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Must See TV

26 Mar

Do yourself a favor.

Click on the image below.

Watch the video.

Totes brilliant, right?  LOVE IT!!

Screen capping GOLD!


Making sweet music

Master of the post-National Anthem fist pump.

Nothing more important than the flow.

Gosh, he's just such a noob.

Andy the Science Guy

The Bear is the worst roommate ever.

Patty cake.

I know how you feel, Jack. I love The Bear too.

When they show a hockey player…DRINK!

26 Jan

All-Star Weekend is our 2nd favorite time of the year here at WUYS (behind the awkberg assemblage that is the NHL Awards) and since Pants is off on her honeymoon getting all tan, hanging with monkeys, drinking umbrella drinks and being all in lurve, it’s going to be really lonely around here this weekend.

So to brighten my spirits and entertain myself for the next few days,  I’ve devised a little All-Star Weekend Drinking Game.

Because, really nothing says “fun” like hockey, hockey players, and a little booze.

Just ask Patrick Kane.  Or Brad Marchand.  Or Tyler Seguin.

from thehockeyjunkies.blogspot.com

from dirtydangle.com


The All-Star Weekend Drinking Game
(suitable for all events – Fantasy Draft, Skills Competition, & the game itself)

  • When they show a player laughing…drink.
  • When they show a player taking a photo/video…drink
  • When they cut to Phil Kessel…drink.
  • When they show the Sedin Twins…drink.
  • When the last player is selected…throw your hands up in the air.  Then drink.
  • When they mention a player out “due to injury”…make a sad face.  Then drink.
  • When a player goes to block a shot…scream “SACRIFICE YOUR BODY!”
  • When Kris Letang goes to block a shot…scream “NOT THE FACE!”
  • If they get hurt…finish the bottle.
  • When they show any hockey bromance…say “Awwwww”. Then drink.
  • When they show a player with beautiful hockey flow…whip your hair back and forth.  Then drink.
  • When someone falls down during the Fastest Skater competition…drink.
  • If its a goalie…drink twice.
  • When someone passes the 100mph mark during the Hardest Shot competition…drink.
  • When someone goes 4 for 4 on the Accuracy competition…drink.
  • When someone does something crazy during the Elimination Shootout…drink.

I have a feeling I’m going to get really drunk this weekend…

So, WUYSers, what other rules would you add to your ASG Drinking Game?

Shanabanned: Brad Marchand

10 Jan

Let’s face it people.

This was bound to happen.

Twas only a matter of time until the “Lil’ Ball of Hate” aka “Squirrel” aka “Marshamont” did a bad, bad thing and got himself Shanabanned.

Brad Marchand - You've been SHANABANNED!

Marchand has been suspended for five games and will forfeit $152,439.02 for clipping Vancouver Canucks defenseman Sami Salo during  Saturday’s game.  Marchand will miss games vs. Winnipeg, Montreal (GAH!),  Carolina,  Florida and Tampa Bay.

Check out the Shanabanned explanation here.

Marchand, who also received a two-game suspension in March 2011, has been classified as a repeat offender (for shame!) under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


The thing about Marchand is that he’s like a little kid, constantly pushing his boundaries just to the limit.  It’s like “how far can I go and how many times can I annoy my parents before I get grounded and sent to my room with no supper”?

Marchand is young, aggressive, and he chirps ALOT.  He has the skill and speed to back it up, but that also leaves him a little bit undisciplined at times and prone to take some bad penalties, like the one against Salo.

Obviously this is a blow to the Bruins, as Marchand brings a certain level of intensity and a deft scoring touch, it by no means hurts the team’s chance to win those 5 games without him.

The Bruins are a deeeeeeeeeeeep team (especially at forward) and will shuffle the lines accordingly.   Beniot Pouliot will take Marchand’s place on the 2nd line with the Professor and Teen Wolf.  He’s filled in for Marchand before and has done an excellent job.   Zach Hamill will be called up from Providence and will center the 3rd line with Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley.

Like any true Bruins fan, I will defend my team till the death, but I’m totally okay with the league’s decision.  Do the crime.  Do the time.

5 Games. You feel shame.

Chuck’s Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve!  Rudolph had the night off to carbo load but the Boston Bruins scored one goal for each of Santa’s other reindeer.  That’s right, the Bruins scored 8 goals.  The Panthers scored zero.  I know Chuck would want you to see this:

I cannot recall a prettier goal this season.  Marchand had a hat trick and 5 points. “Ho Ho Ho!” There was some sick passing going on last night.

