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NBC Executives Ride Short Buses To Work

1 Jan

Watching the AWESOME Winter Classic and Fabulous Washington Capital’s 3-1 Win over the Pens holding whining Slew-Foot Sid pointless MADE MY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2011! But the bizarre camera angles and annoying comentary from NBC made me wish my fellow WUYS tweeters had access to the CBC feed. Because Mr. Cherrie and I would have rather watched our lovely Canadian’s coverage who grudgingly moved around their beloved HNIC schedule to accommodate the time change of the WC game. Only Toronto and Ontario got their game feed uninterrupted because it was “The Battle of Ontario.” Everyone else in Canada got to watch the WC.

But this is NOT about the Winter Classic. This is about a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT made during the Winter Classic. NBC announced HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA. Now, I don’t want to split hairs here or get all semantic in your jockstrap BUT there are several things wrong with this announcement.

NBC programming executive for HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA

First off, they stole this whole program from CANADA. I’d be the first person to congratulate them on creating such a thing but they didn’t. CANADA DID. It’s originally called HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA where ALL THE CANADIAN TEAMS IN CANADA PLAY EACH OTHER. It’s truly awesome and it’s HOCKEY ALL DAY! And you WATCH EACH GAME and it starts at the ass crack of dawn and goes to like midnight. Remember this point.

Secondly, HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA would technically include Canada and Mexico (South America if I REALLY want to go there). Last time I checked Mexico didn’t have  hockey teams nor do they play hockey on a regular basis. I am not trying to be all PC but if you are stealing something, at least let’s not encompass EVERYTHING! It should be called HOCKEY DAY IN THE U.S.

NBC executives might want to reference this

Next up – NBC will have four games that day with TWO starting at 3PM Eastern: Washington VS. Buffalo and Philadelphia VS. NY Rangers. Riddle me this Batman … How is this helpful to Hockey fans?  Who programmed this? How is this HOCKEY DAY …? Did NBC figure out how to split the space-time continuum? Are they THAT AWESOME? Oh but it gets better or more, OK, I’m going totally un-PC  – full on retarded – Pittsburgh VS. Chicago starts at 4 PM Eastern and THEN Detroit VS. Minnesota at 6 PM Eastern. Will someone explain to me how to watch all of these games?

The Coup-de Grassi in all of  this … not only are they stealing Hockey Day in Canada but they are putting Hockey Day in America against Canada’s Heritage Classic; THEIR version of the outdoor WINTER CLASSIC (which we stole). Wait for it …. ON VERSUS which NBC OWNS! What’s a hockey fan to do? And oh how rude to Canada …!

Holy Sparkly Flying Dancing Unicorn Out My Butt! Does NBC have no Shame? Don’t answer that. While I am normally the first to criticize Canada because I do not quite feel the same why about our neighbor to the north as Pants and Chuck, visiting as often as I do, this is simply unacceptable. It is poorly conceived and makes no sense. It’s bad for Hockey and not a good PR move for the NHL. Why not tie in WITH HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA … oh wait, THAT would make sense.


But that’s just me.

Sweet Dreams of 2011!

31 Dec

Now that the Winter Classic has been rescheduled for 8 PM ET tomorrow, I don’t have to wake up early to watch it on the West Coast.  Rejoice!  Feel free to do this tonight, but put on a Crosby shirt.

I can't see the TV from here.

Go Play Outside

31 Dec

The ‘stache is gone. Hallelujah. [Video]

Gillette picked the wrong guy.

Somebody looks like a sleepy puppy.  Also, I really like this sweatshirt.  Not a great sign that it’s all he needs to wear outside in December, but hey.  They skated and the game is on (for now).


Bonus: Jordan lost the shootout and had to run to the upper deck.  Did he have to adjust his cup ten times during the interview? You decide. [Video]

Room with a view.

Totally gratuitous bonus: Mike Green interview.  My team-based loyalties are NOT being tested by his ridiculous adorkableness.  Not at all.  [Video]  And Mike talks about spending New Years Eve with Backstrom.  WELL OBVIOUSLY.  Mike, you’re not making it easy for me to defend you, you know?  Stealing Ovi’s boyfriend is low.

Wear your mittens, Mikey.

24/7 Episode 3: “Girls love.”

30 Dec

I had no one to yell/text/tweet to last night while watching 24/7.  The vase in my living room, however, is a huge hockey fan.  You can watch the whole show online at Youtube 247NHL.  Sadly for Dawn, Ovi kept his pants on the whole time.  Huzzah for the rest of us.  Highlights!

Ben Lovejoy’s face.  How many needle-in-the-skin closeups can we have?  I almost barfed.  And the poor guy had to get on the plane knowing it would swell?  Crosby laughing at him was priceless: “Woah, Benny.”  Lovejoy had the best deadpan reaction shot since My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “Can you tell I got hit?”  Someone get Ben a Baby Ruth and a pirate ship. [Photo Credit]

Rocky Road!

Malkin’s one liners.  He makes Lovejoy feel better by telling him, “Girls love” the messed up face.  Geno knows.

Mike Rupp’s Christmas. That elf outfit was outdone only when Rupper looked at his daughter’s pink razor scooter and asked, “If I get one of those, it it like Mike Green’s thing he had?”  Oooooh, burn.

Brooks Laich close-ups. You’ll hear Cassy screaming from the UK when she sees this one… those are some blue, blue eyes.

Don't it make your brown eyes...

Pens vs. Caps, Round 1.  Simply amazing to see so much behind-the-scenes from both sides of the game.  The intermission pep talks were the best.  And inside the replay office in Toronto – that was fantastic.

