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Rumors, Whispers and Innuendos.

17 Jan

So the rumor mill has cranked back up again and supposedly Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff are back on the auction block even though, like a fat chick loves cup cakes – well let’s be honest we ALL LOVE those sweet delicious treats, Calgary keeps saying “No, No. No.” But media speculation is high as the trade deadline nears and those in the know say all the other tweaks that Calgary has tried hasn’t worked, it’s cut bait time. The only thing left for Calgary to do is auction their biggest assets off to the highest bidders while they are still hot and rebuild.

class and hotness= love!

I have totes mixed feelings about this as Calgary has been my ‘other’ boyfriend for many years. And Nomie and Kippy are my boys. While I’d hate to see them leave, if they stay, they’ll never see Lord Stanley – and I mean Stanley cup, not STAN LEE. One rumor that persists is Nomie going to the LA Kings and I think we all know how I’d feel about THAT! Anyone for a ‘Touched by God’ and Nomie sandwich? I’d take 10 please!

As for Kippy-Pants, in my world, it all goes back to the Caps. I hope to all that is holy in Hockey, Teddy-boy is burning up the phone lines to Calgary. If Kippy is available, he’s PERFECT because THEY NEED A GOALIE. Sorry Neuvy sweetie – but you would sky-rocket if Kippy was your mentor. Then I would wish Varly on the Penguins! HA! No, I heart Fleury too much. He could go to Vancouver or back to the KHL. I really don’t care.

So we shall see if Calgary is going to make a big move. Because Iginla and  Kiprusoff both have no-trade clauses but once you waive it, it’s gone and the next team is free to trade you off if you don’t produce. Totes suckiness. So they’d have to agree and both have publicly stated they are not moving but the PTB say this is just to deflect the constant press pressure. Only time will tell.

Pst ... Dawn wants you in Washington to Win a Cup!

Lastly, a Sidney Crosby update – JUST FOR PANTS. According the Hot Stove on HNIC Saturday, they talked to Sid’s manager because the Pens weren’t talking ‘aboot’ his status. He is STILL day to day because he’s not good. He wakes up fuzzy, he’s clear for 5-6 hours and then crashes. NOT GOOD. Sorry Sid. We hope you get better – from everyone here at WUYS.


my head still hurts ... where am I?



NBC Executives Ride Short Buses To Work

1 Jan

Watching the AWESOME Winter Classic and Fabulous Washington Capital’s 3-1 Win over the Pens holding whining Slew-Foot Sid pointless MADE MY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2011! But the bizarre camera angles and annoying comentary from NBC made me wish my fellow WUYS tweeters had access to the CBC feed. Because Mr. Cherrie and I would have rather watched our lovely Canadian’s coverage who grudgingly moved around their beloved HNIC schedule to accommodate the time change of the WC game. Only Toronto and Ontario got their game feed uninterrupted because it was “The Battle of Ontario.” Everyone else in Canada got to watch the WC.

But this is NOT about the Winter Classic. This is about a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT made during the Winter Classic. NBC announced HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA. Now, I don’t want to split hairs here or get all semantic in your jockstrap BUT there are several things wrong with this announcement.

NBC programming executive for HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA

First off, they stole this whole program from CANADA. I’d be the first person to congratulate them on creating such a thing but they didn’t. CANADA DID. It’s originally called HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA where ALL THE CANADIAN TEAMS IN CANADA PLAY EACH OTHER. It’s truly awesome and it’s HOCKEY ALL DAY! And you WATCH EACH GAME and it starts at the ass crack of dawn and goes to like midnight. Remember this point.

Secondly, HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA would technically include Canada and Mexico (South America if I REALLY want to go there). Last time I checked Mexico didn’t have  hockey teams nor do they play hockey on a regular basis. I am not trying to be all PC but if you are stealing something, at least let’s not encompass EVERYTHING! It should be called HOCKEY DAY IN THE U.S.

NBC executives might want to reference this

Next up – NBC will have four games that day with TWO starting at 3PM Eastern: Washington VS. Buffalo and Philadelphia VS. NY Rangers. Riddle me this Batman … How is this helpful to Hockey fans?  Who programmed this? How is this HOCKEY DAY …? Did NBC figure out how to split the space-time continuum? Are they THAT AWESOME? Oh but it gets better or more, OK, I’m going totally un-PC  – full on retarded – Pittsburgh VS. Chicago starts at 4 PM Eastern and THEN Detroit VS. Minnesota at 6 PM Eastern. Will someone explain to me how to watch all of these games?

The Coup-de Grassi in all of  this … not only are they stealing Hockey Day in Canada but they are putting Hockey Day in America against Canada’s Heritage Classic; THEIR version of the outdoor WINTER CLASSIC (which we stole). Wait for it …. ON VERSUS which NBC OWNS! What’s a hockey fan to do? And oh how rude to Canada …!