There was also at least one sick wardrobe choice.  Instead of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Marchand hosted his own “What the Hell is that Shirt?!” night.  Unsurprisingly, he won.

You know Seguin threatened to break up with him over this.

The Bruins love a hot streak.  They’ve won their last six, and that’s not their longest of the season.  They are currently #2 overall in the League, just one point behind Chicago.  For post-game interview, we recommend The Professor because Chuck LOVES him.  [link]

Bergy had 1 G/2 A.  According to Chuck, he does everything right.  Cassy agrees.  The rest of us certainly can’t see anything wrong.

They’re Sexy and They Know It

9 Nov

If it wasn’t for WUYS fan Carter, aka @thekitchenette, I totally would have missed this.

And that would have been a real shame.

Rask, McQuaid, Boychuk, and Marchand channel their inner Hansel.

Darth Quiader and Tuuuuukkkkkaaa showing us all why we should cast them in the remake of “Newsies”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

How much you want to bet Seguin has a matching fedora?  They are in a serious bromance, after all.

He's got the swag sauce. So he dripping swag goo.

Hello Johnny Boychuk.  You be looking all sort of right.  Call me.

What the Warblers would wear if they were hockey players. And not in high school. And not a glee club.

Photos by Conor Doherty from the Improper Bostonian 

Happy Halloween from the Boston Bruins!

26 Oct

Zdeno Chara, Brad Marchand, Adam “Darth Quaider” McQuiad, and Jordan Caron visited sick kids at Children’s Hospital in Boston yesterday.

They wore this.

Chara + giant pink bunny costume = amazeballs. We laugh for days and days and days.

Sorta reminds us of A Christmas Story.

You look like a pink nightmare.

Kudos to Big Z and the other guys for not taking themselves so seriously and for taking the time out of their day to look a little ridiculous and cheer up some sick kids.

What we want to know is – where did they find a pink bunny costume big enough for Chara?  Pretty sure iParty doesn’t carry costumes in XXXTall.  Think his wife made it?  Or did he just show up at the event and the Bruins PR staff is like “Here.  You’re wearing this.  It’s all we could find to fit.  Go forth and bring merriment to kids with cancer.”

Sidenotes about these photos —

Caron’s arms are nice.  We want to touch.

McQuaid’s hair is ridiculous, but we kinda love it any way.  We are slightly disappointed, however that he didn’t dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween.  That would have made our lives.

Thanks to @alisonsykora for sharing the link.

Photos fron www.nesn.com

Pomp and Circumstance

7 Oct

This whole grad school business is going to seriously cut into my hockey watching time.

Class this semester is on Thursdays, which means that I’m going to have to tape alot of games this year, only to watch them when I get home at 9:30pm.

Chuck no likey.

Yesterday, I taped the Bruins game (natch) and couldn’t race home fast enough to watch my beloved Killer Bs raise their championship banner.

Two words.  Goose. Bumps.

I’m not an overly sentimental person (except at Pants’ wedding when she danced with her dad.  Me = hot mess), but last night, I was all dewy-eyed and loved up over the Bruins’ banner ceremony.

The old generation (1972 Bruins)  passing the proverbial torch to the new generation (2011 Bruins). 93 year old yet spritely Milt Schmidt arm-in-arm with Bobby Orr just made me all happy.

It was a well-done, exhilarating, and classy production.


Pants and I couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

Enough with the lovefest! Let’s play some HOCKEY!

And play we did.

Despite the loss, the fact is that there are 81 games left.  Still a lot of season left to play.

Five other facts from last night’s Bruins/Flyers match up.

1) Timmy’s smile is infectious.  Like ebola.

2) Pierre Maguire looks like a muppet.

meep meep meep

3) Brad Marchand shall now be known as Squirrel.  He’s right squirrely that one.  Quick.  Nimble.  Darting in and out of the Flyers’ defense.  Collecting hockey pucks like acorns.


4) Jaromir Jagr has been in the NHL since he was a fetus (okay, since he was 18), but dude can still play.  Jagr + Giroux + van Reemsdyk could be a nasty combination this season.  Flyers coach said that Jagr will come back to the rink AFTER having already practiced that day to work out again.  Really?  Way to make everyone else in the hockey world look straight up lazy.

Toews, Letang, Nash ain't got nothing on my workout videos.

5) Our boy Tyler Seguin looked very mature on the ice.  Making breaks, smart plays, crisp passes to his BFF Marchand.  But he’s only 20.  Still plenty more of this yet to come.