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Because history doesn’t let history repeat.

9 May

I love you, Boston Bruins.

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better…A little better all the time…

19 Apr

Not to worry, friends.  I’m okay.  No really, I am.

I have to admit it was pretty rough for me there for a while.

Last Saturday, there I was – curled up in the fetal position, buried under a mound of covers, empty box of coconut milk ice cream sandwiches by my bed.

My beloved Bruins had just dropped Game #2 (at HOME) to the hated Habs.  I was left a shell of my former self.  Defeated.  Dejected.  Despondent.

The Bruins kicked me square in the gut, knocking the wind right out of me. I felt like I did when I asked a boy to dance with me in junior high and he rejected me.  It could have been that because I was a foot taller than him.  That really sucked.

Welcome to my life, people.

Going into Game #3 last night, I was cautiously optimistic. This season, the Bruins have been a slightly better team on the road than they were at home and I had hope that they could go up to Montreal and “find themselves” like a college student on a gap year.

Coach Claude packed up the team and carted them off to practice in historic Lake Placid, NY – the home of the “Miracle on Ice” and to escape the media scrutiny in Boston and Montreal.

Do you believe in Miracles??

An interesting move, no doubt designed to inspire his team to hockey greatness and perhaps absorb some of the victory vibes in the Field House.

The Bruins came into the Bell Centre needed to win this game or be faced with almost certain elimination and the scorn of thousands of Bruins fans every so hopeful that this year could be the year.  40 years is a looooong time to wait…especially in a city that has seen so many championships lately from their other sports teams.

Well, they won.  (*sigh of relief*)  They pounced on Carey Price early and scored 3 goals.  The Habs came back in tenacious fashion to bring it within 1, but Timmy Thomas stepped up and was stellar in the 3rd period. (Click here to see game highlights!)

He turned away countless shots, make great saves and put himself back on the path of redemption after two terrible games in Boston.  Chara was also back after a bout with the flu and you could tell that the team had missed his imposing presence.

So that being said I’m feeling slightly better than I did last week…but still not 100%.

Think Zdeno will share his saltines and ginger ale with me?

Zdeno Chara – Verdict?

10 Mar

Okay, we’ve gotta talk about it:  Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty.

Pacioretty gave this interview with TSN saying flat out he thinks Chara intended to injure him.  And now there may be a police investigation, as the ministry of Public Security has asked the Montreal Police to look into the incident.  The NHL has not disciplined Chara other than the in-game penalty received on the play.

What do you all think? Should Chara be suspended?  Should the police be called in to look at particularly injurious plays, regardless of what the NHL decides? [Video]


I knew it was the seventh anniversary of Todd Bertuzzi’s hit on Steve Moore, but I wasn’t aware that Moore is still waiting fora  court date to be set for assault charges he filed against Bertuzzi [link].  Bertuzzi was suspended 17 games (the rest of that season) and returned to hockey after the lockout.

Personally, I’m torn.  I don’t think Chara intended to injure Pacioretty, so he should not be suspended.  He’s not a dirty player or repeat offender, anymore than someone who’s 6’9″ throws some understandably heavy hits.  There have been a lot of dirty plays lately and the NHL is not doing enough to police them.  But Chara is not Trevor Gillies and he’s certainly not Todd Bertuzzi.  Then you look at plays like this one, where Pavel Kubina was suspended three games for an elbow to the head on Dave Bolland.  Yes he intentionally gets his elbow up and this season has proven the dangers of such a play.  But when you watch them in succession, is this really worse than Chara’s hit? [Video]

ASG Weekend #2: Skills Competition

31 Jan

Hockey players have mad skills.

And what better way to showcase them, than with the always fun Super Skills Competition.

So here are the results…

  • Faster Skater – Michael Grabner (14.238 seconds)
  • Breakaway – Alexander Ovechkin (38.5% of the fan votes).
  • Accuracy – Daniel Sedin (4 for 4 in 7.3 seconds)
  • Skills Challenge Relay – Team Lidstrom (2:09)
  • Hardest Shot – Zdeno Chara, 105.9mph (4th consecutive win AND he beat his own record)
  • Elimination Shoot-Out – Corey Perry

and some of our favorite moments…

  • PK Subban stealing Jeff Skinner’s jersey

Oh look Jeff Skinner...heeeeeyyyyyyy wait a second...

  • Jeff Skinner. The Justin Bieber of the NHL.  I wish he could be my prom date.

Definitely out WAY past his curfew

  • Timmy Thomas vs. Cam Ward in the Fastest Skater.  In full equipment.
  • Timmy’s wipe out behind the net. But he got right back up with the ever-present smile on his face.
    Catching an edge.
    Still smilin’…
  • Toews’ Accuracy Mulligan and *derp* face through the whole competition
  • Marc-Andre Fleury. The jumping jacks.  Stacking the pads on Ovechkin. The dancing.  Everything.  We love him.  As far as we are concerned, he won the entire Skills Competition.

and 1...and 2...and 3

What are those? Hockey nets for ANTS?

  • The new-found love between Alex Ovechkin and Kris “Look at My Hair” Letang

Love is in the air...

  • Zdeno Chara‘s slap shot.  Faster than a speeding bullet.

If I saw this, I would curl up into the fetal position and cry for my mother.

  • Last but not least – Patrick Sharp, ASG 2011 MVP.

Looking better than any hockey player has a right to

We Got Skills

21 Jan

The NHL announced the Skills Competition format for this year’s All-Star Game.  This has always been our favorite part of ASG weekend, because there is lots of skating without helmets.

Lunchtime poll: Will Letang wears a helmet or not? He’d need a headband for sure but it’s a sin to cover up that hair.  Maybe a baseball cap?

Exactly how I sleep on a plane.

The All-Star Skills Competition games are:

Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
Is a race! 6 players from each team compete in heats.

BlackBerry NHL Breakaway Challenge™
3 players from each team compete to deliver the most creative shootout attempt.  They get 4 shots a piece and we get to vote via text.

McDonald’s NHL Accuracy Shooting™
Like Crosby’s puck pyramid and Ovi’s weird Russian dressing mess, six players per team will shoot at foam targets in the four corners of the goal.

G Series NHL Skills Challenge Relay™
New event and it’s a big one!  16 players from each team in four relays.  Each skill must be completed before the team can move on to the next.  Two relay groups per team.

  • One-timer: shoot over an 8″ obstacle
  • Passing: put a pass into each of 6 nets set up around the ice
  • Puck control: Slalom cones while keeping the puck on the stick
  • Stick handling: Keep the puck on the stick through a series of obstacles
  • Accuracy shooting: Knock out four targets.

XM NHL Hardest Shot™
If you can’t figure this out, Chara gets to shoot at you.

Discover NHL Elimination Shootout™
Musical chairs for the shootout, like the Penguins have mastered.  Only they make people grow mustaches and run to the top row of a football stadium.  In this, it’s 1 point per goal and a lot of bragging rights for whoever makes it to the end. [Graphic from NHL.com]

We kinda hope Tanger and Tazer end up on opposite teams so they can showdown in the shootout challenge!

Mine. Mine. Mine.