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Our Post on Puck Daddy – NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Alternate Captains

17 May

The letter “A” is awarded only to the best. Students with the highest scores. Products with the best quality. Restaurants with the cleanest kitchens. We all know Alvin didn’t lead The Chimpmunks just because he had the best dance moves. The very presence of an “A” denotes greatness.

We love (OK, worship) our NHL team captains. But in life, it’s rare that a “C” should outrank an “A.”

To keep the status quo, this week we salute one NHL alternate captain from each remaining playoff team. These men are first in our books — leading by example on and off the ice, above and below the chinstrap.

Here are our top marks for how “A” beard should look.

Check out the rest [HERE]

Matt Greene’s bears. So blond, it glows.

Staal Wedding Weekend

16 Aug

We hacked the Bauer Hockey Facebook page today and posted nothing but pictures of the Staals.  Oh wait, that wasn’t us?  Someone else did this?  BRAVO.  And woah.

You can see all the photos here.  But you can’t handle it. (Oh wait, that’s us.)

Ginger Staal got married over the weekend, hence the festivities.  The Staal Bros are going fast, ladies. 

From TheDManProject

Someone should find us a larger version of this photo, because it is PERFECT.  Beautiful.  Doesn’t it make you wanna get married?  Congratulations to the lucky couple, even if he plays for the Rangers!

Growing Up In Thunder Bay.

14 Apr

Earlier, one of our readers suggested a reality show of the Staals growing up in Thunder Bay and I found some toddler video of them as youngsters!

You can totally see Jordan in the middle taking control and slapping Eric and Marc around. But they hold their own for a bit and Marc totally comes back for more after being dropped a few times! He’s got scrapper written all over him!

The others are too young to get involved or too scared of Jordan to get their butts bitten! Am I missing any?

What Hurts the Most

16 Nov

… is being sooooooooo cloooooooooooose… ugh, I hate the guy from Rascall Flatts’ voice but there is no other way to describe Pittsburgh’s loss to the Rangers last night.  Unless you’re Mr. Pants and (just to be an ass) you’re suddenly a Rangers fan who wants a vintage jersey.  Shut up or you’re paying for the wedding.

It was 1-0 Rangers with just 2:31 remaining in regulation when Chris Kunitz scored.  Kris Letang leaped on him like a lizard – it was adorable.  1-1 tie, whooping in my living room.


38 seconds later, Matt Cooke scored to make it 2-1 Penguins with under two minutes to go.  Pants pandemonium. Lundqvist broke his stick over the crossbar, then took a penalty for chucking it down the ice.  Not very Swedish. (The call was “unsportsmanlike conduct” and Avery served it.  Irony?)

If you can't duct it, chuck it.

So the Rangers were shorthanded, but had 5 skaters because they pulled the goalie.  And then he struck:  Ginger Staal.  Marc Staal scored a shorty with 26 seconds on the clock and sent the game to overtime.  You are dropping to be my 4th favorite Staal behind your little brother Jared who I’ve never even seen.  Maybe behind your mom.

That's it, 5th place for you MStaaaaaaaal.

Ryan Callahan completed his Gordie How hat trick with an absolutely indefensible goal and the Rangers won.  Poor Flower.  The Pens were really strong the whole game, with a total of 39 shots on goal, but couldn’t squeak it by.  UGH.  And Callahan’s goal was a killer.

Nothing you can do here.

You can watch the high/lowlight reel here.  It’s pretty painful unless you’re NYR Fan Stephanie Marino.  Steph and I are going to see Penguins @ Rangers on 11/29 during our East Coast Swing, and I shall have my revenge.  On my watch, no one gets to make Flower look this sad.

Don't worry, MAF, we'll get it back.

In today’s top stories…

16 Sep

Here at WUYS, we delight in carrying the banner for you.  While wearing short pants and jaunty caps, perhaps with a choreographed dance routine (remixed to Lady Gaga?)  From the Morning News Desk:  T-minus 3 weeks until the season starts!

1) Penguin’s forward Jordan Staal will miss the start of the regular season after another surgery to clear up the infection in his foot. Listen Gronk, get back in the lineup by November 5 because I am not flying to Anaheim just to look at Crosby.  I paid a whole 5,000 Virgin America miles for this 1-hour trip, so I’m really doing my part.  Meet me halfway.  (Just in case you’re not better, I do have an extra ticket.  Because sitting in the box is boring.)

2) Rumors abound that Brian Gionta will be named Montreal Canadiens captain during training camp.  All together now: “BOOOOOOO.”  Even being from Upstate NY is not enough to make up for going to Boston College.

3) My 3rd favorite Staal, Marc, got a 5 year contract with the Rangers.  More on why this is important (to me) later.

4)  Phoenix’s Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette debuted his Asian Reference Roulette on Twitter.  He took a Korean girl on a date, then made a sushi comment and a won ton joke.  I bet his favorite part of Rush Hour 3 is when Chris Tucker tells Jackie Chan, “All y’all look alike!”  The only thing better than his Tourette Syndrome is his spelling – he reported that no “wahn tahn panty soup” was made.  Then he posted the girl’s Twitter and asked everyone to follow her, but make no Asian jokes.  This guy is GOLD.

5) Finally, Ovechkin took the ice for the first time with the Caps this season, then talked about it.  Basically he partied every night, all summer, and still plans to dominate the NHL with a single massive paw.  If you’re lucky, you get the Caps Convention promo with Varlamov cackling at the start of the video.  Over to you, Dawn.

BONUS) Mike Green video! I haven’t watched it yet – but he’s wearing a gold chain.  What’s NOT to like about this guy?!

More notes: Ottawa will host the 2012 All-Star Game, Bobby Ryan got a 5-year deal with the Ducks, San Jose Sharks pre-sale tickets available today (code: TWSHK).