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Kilroy Was Here

12 Apr

There is no accounting for taste in our household. Traitors abound. Mr. Cherrie is a hard-core Buffalo fan.

 But when I went to consult my bookie, I mean my oracle- the great swami Osiris Jones, man about town and counselor at law, when he’s not picking NHL play-off games for cat treats, much to my horror this is what I found!

Whut can I saz, I heart king henry

When I told him there’d be no more treats for this treacherous betrayal –

But i'm no foo eder

His brothers are much smarter and helped with the sign making for tomorrows big trek across the border. With Doughty getting so much ice time I am sure to get my money’s worth so look for this sign in the sea of blue and green: 

yes mom, I am 12 years old ...and I can make a sign like one too!

I’m hoping to get some exclusive shots for the blog if Mr. Gates doesn’t make me stay after school for extra credit. I am also hoping for another game like last night!

Wow - for me? Awesome .... A hatrick for you then!

 But what I really wanted to know was – who would end up in the Stanley Cup finals? So Swami Osiris Jones drug under the couch cushions, licked his butt a few times and gave me two answers – you decide from reading my posts which one is real and which one is for more cat treats … 

Swami Jones has spoken ... and it shall come to pass that these two hot horses will play each other in the finals ...

or this: 

Pst ...I hear Dawn's picked us for the finals ...
Of course she did, I'm reliable and I always come through even though she's saying it's her 'cat' and she hates Pittsburgh

One for the Road

6 Apr

For some teams, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are about building on a season’s worth of experience.  For others, the post-season is about  forgetting how you got there and starting over.  Before we get to ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to appreciate the NHL teams whose seasons will end tomorrow.

Buffalo has been giving Caps fans heartburn for the last few months – I hurt the most for their fans because it was nearly us in their place.  A ton of respect to this team for the way they played in the last half of the season.

Winnipeg, the most excited place in the League, put on a good show and will benefit from realignment this summer.

Tampa Bay… I can’t talk about it.  Not seeing Stamkos and St. Louis in the playoffs after their ferocious post-season performance last year just guts me.  Stamkos for 60 would make it a little better.

Carolina struggled so massively in the first half, I hope they feel some accomplishment in getting where they did.  Intern Jeff Skinner can even have a few days off.

Bless Toronto and Montreal fans – they get angry but they never, ever give up.  Even when their teams don’t win, the passion of their fans make me jealous.

The Islanders have some blinding talent, I think they’re on the upswing.  They’ll have more to cheer about soon.

Bonus points for Sign Guy.

If your team didn’t make the playoffs, we’re sorry.  Enjoy the drama of the post-season without wanting to throw up over every goal, or adopt a team that would be happy to have your support.  Summer’s not that long, and there’s always next year.  Hockey fans never say die.

Western Conference, you’re coming up.

This Week In Pictures

30 Oct

Oh and maybe a few words …

I’ve mentioned this before how apoplectic Mr. Cherrie goes when ever Brett Hull get’s mentioned. Now it went full tilt when this came up and he posted the following photo because he’s now jumped on the twitter bandwagon and has been taunting Buffalo fans about the 1999 Stanley cup game. Now Buffalo fans – discuss.

if you know you cheated, do you rub it in?

And then for all you Winnipeg Jets fans and especially the PR staff, I heart you. Irony is thy name.Discuss.

There is definitely one less lonely girl if this ain't irony

And lastly, Mike Modano, I made you foxy friday before you retired, you were my first hockey crush ever, and in retirement, you still own my heart even though you married, well, let’s not go there. But now that you have more time on your hands, everyone should follow you to twitter. I love you more now, than I did before, if that were even possible. Please post more of these. You are still FOXY!

I want to go to this Halloween party - where ever it is ...

The Best NHL Player Work Out Video – EVA! Fu Man Drew – Buffalo Wins!

