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A Moment Of Silence-Please

9 Sep

My bat phone rang last night and no it wasn’t Kris Letang calling me to sing me to sleep – or whisper sweet French nothings as I drift off and dream of Ovi finally returning to Pre-2005 form.

A girl has her limits …Ovi!

Did that really happen?

Did that really happen?

I thought it would be just a bad dream. But no. It really did happen.

Yes, Dawn, I retired. I'm sorry.

Yes, Dawn, I retired. I’m sorry.

A moment of silence please as I morn the retirement of Miikka Kiprusoff. I’ve already made him the exalted and honored Foxy Friday. Everyone knows I love goalies. I’ve already said all there is to say about this God of Net-minders; this Wall of determination who could literally make the puck turn away from his net by sheer mental fortitude.

But I will smile for you once, ok maybe twice.

But I will smile for you once, ok maybe twice.



Calgary – that was the last nail your coffin dudes. You don’t miss someone like Kiprusoff. You morn the loss because there are few and far between goalie talents like him.

I bang my stick and thank you Kippy for the years of hard work and dedication you gave to the sport, to your teammates and Calgary without worrying about jumping ship to win a cup.

Enjoy these highlights. There won’t be anymore.

Foxy Friday: Pekka Rinne!

29 Apr

nom nom nom ... tasty goalie treat.

So I took my own advice and found a new friend! Not that I’m jumping ship on the Caps – but everyone here knows- I HEART GOALIES! And what’s not to love about this other Finnish snack PEKKA RINNE! I can now have a Miikka Kiprusoff-PekkaRinne sammy with a Cherrie in the middle! And that’s a lotta a goalie!

He can ROCK a suit. A must for a FOXY FRIDAY dude. Check.

I just love saying his name … PEKKA RINNE! say it with me: PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE!

For a long time I had to ask Mr. Cherrie, “Did I just hear them call him pecker?” or “Did they just call him a pecker? Because that’s mean.” and Mr. Cherrie would have to remind me that his nickname is Peks. Not Becks. That is another tasty sports treat.

Intimidation. Check. Luongo. In your head yet? I think so. You can't do this!

So this week’s Foxy Friday is a whopping 6’5″ and 205 lbs. That’s a whole lotta Fin. He was drafted 258th over all. Not a catch initially but a diamond in the rough and what a diamond! He’s SO AWESOME? HOW AWESOME IS HE DAWN? He’s so awesome EVEN HIS STICK CAN MAKE SAVES!

He is up for the Vezina Trophy this year and is leading Nashville to their first Stanley Cup Play -Off!

He's out-doorsy too! Can you club it in the head and cook it too?

So here’s to my new Foxy Friday Friend, PEKKA RINNE and I hope he goes far, but not too far. Just enough. He can win the Vezina and give Luongo a good spanking. That would make Dawn a happy girl.

Rumors, Whispers and Innuendos.

17 Jan

So the rumor mill has cranked back up again and supposedly Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff are back on the auction block even though, like a fat chick loves cup cakes – well let’s be honest we ALL LOVE those sweet delicious treats, Calgary keeps saying “No, No. No.” But media speculation is high as the trade deadline nears and those in the know say all the other tweaks that Calgary has tried hasn’t worked, it’s cut bait time. The only thing left for Calgary to do is auction their biggest assets off to the highest bidders while they are still hot and rebuild.

class and hotness= love!

I have totes mixed feelings about this as Calgary has been my ‘other’ boyfriend for many years. And Nomie and Kippy are my boys. While I’d hate to see them leave, if they stay, they’ll never see Lord Stanley – and I mean Stanley cup, not STAN LEE. One rumor that persists is Nomie going to the LA Kings and I think we all know how I’d feel about THAT! Anyone for a ‘Touched by God’ and Nomie sandwich? I’d take 10 please!

As for Kippy-Pants, in my world, it all goes back to the Caps. I hope to all that is holy in Hockey, Teddy-boy is burning up the phone lines to Calgary. If Kippy is available, he’s PERFECT because THEY NEED A GOALIE. Sorry Neuvy sweetie – but you would sky-rocket if Kippy was your mentor. Then I would wish Varly on the Penguins! HA! No, I heart Fleury too much. He could go to Vancouver or back to the KHL. I really don’t care.

So we shall see if Calgary is going to make a big move. Because Iginla and  Kiprusoff both have no-trade clauses but once you waive it, it’s gone and the next team is free to trade you off if you don’t produce. Totes suckiness. So they’d have to agree and both have publicly stated they are not moving but the PTB say this is just to deflect the constant press pressure. Only time will tell.

Pst ... Dawn wants you in Washington to Win a Cup!

Lastly, a Sidney Crosby update – JUST FOR PANTS. According the Hot Stove on HNIC Saturday, they talked to Sid’s manager because the Pens weren’t talking ‘aboot’ his status. He is STILL day to day because he’s not good. He wakes up fuzzy, he’s clear for 5-6 hours and then crashes. NOT GOOD. Sorry Sid. We hope you get better – from everyone here at WUYS.


my head still hurts ... where am I?



I Have a Question

23 Oct

Yes, I’m going THERE …AGAIN.  Here is a direct quote from for NHL guidelines with regards to player contact with fans.

Following is an excerpt from the section that addressed “Contact with Fans”:

“Under no circumstances are Club personnel — either players or non-players — permitted to have physical contact with fans, or enter, or attempt to enter the stands. Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane, Club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate, seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena.

“Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel (management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water, will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form of a suspension.  The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.”

Now, Pants knows from various off-line chats we have, well, let’s just say I an active imagination and maybe some NSFW comments. But what if say Pants, or Chuck or I, were to lure one of our favorite players away before, during or after a game but still on-site would they still be fined for contact with a fan? Does this cover that kind of contact? What if it’s consensual? Because if I got that close to Ovi,  Miika, Brodeur or Fedorov, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this: