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31 Jan

When Mr. Pants and I boarded our flight in Houston on Saturday, I had NO idea there would be individual TVs on the plane.  Then I saw the All-Star Game Skills Competition was on.  I may have screamed.  One swipe of the AMEX later, I was sitting an inch from the screen with a huge smile on my face.

Mr. Pants: “What are you so happy about?”

Obviously he doesn’t share my pain in missing a week of hockey and the ASG Draft, or as we prefer to think of it, The WUYS Bachelor Auction.  I’m sure it was great.  And I saw they put Letang in the front row because even he can only get away with tripping once.

The Elimination Shootout started as we reached cruising altitude.  Stamkos stepped up… and the pilot came on the PA talking about miles programs and tail winds and how, if you looked out the right side, you could see a chicken in Mississippi riding a bicycle.  He talked the ENTIRE TIME!   We almost had an incident with Homeland Security.  Plus the seatbelt sign was on forever and I really had to pee.

During the post-win interview, I lost it and said, “Stop touching him, Pierre!” really loud.  Unless Pierre has scissors, though it doesn’t look like he’d know how to cut hair.

Hands off the merchandise, Troll.

Also, it’s not easy to watch Nealmobile do Accuracy Shooting when it’s illegal for me to scream, run around or throw things.  As I watch back through the coverage, the ASG never fails to be a highlight of the season.  It brainwashes me into a maniac who thinks things like:

Red heads in pink shirts?  Sure, why not!  Too bad no one could straighten it out before shooting.  Unless Giroux’s going to tear it off, it shouldn’t be stretched like that.  My inner publicist cringes.  (Note: That plaid jacket still needs to go. Along with Neal’s. Were they on sale in Ontario at some point?)

Carey Price is funny.  And charming.  I didn’t think this could get worse.

Scott Hartnell + the Sedins = my nightmare.  Except it’s fantastic.

And some things’s don’t surprise.  Henrik Lundqvist puts everyone to shame, in every category.

If you didn’t think Patrick Kane would steal the show then you must be new around here.

My tights are underneath.

As always, the awkward prom photos.  Everyone is cringing about talking to fathers and having to

See you at the prom party, Segs.

Logan can pick us up in his new car.

 What did you guys think?  No Crosby, Toews, Green, Backstrom, zero Staals.  Still everything you hoped for?  And share your favorite bits, because I probably missed them!

When they show a hockey player…DRINK!

26 Jan

All-Star Weekend is our 2nd favorite time of the year here at WUYS (behind the awkberg assemblage that is the NHL Awards) and since Pants is off on her honeymoon getting all tan, hanging with monkeys, drinking umbrella drinks and being all in lurve, it’s going to be really lonely around here this weekend.

So to brighten my spirits and entertain myself for the next few days,  I’ve devised a little All-Star Weekend Drinking Game.

Because, really nothing says “fun” like hockey, hockey players, and a little booze.

Just ask Patrick Kane.  Or Brad Marchand.  Or Tyler Seguin.




The All-Star Weekend Drinking Game
(suitable for all events – Fantasy Draft, Skills Competition, & the game itself)

  • When they show a player laughing…drink.
  • When they show a player taking a photo/video…drink
  • When they cut to Phil Kessel…drink.
  • When they show the Sedin Twins…drink.
  • When the last player is selected…throw your hands up in the air.  Then drink.
  • When they mention a player out “due to injury”…make a sad face.  Then drink.
  • When a player goes to block a shot…scream “SACRIFICE YOUR BODY!”
  • When Kris Letang goes to block a shot…scream “NOT THE FACE!”
  • If they get hurt…finish the bottle.
  • When they show any hockey bromance…say “Awwwww”. Then drink.
  • When they show a player with beautiful hockey flow…whip your hair back and forth.  Then drink.
  • When someone falls down during the Fastest Skater competition…drink.
  • If its a goalie…drink twice.
  • When someone passes the 100mph mark during the Hardest Shot competition…drink.
  • When someone goes 4 for 4 on the Accuracy competition…drink.
  • When someone does something crazy during the Elimination Shootout…drink.

I have a feeling I’m going to get really drunk this weekend…

So, WUYSers, what other rules would you add to your ASG Drinking Game?

ASG Fantasy Draft

26 Jan

Tonight, we’ll find out who’ll be the Phil Kessel of the 2012 All Star game.  (Perhaps it’ll be Phil Kessel.  That would be amazing.)

At 8pm tonight, fifty of the best hockey players in the world (38 NHL All-Stars and 12 top rookies) will be up for selection in the Player Fantasy Draft.  All-stars and rookies will be divided into two teams  – Team Alfredsson (aka Team Pants), led by captain Daniel Alfredsson and assistant captain Henrik Lundqvist, and Team Chara (aka Team Chuck), led by captain Zdeno “Z-Big” Chara and assistant captain Joffrey Lupul.

Quick refresher on how the Fantasy Draft works…

  • A coin toss will decide first pick, with Alfredsson and Chara, joined by their assistant captains, alternately drafting the All-Stars through 19 rounds
  • Each team will consist of three goaltenders, six defensemen and 12 forwards
  • Each team’s three goalies must be picked by the end of Round 10
  • Each team’s six defensemen must be picked by the conclusion of Round 15
  • The 12 Rookies will be divided by the National Hockey League into two groups of six.  At the completion of the 15th round of the draft, one NHL Rookie will be selected to choose which All-Star team his group will join for the skills competition
  • As a reward (consolation?), the final player selected in the draft will have $20,000 donated to the grassroots hockey program of his choice

So who’s up for grabs?


Jamie Benn Logan Couture
Pavel Datsyuk Jordan Eberle
Marian Gaborik Claude Giroux
Scott Hartnell Marian Hossa
Jarome Iginla Patrick Kane
Phil Kessel Evgeni Malkin
Milan Michalek James Neal
Corey Perry Jason Pominville
Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin
Tyler Seguin Jason Spezza
Steven Stamkos John Tavares
Brian Campbell Alexander Edler
Dan Girardi Erik Karlsson
Kris Letang Dion Phaneuf
Ryan Suter Kimmo Timonen
Shea Weber Dennis Wideman
Keith Yandle Brian Elliott
Jonathan Quick Tim Thomas
Carey Price Jimmy Howard

After he was selected as a captain, Chara did mention that he was going to take this draft very seriously and do as much research as possible, so it will be interesting to see what his strategy will be.  Think he hit up Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli for some pointers?

Will he take his teammate & Vezina winning goaltender Tim Thomas with the first pick?  Or will the events of this week and the recent revelation that Thomas does not have many friends amoungst his teammates sway Chara’s decision?

Now I’m no prognosticator, but I can tell you what you will see tonight.

  • Ridiculous amounts of awkwardness.
  • The Sedins  on different teams.
  • Kris Letang’s hair looking awesome.
  • James Neal’s hair looking like a porcupine.
  • Scott Hartnell’s hair looking like a hot mess cavewoman hooker.
  • Tight bums.
  • Patrick Kane calling Toews to tell him he misses him.
  • Awkward interview with last two players remaining.

One thing you won’t see…


And I for one, am gonna miss this.



And the winner is…

15 Dec

I missed 24/7 last night because I fell asleep re-watching Fright Night with Colin Farrell.  I mean he’s in the movie, he wasn’t with me.  And the movie’s great.  But I will have to catch up on the Rangers/Flyers this weekend, and from the sound of your Tweets there is plenty worth watching!

Another thing I’ve missed up until now is the NHL All-Star Game voting.

I restricted my choices to people currently playing.  Obviously I believe Crosby should be in – he was more of an all-star in his few games this year than most people are in a whole season.  But if he’s well, he’ll get in.  (See the leaderboard here.)   I deliberately sent my votes where they can count.

