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Shout Out to the Boys in the Black and Gold

20 Dec

I think the Bruins are the best team in hockey.

Yea. I said it.

The Boston Bruins are the best team in the NHL.

Now before you start heckling me and throwing rotten tomatoes and heads of iceberg lettuce,  just hear me out for second.

I know that I may be slightly biased here when it comes to the Bruins but as a “hockey writer”, I do have the ability to look at this with some measure of objectivity.

So how do I dare make such a bold statement?  Let’s look at the facts…

  • They have the best goaltending tandem in the NHL.
    • I DEFY to name another goalie super duo better that Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask.  They are straight up domination.  Rask is #2 in GAA (1.82). Thomas is #3 (1.84).  Thomas is #2 in Save % (.943). Rask is #3 (.939).  Thomas is #2 in wins (16) and in a 3-way tie for 1st in shutouts (4).   By having two stellar goalies, the Bruins have a distinct advantage through the regular season because you can rest Thomas and give him a night off while still preserving your chance to win even with Rask in the net.  There is not that ‘Oh crap” moment with the backup comes in.  With the B’s, even the backup is pretty outstanding.  Also, Rask is only 24 years old so just think about what he’ll be like in three years.  Thomas is the present.  Rask is the future.
  • They are as deep as the ocean is wide.
    • Although Chris Kelly does look like he reads “The Economist” and you know Andrew Ference watches documentaries on the National Geographic Channel, I’m not talking about an intellectual depth. I’m talking about the We-Have-Four-Lines-That-Can-Light-It-Up sort of depth.  Every single line of the Bruins offense can score goals. Yes, even the Mucking & Grinding 4th line led by Shawn Thornton.  Hell, even the much maligned Benoit Pouliot is scoring goals (he’s got 6). 1st line not producing?  It’s cool.  We’ll come at you with the 2nd and 3rd lines. Coach Claude has a plethora of talent from which he can craft his lines.  He has young talent like Jordan Caron and Zach Hamill that he can call up from Providence at a moment’s notice who can slip into the Bruins’ lineup without missing a beat.

      I score goals. I feel love. My hockey powers are renewed.

      Woo hoo Carey Price. How'd ya like that one? Pretty sweet, right?

  • They are low-profile.
    • While the Bruins are an upper echelon NHL team, no one really cares about them. They aren’t the object of rampant fan-girling (or boying). They’ll leave that to Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby.  They aren’t gracing the pages of GQ (although they certainly could).  They don’t have a flashy coach or super star face-of-the-NHL type player (Chara might come close but if you ask me, Patrice Bergeron deserves to be up there). They are just a straight up, solid hockey club who win hockey games with skill, speed, and quiet tenacity. And an occasional pugilistic endeavor.

I know that we are only a little over a third of the way through the season, but I don’t think that I’m alone in my thinking that the Bruins have the potential to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions.  Now I know it is nigh impossible to repeat and maybe I just jinxed myself and I know it hasn’t been done since the Red Wings did it in the 1997-98 season, but I’m holding out this little sliver of hope that it could happen.

And why shouldn’t it?  If you get a chance, just watch them play a few games.  Instead of turning on the Pens, or the Caps, or the Hawks game, turn on the Bruins.

I guarantee you’ll like the hockey you see.

Put a Ring on it.

5 Oct

A Stanley Cup ring, that is.

Courtesy of the Boston Bruins

Giving new definition to the term "ice"

Check that out! 

That ring = boss.

300 diamonds total.  66 on the ring crest with the iconic spoked “B” over the image of the Stanley Cup.  6 diamonds around the logo signifying the Bruins’ six Cup championships.  One side has the player’s name and number, other side has the Cup with the years the B’s have won it – 2011, 1972, 1970, 1941, 1939, and 1929.

Not only can it be worn as a ring, it can also be used as a paperweight, a meat tenderizer, and help you to signal rescue planes should you ever become lost in the Canadian wilderness.

It’s shiny.

And there are 505 of these pretty baubles to go around.

Players got their rings last night at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  Even players no longer with the team, like Mark Recchi and Michael Ryder, came in for the event.  Ryder had to get special permission from his new team, the Dallas Stars, to come.  Sadly, Marc Savard was not able to join the team, as he is still recovering from concussion.

But you know who was there…WUYS fave Tyler Seguin.  Looking very dapper in a pink shirt, btdubs.

Wonder if his mom picked that out for him?

image courtesy of @TheBruinsBlog

Motoscooter & Teen Wolf go to prom!

Looch and the Professor show of their bling.

Ice, Ice Baby.

Gentleman, go ahead and “frost yourself”.  

Fall Down, Go Boom.

31 Aug

Well, folks, it was bound to happen.

Stanley is a little banged up, thanks to former Bruin Michael “Cool” Ryder and a flimsy Nova Scotian card table.

To which my friend Fatty J exclaimed, “Jesus Michael!”

Dios mios indeed!

What is that table made out of anyway?  Paper mache and matchsticks?

You’d think that they’d be able to find a sturdier table to hold the Cup, you know, to prevent that from happening.

Luckily, the Cup is okay.  Just a little dent.