Holy Sparkly Flying Dancing Unicorn Out My Butt! Does NBC have no Shame? Don’t answer that. While I am normally the first to criticize Canada because I do not quite feel the same why about our neighbor to the north as Pants and Chuck, visiting as often as I do, this is simply unacceptable. It is poorly conceived and makes no sense. It’s bad for Hockey and not a good PR move for the NHL. Why not tie in WITH HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA … oh wait, THAT would make sense.


But that’s just me.

Darryl Sutter steps down

28 Dec

Darryl Sutter has resigned his post as GM of the Calgary Flames amid the tougher-than-usual season they are having.  Their current record of 16-18-3 ranks them 14th of 15 teams in the Western Conference.  They’ve scored more goals (100) than the 6 teams above them in points, and their goals-against is just 6.7 above the conference average.  But they just aren’t putting the wins together.

Sutter has been the Flames GM since ’03 and was also their coach from ’03-’06. His brother Brent stays on as the Flames head coach, for now.

You can read something nice about this or something not-so-nice about this.  The Flames are a mess and their fans are pissed – two sides to every story.

Battle of Alberta: Round 1

27 Oct

The Calgary Flames visited the Edmonton Oilers last night.  Of course they hate each other, so it’s like putting your ex-boyfriend in a room with your older brother and letting them duke it out.  The game was both a total mess and really fun to watch. Highlight of the Game: Alex Tanguay’s game-winning shootout goal! LOBSTER!  I thought a photo recap would be fun.

It was Mikka Kipprusoff’s 34th birthday and the Flames were up 4-1 in the second period.  There was a lot of this:


And a lot of this, just because.  6 fighting majors were doled out during the game, along with an instigator penalty and 2 roughing minors.

Your momma’s so fat…

Then Kipper started thinking about the sieve-shaped birthday cake Dawn was baking for him and gave up 3 goals in 10 minutes, resulting in a lot of this:

Lobster on the right, paying the price.

So we went to overtime, then to a shootout.  And this happened:

High score? What does that mean? Did I break it?

Ultimately the end result was:

Iginla's bet is paying off.

Both goaltenders were a mess – from standing on their hands to dropping their pants on alternating shifts.  There was a fight every 5 minutes, and twice they had to stop going to commercial because a dust-up broke out after the whistle.  One fight the cameraman couldn’t find till it was almost over.

The moral of the story is Alex Tanguay is playing great and I still don’t have him back on my fantasy team.  But I do believe in him, especially if he keeps making rink-wide slot passes like he did for Bouwmeester’s goal last night.  PS: Excellent last name. Almost as many useless letters as Antero Niittymaki.

Photos: Calgary Sun

Newsies: Ring My Bell

22 Oct

Update: Vancouver Canucks’ Rick Rypien has been suspended 6 games for his attack on a fan in Minnesota.

Please watch this video of George Parros fighting with Jody Shelley.  Yes they fight all the time, mustache vs. girls’ name, but listen to the background noise at 0:12 – is that the sound of a boxing bell?  It’s playing in the arena, right?  OMG, it’s the first and only thing I’ve ever loved about the Flyers.

Let's get ready to...

I can’t get past the Flyers’ jersey nameplates.  It looks like something a soccer mom made with medical tape from the AAA first aid kit in her minivan.

Marc-Andre Fleury was back in goal for the Pens last night vs. Nashville, and had a very close call in OT.  The puck went over his shoulder and bounced around at the goal line before Pascal Dupuis cleared it with a diving save.  Whew! Flower looked okay, not great, and you know Brent Johnson’s on the bench licking his chops. Love ya, Johnny but I still believe in Flower Power.

Yes, that's the doorstep.

Fifteen seconds later, Kris Letang buried a beauty of a slapshot for the winner.  He scored the same goal on Monday vs. Ottawa.  Also, Letang’s misconduct penalty for the 10/15 hit to Isles’ Comeau was rescinded because I said so.  Way to go, Team Tanger!

Johan Franzen said “In your face!” to last Fridays’ foxy Mikka Kipprusoff – and he meant it.  Franzen banked the puck off Kipper’s mask for the game-winning goal last night in Detroit.  If hockey doesn’t work out he could always get a job in Vegas playing trick-shot billiards.


The Coyotes’ Lee Stempniak scored a hat trick in Phoenix, where they downed the Kings 4-2.  Only 6,706 attended the game.  The one and only BizNasty had this to say on Twitter: “Guess we actually had more then 5000 fans for our game. Didn’t realize it was dress like a seat night. Close to a sell out.”  It looked like this (AZ Republic):

If the goal light goes on and there's no one to see it...

