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This Time of Year

5 Oct

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has almost arrived.

It's so close I can taste it!

The NHL 2011-2012 season kick off tomorrow, and it’s about damned time.  We’re are packed and ready to go:

Pants survived a pre-season crisis at the Capitals/Blackhawks game when she felt compelled to cheer for the Caps.  Over the Hawks.  Tazer/Kaner vs. Nicky/Mikey?  This is like Sophie’s Choice.  We predict only more Twilight-style fangirl pain for her this year.

"But she said she would be here." "Well I don't see her either!"

Chuck changed her middle name to ‘DefendingStanleyCupChamps,’  then went back and had it misspelled so Marchand would not feel so alone.  (If we had to see fifty photos of the mistake, they could have at least made it on Seguin’s stomach.)  She also changed her ringtone to “Welcome to Boston, Loozah!”

Spelled right, but could be lower.

Dawn made return address labels featuring a picture of Kris Letang from the ASG.  Really, we just got one in the mail.

Pour moi?

Gator bought out all the Captain American Dunkin’ Donuts and finally gave into the iCarly charisma.  Goldfish crackers and Slurpees for everyone at their wedding.

Addressing invitations for the Big Day.

How are you guys feeling after a long, hot summer?  Any admission/confessions you’d like to get out now before the season starts?  So we can rag on you later?

Put a Ring on it.

5 Oct

A Stanley Cup ring, that is.

Courtesy of the Boston Bruins

Giving new definition to the term "ice"

Check that out! 

That ring = boss.

300 diamonds total.  66 on the ring crest with the iconic spoked “B” over the image of the Stanley Cup.  6 diamonds around the logo signifying the Bruins’ six Cup championships.  One side has the player’s name and number, other side has the Cup with the years the B’s have won it – 2011, 1972, 1970, 1941, 1939, and 1929.

Not only can it be worn as a ring, it can also be used as a paperweight, a meat tenderizer, and help you to signal rescue planes should you ever become lost in the Canadian wilderness.

It’s shiny.

And there are 505 of these pretty baubles to go around.

Players got their rings last night at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  Even players no longer with the team, like Mark Recchi and Michael Ryder, came in for the event.  Ryder had to get special permission from his new team, the Dallas Stars, to come.  Sadly, Marc Savard was not able to join the team, as he is still recovering from concussion.

But you know who was there…WUYS fave Tyler Seguin.  Looking very dapper in a pink shirt, btdubs.

Wonder if his mom picked that out for him?

image courtesy of @TheBruinsBlog

Motoscooter & Teen Wolf go to prom!

Looch and the Professor show of their bling.

Ice, Ice Baby.

Gentleman, go ahead and “frost yourself”.  

Teen Wolf becomes…Derek Zoolander?

30 Sep

Oh Tyler Seguin.

Please stop making us fall in love with you.

Watch this video from Tyler’s day at the B’s Annual Photo/Video Shoot.  Trust me it is worth it.

Especially when he asks the photog to facebook the photos to his mom.  And then when he claims to look all “innocent” is said photographs.

Oh honey.  You ain’t fooling no one.

We know that after last season and your shenanigans with Brad Marchand, you are the furthest thing from innocent.

Do you smell what the Seggy is cookin'?

But we’re totally cool with that.  Really.  We are.

Like a boss.

Intern Desk: Dear Diary

22 Sep

A bunch of you sent us this link and I’m so sorry that I’m slow in posting.  I was laugh-crying so hard I couldn’t type.

Some gems from this fantastic game show:

Most Uncomfortable: Intern Jeff Skinner’s “short shifts” apparently translate off the ice.  Is he old enough to be making these jokes?

Best Admission of Guilt: “This is awkward.” – Intern Jeff Skinner

Good Will Hunting Award: Tyler Seguin’s fractions – 4.2, 4.3

Best Time to Cheat: “A lot of women watch this.” – Cabbie to Seguin as he grades his own ‘stick handling’

Best Answer That Isn’t Cheating: “Soft mitts off the ice.” – Stammer gives himself a 5 for ‘stick handling’

But the best best best overall part of this video?  James Neal & Steven Stamkos LOVE each other.  Intern Jeff Skinner really knows how to keep his job around here.

Dear Cabbie, please host the NHL Awards.  Dear NHL, you know I’m right.

Foxy Friday: BioSteel Sports Camp

26 Aug

Okay, they earned it. Videos and photos and… thank heaven for this week.  And for Alyonka Larionov (person I am most jealous of in the world!)’s Twitter photos.  Who said something about Seguin wearing the heck out of a suit? Did you ask for a t-shirt?

That sound you hear is Chuck's lifeless body hitting the floor.

And Stamkos showing off (approved):

There's a "throw me up against the wall" joke here...

I obliged Intern Jeff Skinner and did a single pull-up at the gym yesterday.  Almost popped my shoulders out.  I can plank and run and lift… but not like this.  I get woozy just thinking about it.  Not enough BioSteel in the world to get me through 1/10th of what these guys do.

Impressed yet?

He doesn't even look tired.

What you really want is video of Biz doing yoga in his unders.  You got it.

And hey, look who got 10 seconds of camera time?

Frankly, this is not enough.

So that’s Foxy Friday – the boys working it out because they can’t wait to get back together with you.  Now if this hurricane really takes us all out, at least you saw Biz in his skivvies.

Intern Desk: Field Report

24 Aug

Intern Jeff Skinner here, reporting from the field.  Is there some kind of dictionary for girls?  I cannot understand a word said in the WUYS office since that Kris Letang video.  It’s like an Justin Bieber concert!  Sure, he makes carrying Pants’ purse look waaaaaaay too easy but I am an athlete too.  And I’ve been getting pretty buff this summer.

The BioSteel Sports Camp is on now, and since workout videos are all the rage I’m pretty happy with this one.  You don’t see Biz doing any lifts, do you?  Seguin’s not pumping any iron in these clips!

Of course they film Stamkos doing plate hauls while I’m doing dead lifts – dead lifts look so stupid!  Not that you would notice, because Gator fainted and had to be revived in time for the earthquake drill.

The BioSteel Camp is tough – and I can concentrate now that my phone battery melted.  I need an external hard drive to process all the texts I got:

Chuck: Incoherent punctuation-riddled messages about Tyler Seguin checking himself out in every reflective surface

Gator: Streaming video from Legally Blonde so I can cut Stammer’s hair, or at least get him to Bend & Snap

PantsWhy is no one paying attention to James Neal?!  Nealmobile! Followed by the word HONK about two hundred thousand times.

It’ll be so easy for me to change the water cooler bottle this season – the WUYS girls are going to love it.  Now you can watch the video if you promise to speak English again and stop squealing.  And pay my cell phone bill.

Howl at the Moon

3 Aug

I have lost Chuck a midst the mess of this office.  She’s probably buried under a pile of old Jets jerseys and cannot reach her keyboard, which is the only reason she hasn’t posted this.

Teen Wolf had his day with the Cup in Ontario last week.  You can watch the video [link].  I really wish I’d ridden to my wedding on a zamboni!

Tyler brought the Cup to a hospital, a field then a club.  And filled the thing with vodka we hope was strong enough to kill the germs off 100 people all drinking out of it.  Werewolves have super immune systems though, so no worries.

And thus the Seguinistas retire to a summer of waiting and wishing, like the rest of us.  Chuck, are you out there?