Can’t say the same for Ryder’s pride though.

Welcome to infamy, my friend.

Man Down.

Caps for the Cup?

16 Aug

The Hockey News has predicted the Washington Capitals will win the 2011-12 Stanley Cup.  We feel Dawn’s hand in this.

Hi-res/readable version at washingtoncapitals.tumblr.com.

I admit this wouldn’t make me as sad as it used to.  Once clear of whatever round involves the Penguins, I would cheer for the Caps.  Dawn would visit, and make signs.  Gator and I would cut work for the parade, buy scooters and honk at everyone.  (Unless they faced the Blackhawks.  Then I’d get pelted with debris in the Verizon Center because my red #19 shirt doesn’t say “Backstrom.”  Sorry Nicky.)

What do you think?  Is this the future of the coming season?

Note: This article does not even mention Mike Green’s name.  I am offended.

Howl at the Moon

3 Aug

I have lost Chuck a midst the mess of this office.  She’s probably buried under a pile of old Jets jerseys and cannot reach her keyboard, which is the only reason she hasn’t posted this.

Teen Wolf had his day with the Cup in Ontario last week.  You can watch the video [link].  I really wish I’d ridden to my wedding on a zamboni!

Tyler brought the Cup to a hospital, a field then a club.  And filled the thing with vodka we hope was strong enough to kill the germs off 100 people all drinking out of it.  Werewolves have super immune systems though, so no worries.

And thus the Seguinistas retire to a summer of waiting and wishing, like the rest of us.  Chuck, are you out there?

Foxy Friday: Stanley Cup

22 Jul

The most beautiful trophy in sports.  You totally want to kiss it.

At my wedding, Boston Bruins fan extraordinaire Tom and his genius girlfriend Michelle gave our party the one thing it was missing.  This tin foil beauty sits in my office and whenever I do something great, I lift it over my head.

Somewhere in the box marked “Bad Hair/Flannel Shirt Years” is a photo of me at age 14 with the real Stanley Cup.  If I ever find it, I might even show it to you.

Also, can I get an NHL table cloth please?

Last Days of Disco

16 Jun

On a scale of one to these shoes, how excited would you be if your boyfriend just won the Stanley Cup?  (Or was Milan Lucic, whichever.)

Obviously she knew the B’s would win.  These should don’t do bad days.

Chuck, when you pick up Seguin for the wedding ask to borrow these too.

This one’s for Chuck

15 Jun

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and to Chuck!

Bear vs. Orca

15 Jun

Well, here we are.

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Bruins vs. Canucks.

East vs. West.

Bear vs. Orca.

For fans of both teams, tonight will be a special game.  History will be made.

Bruins have the opportunity to win their first Cup in 39 years.  Canucks have the chance to win their first Cup ever.

Through 82 regular season games and 3 rounds of intense playoff action, both teams have battled and bled for hockey glory.  They felled hated foes, only to create new ones with a single bite.

They’ve been concussed, cut, punched, slashed, some within an inch of their lives, only to emerge a roaring beast full of fire and determination and sheer will.

Tonight….someone wins the Cup.

We all know where my loyalties lie.  My blood runs Black and Gold.  For those that know me, they know that my love for this great sport and for the Bruins is not fairweather.  It is a deep, pure love, one that has sustained itself season after season, through every victory and every heart-wrenching defeat.

At 8pm EST, I’ll be sitting on my couch with my fingers and my toes and my hair crossed.  My roommate has graciously agreed to have a defibrilator ready.  I’ve already warned her that I may cry.

Oh and a fun fact about tonight…tonight, there will be a lunar eclipse.

Last time there was a lunar eclipse…it was Oct. 27, 2004…the day the Red Sox broke the curse and won the World Series.

Just saying…

Waiting for Tonight…

1 Jun

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!

Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Hell ya, they are!

Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have grad class until 8pm but I’m totally planning on having to “go to the bathroom” and racing home (as much as one can race on public transportation) to watch the game.  I was invited to a meetup of Canadian ex-pats in Boston to watch the game, but they’ll all be cheering for the Canucks and I don’t know if I can handle that…

There has been a lot of media coverage of the SCF here in Boston (natch) and with that comes some awesome photos and screen caps of our most favorite Bruins players.  I only felt is was far to share them with our loyal readers because regardless of your personal hockey affiliation,  you understand the magnitude of the Stanley Cup Finals and what it means to the Canucks and Bruins hockey fans everywhere.

Plus their beards and faces are awesome.  See evidence below.

You’re welcome.


Hi-fives for everyone!

Click, Click, Click...BOOM!

"I once caught a Canuck aboot this...big..."

Learning about the elusive creature known as the...Power Play Goal.

Still pondering just how in the world he made that save on Steve Downie...

Krecji looking all kinds of Euro


I already got my name on the Stanley Cup...what about you?

Teen Wolf like shiny cup.

Notice who's on the wall behind him. *good omen*

"I am Darth Quaider. You will fear me...and my mullet"

Czech me out, ladies.

Why hello there, Boych. Don't you look foxy. P.S. Your profile is *swoon*

The Professor has tenure with the Bruins. 7 years. He's only 25.