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Mess with the Bear, You get the Claws

7 Jun

The Boston Bruins came into Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night needed a win to avoid going down 3-0 to the Vancouver Canucks.

Well, they got that win…and then some.

They mauled the Canucks with their big, sharp claws.

Bear’s Victory Dance is well deserved.

Bruins play best when they are infuriated.  Aaron Rome gave them plenty to be P.O’d about after his late, blind side hit on Nathan Horton.  Horton lay on the ice, motionless, his right arm frozen as if he was still clutching the stick.  His eyes were fluttering as if he was having a petite mal seizure.  Terrifying to watch.  I don’t think that there was a single hockey fan, Bruin or Canuck alike, who wasn’t praying and hoping that NH18 would be okay.  Horton was transported to the hospital strapped to a stretcher.  Rome was tossed.  Bruins got a 5 minute PP.  Although they failed to capitalize on the man advantage, it seemed to ignite a fire within the belly of the bear. Players said that during the 1st intermission, the Bruins rallied around their injured teammate and vowed “to win one for Horty.” 

The Killer Bs came out of locker room, impassioned and determined to avenge their comrade-in-ice. 11 seconds into the 2nd, Andrew Ference (the original Green man) put the Black and Gold on the board with a slapshot from the point…

And the Bruins never looked back.

They poured it and managed to solve the goaltending puzzle that is Roberto Luongo.  Apparently, the key is to go high and go glove side.  Bruins beat him 3 times on the glove side and the other goals (with the exception of Kesler’s own goal) were up around Luongo’s ears. 

Apparently, the Bruins can’t score on the PP but they can shorthanded.  2 SHG.  They keep producing like that, we’ll gladly welcome those penalties!

Bruins had 7 different goal scores which shows the depth of the team’s forwards and their skill with the puck.  Marchand’s goal was highlight reel material and the little Motoscooter’s post goal celebration rivals the joyful exuberance of Dawn’s future 2nd husband, Alex Ovechkin.

They are way too happy to pay any attention to the moron flashing them...

Tim Thomas frustrated the Canucks with his in-cre-ab-leh saves and feats of flexibility.  He even managed to lay a hit on Henrik Sedin that would make Bill Belichick proud.

Protecting the house.

 If this guy doesn’t win the Vezina, than every GM in the NHL needs to have his head examined.  Sure, we might me a *bit* bias, but seriously.  Have you been watching him play?  Tim Thomas = Beast of the East.

 The Bruins D shut down the SedinBots, Kesler, Burrowes, et al with authority.  Getting Shawn Thornton into the lineup was a stellar move by Coach Claude.  It’s was like waking the bear from hibernation.  Who was grumpyAnd hungry. We’re all Seguinistas here but in this situation, it was best to sit the kid and go with the heart, toughness, and SCF experience that  ST22 brings to the team.  Plus he talks trash like nobody’s business.  Constantly yapping away, that one.

I could go on and on about all the things that the Bruins did right and all the things that the Canucks did wrong, but frankly I’m just mentally exhausted.  Energy must be conserved since I’ll be in the stands for Game 4.

I’ll try to tweet but I don’t know if my hands will stop shaking enough.

I Get Knocked Down…But I Get Up Again…

2 Jun

Last night’s game was the most exhilarating, exciting, intense Stanley Cup Finals game that I have seen in recent memory.

It also happened to be totally crappy and soul-sucking.

My patronus is a fuzzy brown bear.

As the tornado watch loomed over the city of Boston, the thunder boomed, and lightning lit up the sky like a Polish dyskotekya, the Bruins were just 18 seconds from heading into overtime with the Canucks.

But then Johnny Boychuk made a teeny mistake…

Ryan Kessler made a great pass…

Yannick Hansen made an other great pass…

and Raffi Torres slipped the puck past Timmy Thomas.

Canucks win.

The apartment goes silent.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Collapse on the floor like I’ve been ninja kicked in the face.


A crushing loss to be sure, but then again aren’t all losses in June, when your team is playing for the biggest, shiniest, purtiest trophy in all of sport?

Thomas and Luongo played out of their craniums and denied both teams numerous scoring chances.  At times, the game was chippy and physical and downright bizarre.  Alex Burrows going all pre-school and biting Patrice Bergeron?  What?  Really?  No penalty was called but you can be sure that the NHL will review that scrizz.