24 Sep

Drew Stafford of Buffalo wins in the NHL player post of their work out videos. This is why WUYS loves YOUTUBE, HOCKEY, NHL players, their work outs and their sense of humor! Kris Letang – you are hot – no contest. Brooks Laich – you can do it on skates – no contest. But Fu Man Drew – your sense of humor is so sexy, WE LOVE YOU!

Buffalo rarely gets WUYS love. You are now so on our radar – Other-Brother – Drew, I love you for your  PAUL GAUSTAD 28 cut-off shirt baring mid-driff, your All-for-One song and your new Cat-Scratch work-out move! Buffalo Gals, come out tonight, come out tonight! Buffalo gals, come tonight! And beware of Yakub … ! 🙂

Foxy Friday: Derek Roy

19 Aug

It’s tough to be a tall girl. Chuck and I were discussing earlier that when a tall girl needs a date, there are only a plethora of short men around.  It’s like ten thousand spoons, you know?

Maybe it’s even tougher to be a short guy.  But it helps to have a professional-athlete level talent… and this face.

So Derek Roy is 5′ 9″.  Tell us you still care about that. 

I don’t think about Buffalo that much, except last Thanksgiving when I thought, “How are we not there yet?!” and “Why did we go past the exit for Canada?!”  Despite being 8 degrees out in November, I had a great time.  The Sabres arena is really nice and people were super friendly. Still unclear why they sang the Canadian anthem before 2 US teams played – but we just love to hear it.  They do the flag-passing thing that’s so Canadian and they have an awesome 50/50 raffle (that I’ll win next time).

Derek was the Sabres leading scorer through the start of 2010-2011, then suffered a torn quad tendon that sacked his season.  He returned for Game 7 of Round 1, which they lost to Philly.  He’ll be back on the ice in Buffalo this fall.   Roy has been called out in the past as a diver and a whiner (says the Crosby fan in the room), but showed improved maturity in his last full season.  He has 3 years left of a 6-year, $24 million contract.

My exhaustive Google search revealed that Sabre fans say Derek is a really nice guy.  He supports Juvenile Diabetes fundraising and apparently did some really dorky TV law firm commercials that I cannot find.  Oh hockey players and their (complete appalling lack of) acting skills.

This picture is for no reason other than to show he has a friend who likes the Sox.  Must be a good guy. 

Oh NOVI Didn’t – Again!

3 Apr

sexy time

Magic numerical numbers for the Caps this weekend as number 28 tallies number 28 – that’s Sasha Fierce for those not counting. And number 22 for number 22  and that would be Knuble and non-Ruble. We also have career number 400 for number 44 – Sexy Jason Arnott.

And last but not least – Ovi caps the magically numerical night off with a non-numercial goal – number 30 for number 8 but has a magical ass dance to win in OT!

Mr. Cherrie and I were THAT couple in our local Pub – you know the ones – I was wearing my Caps shirt and he was wearing his Ryan Miller jersey. But we live in Seattle so the irony was lost on EVERYONE. Oh well. We had our own kiss cam when each team scored a goal. Or should I say, neither one of us are very good winner/losers! It’s one of the few times we have to agree to disagree. Buffalo is his team. Always has been, always will be.

this sometimes happens when we aren't watching hockey!

I’m talking about the dress. I don’t allow the matching hockey wear! Total fashion DON’T! 😉

Did Someone Say Mike Modano?

28 Feb

he's like campbell's soup .... ummm ummm good!

Holy heavenly bodies & mullets my prayers are answered! The other Mikey is baaaaack! After what I thought might be a career ending injury our resident legendary hottie Mike Modano played Saturday against Buffalo and tonight against another Foxy Friday alumni Double D TBG and as sad as it is to say, Detroit beat the crap out of LA 7-4. TBG only got an assist – but so did our other alumni Foxy Friday Mr. Modano. It was a battle of Foxy Fridays! What an epic throw down. Another ausgezeichnet is in order, ja?! Drink everyone! It feels like Oktoberfest!

I let Dawn down, I hang my head in shame. I'll do better next time.