Lobster Night!

25 Jun

YAY!  LOBSTER!  File this one under “No One Cares But Pants” if you must, but Calgary has signed Alex Tanguay to a 5-year contract.

Tanguay and the Flames have agreed to a five-year extension that will pay the offensively-gifted forward $17.5 million. [Article at NHL.com]

Alex and I go way back to when Crosby and Toews were learning multiplication tables.  Seriously, Stamkos was 11 when Tanguay won the Cup with Colorado. This goal…

And so Alex is my lobster.  He had a few tough seasons, but Iginla and I both love him.  Now he’ll get to keep contributing while the Flames try to figure out how not to be so terribly streaky and maybe make the playoffs.  There was quite the outcry when Calgary brought him back last season at $1.75 million, then he had 69 points.  He so deserves this and I’m thrilled to see him stay.


One Response to “Lobster Night!”

  1. Jaime June 25, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    I hate Tanguay.
    I hate the Flames.

    I also hate Iginla. Unless he’s playing for Team Canada. Then he’s tolerable. Unlike Luongo.

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