The latest in Phoenix’s financial despair is best distilled at Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy, but frankly the whole thing is too depressing to read.  They need an NHL-assisted suicide. Let’s just decide where they should move to already – suggestions?  Re-open franchises in Quebec City or Winnipeg?  (This guy wants it.)  Think of it this way – the Minnesota Wild had their first ever non-sell out in team history for an exhibition game on 9/23.  That’s right, they sell out EVERY GAME, including 27 home pre-season games leading to this one.  You could put a new team in the Wild’s parking lot and consistently sell more tickets than Phoenix.  So what are the other options?  Milwaukee?  Seattle (Dawn!)?

Lobster Watch

19 Oct

This post was alternately called “I am a Jerk,” because I am.  You may recall in September I posted a little prayer for Alex Tanguay to succeed in Calgary, because he is my lobster.  Well, someone was listening.

That's even lobster read.

Alex got 2 goals and an assist on Sunday night vs Edmonton.

I was at Jimmy Buffett, but Dawn and I watched the game rerun.  It brought me great joy for Alex and Score: A Hockey Musical was discovered.  Here’s the longest AT interview I have ever seen.  So cute, so French!

“Alex Tanguay was a trending topic on Twitter Canada.” [read story]

Back on Sept 21 I tried to start #AlexTanguay.  I did that!  You know how well it worked.  Also, Canada has it’s own Twitter? What the what? I need to transfer over immediately (I use Yahoo Canada b/c I am crazy) and perhaps my Tweets will make sense to more than the 125 spambots who follow me.

I dropped Alex from my Fantasy Team on Sunday morning.

That’s the real truth, ye of little faith!  I waived Alex for someone who sure as heck didn’t earn 11 points that night.  This is what happens when you cheat folks; Carrie Underwood takes a Louisville Slugger to both headlights.  He hadn’t notched a point in days and I am a cold-hearted faith-failing traitor.  Sorry Alex, you showed me.

So now, do I put him back on my Fantasy Team?  There’s no right move.  It’s still very early and I’m emptying my wallet into the wishing well in hopes that this is just the beginning of a comeback season for Alex.  But am I willing to bet on it again?  Iginla says Alex gets 70-80 points this year.  Does it matter when my FTeam is so bad anyway?  I’m torn, and either way I’m still a jerk.

He might be Iggy's lobster too. I can share.

Livin’ on a Prayer

21 Sep

I’m sending this one up: Alex Tanguay.  Please, please do well.

Alex Tanguay, as Phoebe from Friends would say, is my lobster.  He was my favorite player for a long time – back before I had to preface it with “totally random” because he fell off the radar, the map and just about every roster in the League.  But now, he’s back.  I’m feeling it.

Sitting, waiting, wishing.

Alex was drafted 12th overall in ’98 and played6 effing awesome seasons in Colorado, scoring as many as 79 points and winning the Cup in 2001.  He went to Calgary in ’06, rocked out one 85-point season and then dropped to (a totally respectable) 62 points the next year.  Alex waived his no-trade clause in ’08 – in hindsight a TERRIBLE idea – and was dealt to Montreal.  A shoulder injury and unimpressive season later, he went to Tampa Bay where last season was plagued by dismal production and lingering injuries.

"I miss Foppa."

So what was Calgary thinking taking Alex back?  They gave him a 1-year, $1.7 million deal and everyone flipped their toque about it.  The pressure is on.  If Alex can get back into the swing alongisde Jarome Iginla and Olli Jokinien, they’ll be calling this the steal of the century.  In the Flames first intrasquad game, Alex got a goal and two assists – that’s a point for every goal of that game.  Alex is a passer.  He can score (career high 33 goals in ’01, all the way to the Cup), but he been the setup man for some ridiculous goal scorers, like Peter Forsberg and Milan Hejduk.  Just typing their names in the same sentence gives me goosebumps!  Not to mention Iginla, a 50-goal scorer who definitely has it in him to repeat.

I feel like I grew up with Alex, who is now married with a daughter.  I once had a custom-made shirt that just said TANGUAY on the front and a battle royale with my mom when she lost it in the laundry.  My old Jetta had an Avs sticker on the bumper and my dad and I drove from LA to Colorado so we could go to a game, then Alex was injured and the Avs lost like 25-2.  That same car broke down on the way to see the Flames @ Sharks in ’07,  I’m really trying here, people!

So I’m going to reach out there and lay it down:  Alex Tanguay is back.  Alex Tanguay can produce.  He can stop breaking my heart by looking so sad in a Lightning uniform and start being happy enough to get caught on camera singing to David Cassidy: