Foxy Friday

10 Sep

Welcome to our new feature, Foxy Friday!

Every week, we’ll each choose one hockey player (NHLer or College) who embodies what we feel is the essence, the spirit, nah the quiddity of Foxy Friday – to be smokin’ hot and a wikked good hockey player.

Sure there are other “foxy” criteria that we could consider, like that they build homes for orphaned puppies in the off-season, but we are going to be totally superficial and just go with the two most important ones – blazing, incandescent attractiveness and Harry Potter-like magic skills with a hockey stick.

Chuck’s Pick: Matt Gilroy, New York Rangers

Former BU Terrier.  NCAA Champion.  Hobey Baker Winner.   Stone Cold Fox.

Uh, Hello.

In your eyes...the light...the heat...

One of the most amazingly understated guys to play the game.  And maybe one of the dreamiest…

*le sigh*

Pants’ Pick: Can I go with the same one and give a BU alum double the love today?  Matt Gilroy did NOT live in Warren Towers dorm his  freshman year, I can tell you that much.  It would have looked like the Zac Efron part of this great commercial for Stand Up 2 Cancer:

2 Responses to “Foxy Friday”


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    […] New York Rangers in the first round of the playoffs.  The only upside of that it getting to see Matt Gilroy, our 1st Foxy Friday […]

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