Sidney Crosby, We Love You.

7 Sep

Sidney Crosby is going to be okay.  He’ll play again.  We don’t know when.

Just seeing him made us feel so much better about the world.  Plus, this press conference is 100 times more informative than Bettman’s concussion speech at the All-Star Game.  They are hopeful but not blindly so, and confident.

A CBC reporter pointed out there is a chance that Sid could possibly never play in the NHL again.  I threw a shoe, but it missed since I’m 5 hours away.  Sid withered him with a laser glare and said, “Don’t bet on it.”

Damn. SWAG.

One of the doctors used the phrase “the cows are back in the barn.”  I trust these people and I want to hug them all.  Sid might get two hugs.

It’s also nice to see Sid actually saying something.  Nothing groundbreaking, but the robot autopilot is off today.  He usually recites the things Crash taught Nuke in Bull Durham, but today he’s moved toward the back of the bus.  He spoke about contact and regulating it in the game: “Guys have to be responsible with their sticks, why shouldn’t they be responsible with the rest of their bodies?”

And the money shot: Sid says it’s likely he’ll play this season.  AMEN.  Look at these two.  They get shit done.  You could make this a stained glass window and hang it in a church.  Now that you’ve stopped listening and are just admiring the gun show, you can make these plans.

We’ll see you around Sid, and we hope it’s soon.



One of the doctor’s used the phrase “the cows are back in the barn.”never play in the NHL again.  Sid replied, “Don’t bet on it.”


3 Responses to “Sidney Crosby, We Love You.”

  1. Amanda September 7, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Definitely nice to see Sid again, and that smile.
    I still want to deck the guy who proposed the possibility of retirement. I hope he got fired.
    I think Sidney Crosby Pray Circle should still continue. When are meetings? 😛
    I hope Pants isn’t hugging the toilet anymore.
    Love you guys!

  2. Anonymous September 7, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    Everything you said is exactly how I feel. ❤

  3. Shi September 8, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    I was happy to see him, happy that he isn’t wasting away in come Canadian brain bunker somewhere, happy that progress has been made and we’ll be seeing him out there again soon.

    True story, right when the video feed started, my computer started buffering, freezing Sid in a full body profile shot. And I thought to myself, *sigh* at least his butt wasn’t affected by the injury.

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