Rock the Vote: ASG ’11

15 Nov

Hey you, fans of freedom and democracy.  It’s time to vote for the NHL All-Star Game 2011.  Put aside your petty team allegiances and indulge your guilty hockey pleasures by voting for whoever you like.  Log in to, page through the lovely headshots and vote for 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and a goalie.  If you don’t see someone, write them in at the bottom.  My team:

Oh Malkin...

Sid looks awfully serious here, almost bird-like, while Toews is just waiting for that stupid popcorn to finish in the microwave.  You can vote as many times as you want, so my interns are spending the day writing in Kris Letang and voting over and over.  Any other requests for my hockey sweatshop?  My defensive pairing looks like it just got paroled and called you for a ride home from the clink.

Your mom warned you about these guys. You didn't listen.

It’s a little early in the season to be deciding who the best players will be 2 months from now.  And what about injuries?  Parise’s on the ballot though he’ll likely be out, and JStaal isn’t though he’ll likely be back.  The fans vote for the starting 5, and the rest of the All-Star rosters will be chosen by NHL Hockey Operations.  I’m all about guys named Tim for big performances this year (I heart Lincecum).  And Thomas looks like that guy from that band.


So vote early, vote often and check back next week to see who’s in the lead.  Really, my interns are waiting.  Remember, the ASG team rosters will be selected by playground beat-down this year, so you could get some awesome line mate situations.  Let’s make it count.


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