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Kilroy Was Here

12 Apr

There is no accounting for taste in our household. Traitors abound. Mr. Cherrie is a hard-core Buffalo fan.

 But when I went to consult my bookie, I mean my oracle- the great swami Osiris Jones, man about town and counselor at law, when he’s not picking NHL play-off games for cat treats, much to my horror this is what I found!

Whut can I saz, I heart king henry

When I told him there’d be no more treats for this treacherous betrayal –

But i'm no foo eder

His brothers are much smarter and helped with the sign making for tomorrows big trek across the border. With Doughty getting so much ice time I am sure to get my money’s worth so look for this sign in the sea of blue and green: 

yes mom, I am 12 years old ...and I can make a sign like one too!

I’m hoping to get some exclusive shots for the blog if Mr. Gates doesn’t make me stay after school for extra credit. I am also hoping for another game like last night!

Wow - for me? Awesome .... A hatrick for you then!

 But what I really wanted to know was – who would end up in the Stanley Cup finals? So Swami Osiris Jones drug under the couch cushions, licked his butt a few times and gave me two answers – you decide from reading my posts which one is real and which one is for more cat treats … 

Swami Jones has spoken ... and it shall come to pass that these two hot horses will play each other in the finals ...

or this: 

Pst ...I hear Dawn's picked us for the finals ...
Of course she did, I'm reliable and I always come through even though she's saying it's her 'cat' and she hates Pittsburgh

Two Tickets To Paradise!

9 Apr

ah ... can someone get me into the dressing room for an interview? I have a lot of questions for these guys and they look a little bored.

Hey Jumbo Joe … at least pick on someone your own size…

Giving the West Coast some love and Mr. Cherrie too … for our anniversary – what better way to celebrate than seeing my beloved DDTBG in person! And on one of our favorite day of the year – FRIDAY THE 13th!

Yes, I've used this photo before but finding shirtless photos of Drew is like finding a Unicorn, a rainbow and Ovi with a hat trick this year! Ohhhh did I just say that?!

Look out Vancouver – here we come! Because last years autographed Letang Stanley Cup Puck really can’t be out done unless Mr. Cherrie gets Letang gives me a lap dance!

I don’t know whether to wear my “FEAR THE TWINS” shirt from last year’s play off or my ever green – DREW DOUGHTY shirt? Or I could committ the ultimate jersey foul – cut them apart and frankenstein them! Switch them out too! Brilliant I say!

complete jersey foul if I stich these together!

(I guess that depends on who wins in the end …) I learned my lesson at the 2010 Olympics! :0

These are tough and important decisions because I don’t want to be the Hulk Hogan dude that got razzed by Hartnell at the Pens game.

Either way ladies, it’s play-off time and this girl has a new outfit in the making. And you won’t believe your eyes! After being the highest googled Ovi sweat pants peep – my goal is to be the highest google Sex-hair gal.

I need a sign ... but not from god.

I will also need a sign. I found this one but it’s just not me. So I have very little time to come up with something for both sides that I can flip. Because while I am completely there for DDTBG, let’s not forget that Mr. Edler will be in the house. MEOW!

What? Dawn's coming? HERE?! Shut the Front Door!

Let the play offs begin … Can’t wait to see Drew’s play off thingy …can’t call it a beard.

We need a hero... to save us from all those things growing on our hockey heroes!