  Edmonton is last in the Northwest Division (50 points), but since it’s Canada they still sell a lot of tickets (19th in overall attendance this season), and even more Eberle, Hall and Nugent-Hopkins jerseys.

He even sits like Mike Green.

He also had “Awards and Recognition” – Jordan’s first-ever NHL goal, scored in his debut game last season, was voted NHL Goal of the Year (on Facebook) and TSN’s Play of the Year.

So really, Ebs is perfect for us.  Under “Qualifications,” he listed being 21 (because we have standards), 5′ 11″ and Canadian with excellent eyebrows and that gap-toothed smile.

He even attached photos of some amazing derp faces.  The rest of the time he’s…

Jordan provided only one reference, his epic bromance with Taylor Hall.  Epic as in ice cream dates [video] and living together.  Hallsy lets Ebs wears sweatpants and not even make his bed for a TV shoot.  They’re like baby Nicky/Mike or Toews/Kane.  He’s already a WUYS workaholic.

In the “Related Skills” portion, Ebs said he didn’t have a Valentine this year [video], but if he did he might take her for fondue.  If that’s not an attempt to charm us… how about puppies?

We did a background check and came up with a trove of hilarity.  I could post it all, but  Americans can spend their 3-day weekend Googling Eberle videos.


Hahaha, this one’s my favorite. Does he appear to be running in jeans?

Oh hey, speaking of jeans… he borrowed these from Crosby.

Included with his resume were a #14 jersey for the 2012 All-Star Game and an offer to pick us up for work in his truck.  Are those perks? Do we have to report them on our taxes?

No stops at Stamkos' house.

Chuck and I are having a staff meeting today to decide.  We obviously have to offer Eberle some kind of job – he’s not going away anytime soon.

Follow Jordan on Twitter – @ebs_14.

Free parking at our office!

9 Feb

I like to think that if your car breaks down in Canada, you take it to a place like this.  Stamkos, Eberle, Phaneuf and Spezza in the new commercial Nike “Clutch” truck commercial.

Oh, Eberle.  Checking himself out in the hubcap.


Fore! (No, they’re a ten.)

7 Jul

Mikey hosted a charity golf tournament yesterday, benefiting KidSport Alberta.  Awww.

In attendance were iCarly, Karl Alzner, Zach Boychuk, Cody Franson and Jordan Eberle.  And Nicky of course.  He was rocking a shorter haircut.  I may have enjoyed this photo for five whole minutes before noticing his hair.

No word on who won the tournament (suspect it was not anyone we know), but lots of money was raised and good deeds were done.  Mikey, such a hero.  And Caps’ GMGM himself, George McPhee went to Calgary… but not to play golf.  He apparently went to have lunch with Nicky and Mikey, in the airport.  He just flew in, had lunch, and left [link].  They talked hockey.  So many scenarios present:

1) Nicky and Mikey were totally leaving on their honeymoon on the next flight out.

2) Mikey takes both suitcases since Nicky has to go through customs.

3) If I walked into that restaurant I would go Defcon One and be arrested by the Canadian version of Homeland Security.

Mikey did an interview with Calgary’s Fan960 Radio about the tournament, listen here [link].  Does that station need interns?  Because MG52 is there almost every day lately. (Sit down, Jeff Skinner.)