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Two for the Road

8 Apr

We don’t watch as much Western Conference hockey as we’d like – it’s past our bedtimes.  For those who do, and whose teams ended their 2011-2012 seasons last night, this one’s for you.

The Dallas Stars finished in 9th place last year too.  Frustrated but the hopeful.  The ultimate hockey fan emotions.

Flames fans are a tough bunch, just ask Lindsay.  You can’t ever get tickets, and they haven’t made the playoffs in three years.  That’s dedication.  Do the damned Canucks have to be first *every* year?!

The Avalanche have a few up-and-comers among our favorite players to watch.  They had some rich years, and we think they’re coming back.  More Landeskoging, please.

I once figured that based on all the consecutive sellouts the Wild had, including pre-season games, that you could put a second NHL franchise in their parking lot and it would see more tickets than the Coyotes every night.  We are beyond impressed.

Anaheim.  I don’t know what the hell happened there, but this team should be tearing it up.  I’d like to see them give this top notch cast another season – Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf if he can find his mojo.  And Teemu, please play forever.

The Oilers are rebuilding away.  With Eberle, Hall and Nugent-Hopkins clicking and a strong team behind them, it’ll be watch out world.

Columbus, don’t give up.  We know it hurts with Nash and that the wait has been long.  We hope a new chapter is starting.  Oh, and we’re coming to visit for the All-Star Game.

So long to the favorites who finished – play some golf, get healthy and come back hungry.  Now,on to those still left.

ALL the Bubble Wrap!

1 Mar

Kris Letang took a hit to the head last night and left the Pens game in the first with an “upper body injury.”

Immediately, commentators began fighting.  Some say Letang put himself in a vulnerable position.  Others are calling for Eric Nystrom’s suspension.  EJ Hradek of NHL Network says:

ESPN’s (former Foxy Friday) John Buccigross disagrees:

By far the best was Milbury and Jeremy Roenick about to take off their earrings and start slapping each other.  (Props to Milbury – WHAT?!?!? I know. – for recommending Bylsma tell Pierre to “take off, eh?” for being a tool.)  See the video at Deadspin.com [link].

Disco Dan says Kris is “day-to-day” at this point.  After the non-committal injury descriptions in hockey, I think DTD is my favorite un-phrase.

As you know (because you counted the days till he was back), Letang missed nearly two months this season after suffering a concussion on November 26.  The hit earned Montreal’s Max Paccioretty a 3-game ban, even though the Pens cleared Letang and he returned to play.  Almost a week of continuing symptoms later, Kris was finally diagnosed with a concussion.

Gratuitous hair photo.

Since returning to the ice, Kris has been the same BAMF that earned him the most write-in votes of any NHL’er for the 2011 All-Star Game and a spot on that starting lineup.  He has 9G/22A on the year, and is credited with raising the game of his d-partner Paul Martin (who is not James Neal’s girlfriend).

Gratuitous perfection photo.

The NHL has not announced if Nystrom will have a hearing.  So what’s your verdict?  Shanabanned or no?  Maybe the NHL could introduce a new system of punishment here – using the fans.  If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, you should see how she reacts when you take away her Letang.

Foxy Friday: Modano Retires

23 Sep

The Dallas Stars signed Mike Modano to a one day contract so he could retire as a member of the team he played with for 20 seasons.  CLASS ACT.

Modano will officially announce at 2 PM ET today and you can watch it live on NHL.com.  NHL Network will premiere “Mike Modano: American Icon,” a look back at his career, this Saturday at 6 PM ET.  We hope there’s a clip of his cameo in The Mighty Ducks.


From CSNChicago.com:  [Modano’s] 561 goals and 813 assists are records for a U.S.-born player and put him among the NHL’s best.  Patrick Kane needs 459 more goals and 614 more assists to pass Mike Modano as the leader in each category for American-born players. [link]

Throw Away the Key

5 Aug

So Sean Avery is a moron.  In other news, water is wet.

Avery was arrested early this morning for shoving a Hollywood, CA police office who was responding to a noise complaint about a loud party at Avery’s house [link, and yes I picked the TMZ one on purpose].  He must have had The Hangover turned up all the way because we can’t imagine anyone hanging out with this prize.  He was taken to jail and bail set at $20,000.

John Buccigross, the most effective fact-tweeter in the business, pointed out that Dallas still pays half of Sean Avery’s salary. They’re paying $950,000 a year to keep him away.  Can they get a portion of his bail, like an economic stimulus package?

It’s a shame, really, because we applaud Sean Avery’s efforts on behalf of legalizing gay marriage in NY.  It actually made us like him for a minute.  But supporting a good cause has not shaken the stupid out of him.  Being an NHL instigator and being a moron are not the same thing.  NY1 News Video here.

Tiger Blood And Adonis DNA.

13 Mar

Derpy needs a drink after this game!

Best. Sunday. Ever. All my boys played and did well today! The Caps are ‘Winning’ and not like Charlie Sheen. They gave the smack down to Derp face and Charlie’s true other brother Kaner Sunday to make it eight straight! But not without some cardiac arrest allowing Derpy to score with like 40 seconds left to send the damn thing into OT and Moe and Poe scattering and puffed like Armageddon was coming! But this is the new Caps with Tiger blood and Adonis DNA! Knuble came back with a beauty, not slop, and closed the door on the Stanley cup winners. And let me tell you, Derpy doesn’t get any Derpier. Derp.

Knuble finesses this one in. Masterfully.

And what a weekend for TBG. Saturday he gets his beautiful face shoved in the stations ala Max P. but thank god he was OK. Then he has a beauty of a goal against Dallas to help the Kings win a knuckle biter against their division rivals that went down to the wire too! Dallas ties it with less than 40 seconds to go and the Kings come back with a grinder that Handzus smacks in seconds later. Two points and that puts LA in fourth. Being the eternal optimist, I’m hoping they can stay in play-off contention.

Oh and Pittsburg played. They won. But what was really important, Letang played. Three games: Ovi, TBG and Letang; a trifecta of hockey gods. Sleep well my friends. I will. 😉

The Headline’s Hot

21 Feb

The long weekend is over, it’s back to work and you know what I feel like?  Chuck loves it too:

I tried to watch the Heritage Classic, but I couldn’t focus my eyes on the bizarre non-color of the Flames shorts.  Is that taupe?  Nude, maybe?  If you’re going to commit to sweaters and socks that look like McDonald’s prison uniforms, just go all the way.

I made your sweater, Stripey!

That awkward moment when the Penguins acquire the guy Sidney Crosby beat up.  The Penguins traded Alex Gologoski to Dallas for James Neal and Matt Niskanen.  Could Neal be the elusive high-percentage winger for Crosby?  What do you think Crosby and Niskanen are going to talk about?

The Coyotes have won 7 games in a row and they’re pissed the Devils have won 7 games in a row too.  Way to steal our thunder, guys.  NJ is 10 points out with 23 games left to play.  Mike Millbury and his pink tie think the Devs are a playoff contender.  What do you think?  [Haha, right now the Devils website is down.  Guess their IT team wasn’t expecting any wins either.]

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Tuesday’s Games to Watch: The Canes can tie the Rangers for 7th in the East with a win; Columbus tries to keep pace with the race against Nashville; Dallas looks to avoid a 5-game skid against those Devils.

Everybody into the pool!

19 Sep

Training camps opened Friday and over the weekend a lot of people (who weren’t me) got to see some pre-season hockey.  It looks like the Blackhawks had the most fun, as the Champs should, by hosting their annual Training Camp Festival including… wait for it… a rollerblading race!  Mr. Pants is very jealous because he thinks he’s French and it’s 1994.

Easier than ice skating?

The Penguins unveiled some prospective line combinations, including Evgeni Malkin at right wing next to Mr. Hillary Duff, with Eric Tangradi on the left.  It was also announced that Malkin will be talking more with the media this season, and in this video his English has improved a ton.  He even smiles, instead of looking vaguely terrified.  Of course, it means he’ll have to answer questions if his productivity does pickup stat.  (Helpful hint: Don’t Google Malkin.  There’s a photo of him tongue-kissing some girl that no one should ever have to see.)

Geno on the mic.

The Canucks, who still don’t have a captain, presented an episode of WUYS’s favorite show: I Should Have Been a Trainer.

Drop and give us...

The Phoenix Coyotes took two pages from a politician’s handbook – they hosted a Town Hall-style meeting and they said nothing.  According to their COO, a potential new owner is sniffing around with “money on the table” to keep the team in AZ.  So say we all.  Thanks for the Coyotes for the best countdown clock in the league.

Tik tok, on the clock, DJ turn this party up tonight...

Kari Lehtonen debuted the coolest goalie mask in the history of timethe Chuck Norris edition.  Mr. Pants agrees.

Insert 'Walker, Texas Ranger' joke here.

In other clips from camps:

  • Lightning coach Guy Boucher’s scar is still really scary, like the one Mark Hamill is covering with that beard in Empire Strikes Back.
  • The Islanders have a mascot (I did not know this).  What the eff does Sparky the Dragon have to do with Long Island?
  • Hollywood loves the St. Louis Blues – John Hamm talked about his team during The Town junket and in the trailer for Life as We Know It, Josh Duhamel is wearing a Blues hat.
  • The Canadiens are looking for an host for their live in-game promotions.  Too bad all the French I can remember is the “Je Suis un Pizza” song and how to say [CENSORED] in case I ever meet Max Talbot.