1) Nicklas Backstrom – If Ovi gets in and Nicky doesn’t, someone will receive a strongly worded letter written in cut-out magazine letters.

2) Jonathan Toews – scored his 300th career point last night, overall superstar and BAMF.  You don’t see a lake named after anyone else.

3) James Neal – needs no explanation. HONK!

4) Duncan Keith – Did you see him rob Matt Cullen on a shorthanded breakaway last night?  Norris Trophy, what?

5) Shea Weber – 100+ MPH shot, massive blocking body, all-star playoff beard, friends with Dierks Bentley.  Scored from the cheap seats (and we mean in the net!).  Haven’t seen it?  Puck Daddy has it, they always do [link].

6) Marc-Andre Fleury – Forever holding it down in the back, never knowing who might be available to stand in front of him every night.  And for the off chance he’ll spin like a ballerina or sass Carey Price.

You can vote up to 30 times at  I’ll let you guys win the trip to Ottawa, because I’ll be on my honeymoon until that Saturday. I’m missing the draft and  skills competitions in real-time, so Chuck will have to man the Twitter and express all of my squee-tastic opinions.

I Googled this photo, which led me to another WUYS post. Of course.

Intern Birthday Party!

16 May

Happy Birthday, Intern Jeff Skinner!  Instead of having you write your own birthday post, we wanted to make sure you feel completely appreciated by the girls of WUYS.  You are the best (um, only) intern we’ve ever had and while we don’t have to pay you, we can take a moment to remember the highlights of your season with us:

Your first day at WUYS (seven months ago):

That time you believed “media training” meant letting Pants and Chuck cut your hair:

That time Dawn asked you what Kris Letang wore under his gear at the ASG:

That time you charmed the entire world into asking you to the prom (even if Cassy had to windsor your tie).  SWAG:

That time everyone loved you, and you realized WUYS might be on to something here:

That time you scored a ton of goals, were generally incredible and still looked this excited every single time:

Your birthday party starts at 4 PM in the conference room.  Just as well you’re 19, we’ve got Mexi-Colas and Whatchamacallit bars for everyone.  Eric and Cam have RSVP’d and well, then we didn’t bother inviting anyone else.  Best party ever!

My Vote For Next Year’s All Star National Anthem Artist!

14 Apr

OK, I will confess to being a bit of a Classical Music nerd having sat through Wagner’s Ring Cycle – and no, that is not a horror movie trilogy. I was watching Dancing with the Stars so I could watch Maks drop Kristie Alley again like a shot putter over loaded at the Olympics! But instead, Mr. Cherrie found me talking to the TV at this Hottie for Classical Music theme night. I just rolled my eyes and told Mr. Cherrie I could see through the window dressing and that his guy was GOOD – no GREAT! He can play “The Flight of Bumble Bee” in 66 seconds – a world record!

And then I thought, “Hey – we had a blow out last year about  – he who I won’t name for fear of being flash mobbed by his fans again – WHY NOT start early and suggest David Garrett? International yet Half-American! Young, hip and HOT! I think this would work! Hockey fans might actually appreciate this guy who would bring some flash and totally rock BOTH anthems “O Canada” and “The Star Spangle Banner” – ala Jimi Hendrix Style and bring some much needed Pazzaz to the game. Oh say can you see … Oh hell yes! I say!

I know it’s the play-offs and why am I going on about the All-Star game? BECAUSE … that’s how my brain works sisters. You should all know that by now! And BTW – you should totally down load ROCK SYMPHONIES on iTunes like, NOW because you will LOVE IT!

Love At First Fight

2 Feb

After the All Star game if you google Ovechkin and Letang, all sorts of yummy things start to come up. But I think this is where it all began. Ovi likes it rough and I am beginning to think so does Mr. LeBang! They can’t seem to keep their gloves off each other.

Can’t wait for the next Pens VS Caps game! I wonder if Ovi is going to take Kris out to dinner afterwards or if they are just going to get down to business?

wanna go out after this?