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New Season, New Hope!

6 Sep

I'm sorry ... he's hot. he's perfect. he's a hockey machine. I love him!

This is what I’ve been up to (see below) in hopes of helping the Capitals win the Stanley cup – FINALLY! I was so excited when I read the big fall preview of THN issue that still puts the Capitals as winning the cup in 2012! With all their off-season re-tooling, high praise for GMGM and loyalty to BB for a lack lusture post-season run – AGAIN. Not so rockin’.

I just wanted out of Florida really.

But this year, we got Tomas Vokoun – and yes, SOME ONE frickin’ FINALLY heard  me peeps! All that screamin’ in Seattle  – and buggin’ my house, the bat phone to DC actually came through and though they protest too much, THEY GOT A GOALIE AND VARLY is gone. Am I dreaming? SRSLY?! I feel like I am swimming in a sea of rainbow skittles and Sasha Fierce has promise to actually play hockey this season – oh please – oh please don’t let me wake up.

they got caught coming out of Ihop ... nicky's mom is really disappointed.

But MG52 better have given Animal his walking papers over the summer. Or Pants is going to give her pouty face again.

Carlson and Alzner went to sleep away camp together for some more bonding time in the off-season even though it looked like one may not make the cap deadline. Luckily McPhee came through with the cash at the expense of another player but you can’t come between the bobbsie twins.

iCarly sneaks a cuddle with Ovi - who WOULDN'T!

And Brooksy looks like he may be a Capital for life which is just fine with him. He may not ‘pump your tires’ but we know he’ll change them if it’s raining after a game even if he’s in his Armani suit – remember that ladies. I foresee many break downs outside Kettler Arena soon!

I may not pump your tires, but I'll change them, ladies!

And we can’t forget the most important pre-season date – 9/17. BEWARE. It’s all I’m sayin. Cause I’ve been saving for it.

I’ll be wearing my highest rated googled sweat pants and this on that day and every game there after … GO CAPITALS!

I needed an accessory to go with my sweat pants did I?


Oh and when the Caps aren’t playing and Mr. Cherrie let’s me watch the Penguin’s : I made this:

And yes, I do wear these.



I’m Holding Out For More Of These Than Any Other LA King!

13 Jul

Double DTBG wants more of these ...

With the Free Agency thingy all done and gone, DDTBG didn’t quite get what he was hoping for. A restricted free agent, the cone of silence must have been deafening. “Can you hear me now?” is what Dean Lombardi’s morse code tapped out from LA to Canada in frosty covered sparkles.


Drew snapped back with “I want to be the highest paid LA King.” Now don’t get me wrong. He already holds the title of the hottest LA King. And don’t go there – with competition like Kopitar, who looks like Jack Nicholson’s The Joker on a good day, and Ryan Smyth who just got traded to Edmonton, it’s not like we’re talking the mad competition of the Washington Capitals where handsome is the new black! I’m talking to you – Tomas Vokoun! Yes, goalie of my life! PWOAR!

God bless whomever got to take this photo ... like really. But Drew - lose the shoes.

But Drew, let have a heart to heart here. You slumped last year. You came to work a little of the hellie the heifer side. You suffered a concussion and then you finally started to come back mid to late season. So to ask to be the highest paid LA King, after all that, really? SRSLY? Did you not see that no one else made any offers? Your dance card is sort of , well, blank.

me and drew making cupcakes in the off-season

So maybe I’ll bring my easy bake oven over and we can make some cupcakes together, you sign that little ol’ contact the Kings want you to sign, it’s called a compromise. I’ll help you out, cause I’m good with that. I’ll make sure there’s plenty of diet coke in there for you and you’ll get some big bucks, too fer sure.