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Mikey Monday: Appreciation

2 Apr

Saturday night was Fan Appreciation Night at Verizon Center, and they gave us plenty to love.  First, Nicky B returned.  I wish you guys could have heard the cheer when they announced the starting lineup!

Mike looked a little extra happy too, showing off with a between-the-feet move to end warm-ups (he missed).

Best Caps photos by the lovely jlrpuck.tumblr.com!

Just seeing Nicky out there made everyone want to hug and sing “Backstreet’s Back, alright!”  (Yes, that actually happened in my brain.)

This is a real balloon! Why didn't I know this before?!

The place was packed and as loud as last year’s playoffs – thank God because we were screaming anyway.  The Caps won in a shootout, then did the “Jerseys Off Our Backs” thing.  Watching the entire team get partially undressed one at a time?  That’s our kind of party.  Here’s the video.

Not to be outdone by the celebration, Mike had possibly the seasons’ best hair night.  We appreciate you, Mike’s hair.  Hedgehogs everywhere bow down.

Remember the Flowbee?  I think that’s how this perfection gets accomplished. It’s like a topographical map.  Mike was all smiles in the post-game interview, and Nicky’s there too. [video link]

I mean COME ON.

The Capitals are not out of the woods yet.  They’re 2 points up on the Sabres with only 3 games left to play.  Tonight they face Tampa Bay.  We’ll be there Thursday night vs. Florida.  I might have to borrow Mike’s hair dye because I’m going gray from the stress.