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Honk for Hat Tricks!

21 Mar

Ohhhh, HAT trick. I thought you said PANT trick.  That’s how my jeans ended up on the ice.  Could I have them back?

Flower says, "THIS is the game I don't start?"

Nealmobile had a hat trick last night!  It was the second of his career and first with the Penguins, for a whopping 37 goals on the season.

Goal #1: Stand There, Look Pretty

James does a great job of being open in the right spot.  But look at that passing!  Sid, no-look to the outside to Geno cross-ice in the slot… I weep, it’s so beautiful.

Goal #2: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

We heart rebounds. Listen to the fan yell when he scores, “Yaaaaaaaaay!” That’s either Kermit the Frog or me.

Goal #3: If You Just Smile

… and have a wicked wrist shot.  Look at him trying not to smile.

Post-Game: Aw, Shucks.

Some other guys played pretty well last night too, in the Penguins 8-4 win over Winnipeg.  TK had 2G, Geno had 2G/3A, Crosby had 4A.  Pucks were flying and TK came thisclose to a hat trick of his own.

Things I Love.

Pittsburgh is one point behind the NY Rangers, who take on Detroit at home tonight.  Go WINGS!  (Haha, what?!)   The Penguins host the Predators tomorrow – lets hope it brings them a shot at the #1 spot in the Eastern Conference!  I’m holding on to the Penguins/Capitals first round dream (and bank account).

Puppy Love

1 Nov

Just surrender.  You are no match for the Penguins annual calendar shoot.  It’s not like we put up much of a fight, but breaking out the puppies is like dropping a birthday cake through the sunroof of our glittery private jet.  Get on board, we have treats!  I am dying from all the adorbs [video link].

Nisky & Nealer have guacamole dogs. (This was supposed to say "camouflage" but autocorrect FTW and I'm leaving it.)

PS: Remember when Crosby and Niskanen had that fight?  No wonder Sid picked Nisky, he looks harmless!  We want to bake him cookies.

Girls Puppies Love.

The calendar will be available on the Pens website before the end of the year.

Paul Martin auditions for the LL Bean catalog.

TK and the harvest display at Sam's Club.

We think it makes the perfect Christmas gift.  For us.  You have our address.

Someday, leeetle puppy you will be bigger than my muscles. But not for a long time.

James, your hair. For heaven's sake. It's not even windy.

Dumb & Dumber (& Dumber)

31 Oct

Tyler Kennedy tweeted this picture of himself & JStaal as Harry and Lloyd from Dumber & Dumber.


They’re a little late to the party – Toews & Burish rocked this one in ’09.  But I have to say that the Pens boys upped the ante – hats + JStaal’s wig = infinitely more frightening committed.

Now what we’re really hoping for is Ovi & Mikey to recreate this:

Do Not Like

18 Oct

Kris Letang will face a hearing with the NHL Dept of Player Safety today regarding his hit on Alex Burmistrov in the third period of last night’s game against Winnipeg [link].  He received a minor penalty for boarding on the play.  If suspended, it would likely begin (and hopefully end) with tonight’s game in Minnesota.

Bad kitty.

I didn’t see the hit and I can’t find it online anywhere.  Who saw it?  Is Tanger going to get Shanabanned?

Also in Terrible, No Good, Very Bad news, Tyler Kennedy is out with “concussion-like symptoms” [link].  The team found out Sunday night, though Disco Dan says he does not know when TK was injured.  He didn’t play last night, nor will be play tonight.  On Saturday, he finished the game vs. Buffalo and even assisted on Staal’s goal at 15:09 of the third period.

This is an unacceptable development.  Don’t make me call a prayer circle.  The Pens say TK will be reevaluated shortly – good news, please, good news.



1 Jul

Pens re-sign Kennedy for 2 years! [NHL.com]  Right now I just wanna…

and maybe…

for about $2 million dollars.

Tyler Kennedy Appreciation Life continues.

Penguins, Take a Bow

28 Apr

I woke up this morning to find that yesterday did indeed happen.  The worst 24 hours of my sports life have left me pretty devastated, but my coworker and fellow hockey fan Gator left this on my desk:

Delicious homemade Rice Krispy treat heals all.

Fortified on sugar and sympathy, I feel strong enough to write something.

It’s been quite a year for me and the Penguins.  I traveled to Anaheim, Atlanta and New York for Pens games.  I made my poor dad drive 12 hours round-trip to Buffalo on Thanksgiving eve for a Pens game.  We invaded the ‘Burgh for a VIP all-Pens weekend.

On top of that, there was HBO’s 24/7.  You all know what that did, because almost all of you felt it.  Caps fans, Pens fans… I don’t care who you like (or if you like both, we’re all traitors turned here).  That series gave this game something it never had before.

Then Crosby went out.  And Malkin.  And you would have thought the sky was falling in on the damned NHL the way people carried on.  But the Penguins manned up and got it done.  What other team faced the loss of 50%+ of their fire power and still finished 4th in their division?  Racked up 106 points?  The Penguins had the 2nd most regulation wins in the NHL this season with 49 (5 behind Vancouver).

I could go on for ages, but I already have.  See posts on Max Talbot, Kris Letang, Tyler Kennedy and Jordan Staal. Sure Tanger went almost as long as Crosby without a goal, but what about Michalek and Asham putting up points?  Production came from every corner.

In the end… ugh.  The Pens let this one get away a little.  I hate to say that but when you’re up 3-1, you should win.  So this early summer leaves me feeling bitter and unsatisfied.  But in October, we’re getting the band back together and you’d better watch out.  We’re coming for you.

I’m proud of the Pens.  Hard work doesn’t always pay off and it’s not always enough just to want something so badly.  But never giving up is always worth it.

TK Tuesday!

19 Apr

I can’t make an alliterative joke about Tuesday without wanting tacos!

The Pens won 3-2 last night on a sweet baby barbecue sauce goal from Tyler Kennedy. [video] If you’ve never watched a Pens game with me, TK gets some of the loudest cheering.  He is my Who from Whoville, wha-hoo-na.

I want my two dollars!

LePretty had 2 assists in the win, good news since he hasn’t had a goal since Jan 10.  Points please, and I don’t care who scores ’em. 

PensTV treated us to a little backstage look at Crosby and Malkin high-fiving the team off the ice.  Sid looks so short a) next to Geno and b) without skates.  My heart did a triple toe-loop to see them though and if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.  Max has no idea where to go and Flower cannot turn left (but he can do Blue Steel). [video]

Does this suit make by butt look big?

In a side note on awesome, Squishy scored twice.  This is the same man who had two teeth broken in game one, got a double root canal that night and was back in action for game two.  At 5’8″ and 176 pounds, imagine how many people told Martin St. Louis growing up that he was too small to play.  Where are those people now?  His pair wasn’t enough for the win, but the Bolts were definitely in this game to the end.

Two teeth. And no penalty!

And I love this photo.  The pressure on Steven Stamkos right now hurts my heart.  I don’t want him to start really scoring – not now, not against us – but it’s his first trip to the playoffs and Stammer’s slumping big time.  Five goals in 30 games slumping.  Great article on it here.

Stop looking at me, swan.

So here’s hoping Steve-o gets, like, two in the next game… and the Pens get five.  One each for Letang, Staal, Talbot, Kennedy and one for Flower while we’re at it.