Sidney hits puberty with the F-bomb.  I picture this like the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie curses in front of his dad.  Crosby got so mad his voice cracked and I almost choked on my drink.  We are fired up!   Mike knocks Sid down,  and he yells, “Fuck you, Green.”  But the real show is at 13:35 here:

Bruce Boudreau’s food cravings in the mall.  You all do it, don’t judge.

Mike Green in a suit. There are two 2-second clips, but if this were VHS I would have worn them out.

Holy Canada.

Jordan Staal’s hair.  I want him back so badly that I’ll take it.  But he’s gonna look like Lady Gaga soon.  I can’t even bring myself to post a photo of it.

– I’m buying a silver car and naming it Disco Dan.  It can shovel, dance AND carve a turkey.

Poker Face.

I am so pumped for Saturday.  There will be tears if the weather screws up the Winter Classic.  Come on, Mother Nature.  Please.

24/7 Episode 2: “Adorkable”

23 Dec

My girl Kimmy has coined the perfect phrase to describe Mike Green, Sid and half the rest of the Pens and Caps on HBO’s 24/7 Episode 2:

ADORKABLE. It’s absolute perfection.

If I had the setup, I would have stayed up ALL night screencapping   Until then, here are the highlights that I can remember screaming about alone in my apartment:

Sid talks about fighting Niskanen.  “Do you want to take your helmet off?”  Oh, and he’s laying on a bed.  For heaven’s sake!

– Mike. Vespa. Helmet. Moccasins.  LOVE.  I don’t know why. (Dear Santa: Please bless whoever at Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy screencapped this.)

Back of his shirt should say: If you can read this, Pants fell off.

– Sidney Crosby’s 5 PM PB&J.

– When Ovi gets a wife, obviously he’ll live with her.  Till then, it’s mom, dad & dog waiting up for him. [link]

Does this dog like cats named Moe and Poe?

Craig Adams’ son naming the Pens players… makes me wanna babysit. (Excellent catch by commenter Mrs Crosby, I was so busy giggling over Mike’s Vespa I credited this to Matt Cooke.)

– Caps fist pump dance – Brooks Laich is so hot he can almost pull it off.  I bet Greener refuses to do it.  Too busy being cool in his moccasins. [link]

I'd go to Jersey with that.


– Ovi cannot be bothered to get dressed.  No just shirts, but pants.  He was 99% naked multiple times – I’m surprised someone other than Dawn would put their hand so high on his hamstring.

This program is rated TV-MA for Ovi's table noises.

– In a related story, Ovi totally flashes Mike.  Intentional.  Mike doesn’t laugh, so Dawn may be on to something after all.

Tonight it’s Penguins vs. Capitals in DC at 7 PM Eastern.  You’ll hear me and Dawn screaming at each other from SF to Seattle.  I cannot wait to see what HBO gets from this one.

Awkward Turtles!

17 Dec

No need to set your DVRs for Monday – the Sid & Ovi Price is Right appearance video is here.  And it is weird.

Sidney, why are you wearing your shoulder pads?  You’re jacked but that is silly.  And reading the cue cards… sigh.  When Ovi’s unintelligible English is doing a better job delivering lines then you know you’re stiff.

Guess what? I'm not a robot.

I got bored and didn’t watch the end – does this Lauren girl win it or not?

Nothing says “Hockey” like a nice glass of Merlot

16 Dec

I love wine.  I also love hockey. Now normally one does not associate the refinement and elegance of sipping a fine Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp Pinot Gris with the rough and gritty sport of hockey.  Hockey is more a beer sport, fueled by the grease of chicken wings, hard-boiled eggs behind the bar and gallons of Molson Canadian.

It seems like the sophisticated air of the oenological world would not mesh well with the philistine-like culture of hockey, but I think this is changing.  Here are just a few examples…

  • Boston Bruin Mark Recchi has a 1,000 bottle wine cellar.  Mario Lemieux got him started and a Montreal Canadians trainer got him hooked even more, wooing him with fancy wine and cheese parties.
  • A picture of David Krejci is the label for Italian winery Vignamaggio’s new Chianti Classico
  • The NHL Alumni Association has a whole Signature Wine Series feature bottles with NHL greats like Pat Lafontaine, Bobby Hull, Gordie Hull, Bobby Clark and others on the label.
  • The “Great One”, Wayne Gretzky, has his own winery in Ontario and has been making wine since 2007.

Also, my Little Brother (aka LB) happens to work at a very nice Napa Valley winery where he has tasted with players and owners from the Blackhawks and Sharks and NHL legends like Ray Bourque, who reportedly purchased quite a bit of wine for his Boston restaurant from said vineyard.

Even the Winter Classic is getting in on the action.  Duckhorn Vineyards has produced 500 cases (6000 bottles) of its delicious Napa Valley Decoy Merlot in honor of 2011 Winter Classic. This is what Pants and Dawn will be drinking while watching the game on 1/1/11.  Ladies, I have had the Decoy Merlot and it is DELISH!  I bet it will taste even better when sipped out of these…

Do I ever think that hockey and the NHL will let go of its “beer-and-pizza” image?  No, and I’m totes okay with that.  I love beer and pizza.  But I am hopeful that more and more hockey fans will venture into the world of wine and start to appreciate what all those French and Italian dudes have for hundreds of years.  Trust me folks, wine (and quality wine at that) is worth tasting and enjoying.  And if I can’t convince you, maybe he can…

À votre santé!

Until next time…Chuck out.

P.S. Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Pesky graduate school classes….

PANTS IS ADDING SOMETHING! Sorry for the post hack, Chuck but I can’t post a photo in the comments.  Mike Green has a wine room in his condo. Oh yes.  This… I… censored.  I could not possibly ever be drunk around Mike Green unless I want to go to jail.

One for him, one for Pants.