But the Professor ain’t fazed by it.  He’s too smaht for that.

The Professor speaks out...click for video footage...

Despite the imperfect outcome, the Bruins should be very proud of the way that they played.  They played a solid, physical game and made the Canucks work for every inch.  Bruins d-men did a great job disrupting the SedinBots’ dolphin sonar, as either Henrik or Daniel had any points; Henrik had a big ‘ol fat goose egg with SOG and Daniel only had 8.

Lots of hockey writers, reporters and prognosticators thought that the Bruins wouldn’t stand a chance against the powerhouse Canucks.  “They’re too fast.”  “They’re too talented.”  “The Sedin twins are magical and drink mineral water from goblets made of unicorn horns.” But the Bs proved that they are a team that deserves to have their shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup.  They belong with the big boys.

While I wanted to curl up into the fetal position and cry last night, I’m feeling much better today.  The series is still young and there is many a game left to play.

And like the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, “Keep Hope Alive!”

Waiting for Tonight…

1 Jun

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!

Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Hell ya, they are!

Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have grad class until 8pm but I’m totally planning on having to “go to the bathroom” and racing home (as much as one can race on public transportation) to watch the game.  I was invited to a meetup of Canadian ex-pats in Boston to watch the game, but they’ll all be cheering for the Canucks and I don’t know if I can handle that…

There has been a lot of media coverage of the SCF here in Boston (natch) and with that comes some awesome photos and screen caps of our most favorite Bruins players.  I only felt is was far to share them with our loyal readers because regardless of your personal hockey affiliation,  you understand the magnitude of the Stanley Cup Finals and what it means to the Canucks and Bruins hockey fans everywhere.

Plus their beards and faces are awesome.  See evidence below.

You’re welcome.


Hi-fives for everyone!

Click, Click, Click...BOOM!

"I once caught a Canuck aboot this...big..."

Learning about the elusive creature known as the...Power Play Goal.

Still pondering just how in the world he made that save on Steve Downie...

Krecji looking all kinds of Euro


I already got my name on the Stanley Cup...what about you?

Teen Wolf like shiny cup.

Notice who's on the wall behind him. *good omen*

"I am Darth Quaider. You will fear me...and my mullet"

Czech me out, ladies.

Why hello there, Boych. Don't you look foxy. P.S. Your profile is *swoon*

The Professor has tenure with the Bruins. 7 years. He's only 25.



What If ..

28 May

watch out vancouver, he's lethal with a water bottle

After Tampa Bay beat Boston in Tampa Bay for Game 6, Nathan Horton purposely picked up a water bottle and sprayed a Tampa Bay fan with a water bottle and then threw it at the fan as he left the ice for the locker room. Yes, the fan was yelling something at him but so were many others. Yes, Tampa was dumb to give out noise clackers that were heavy enough that fans could throw far enough to make it onto the ice but again, this particular fan did not do anything TOHorton to deserve what he got. And yes, it’s water.

The incident happens at the 1:20 mark. The only film available is on Youtube: (I got it to embed for you – Pants)

Puck Daddy mentions this YESTERDAY before Game 7 :

“Before the 2010-11 season, the NHL made it clear that players spraying fans with water bottles, even when there’s penalty box glass in between them, was outlawed. ”

You may remember, John Tortorella, the coach of the NY Rangers, was suspended for a game for spraying a fan with a water bottle and NOT throwing anything. This was during the 2009 playoffs. But there was a big who-ha about this when it happened. And I am not going to compare this to Rick Rypien of the Canucks because that is silly.

But the NHL did NOT suspend Horton nor provide any disciplinary action for the incident. However, there was a precedent and where is the disciplinary consistency? But if they HAD, would Boston have won game 7 against Tampa Bay since Nathan Horton snagged his second game winning goal? He now has a NHL record of scoring two game winning, game 7 goals in the same playoff year.

I was a little shocked that no media asked either coaches about this nor Versus or the CBC brought this up during the post-game analysis. It seems like everyone wanted to just sweep it under the rug.

I’m not trying to take anything away from Boston or their win tonight, nor Nathan Horton but I certainly hope perhaps the classy Tim Thomas takes him aside, sits him down and has a long talk with him about sportsmanship, being a professional and keeping his emotions in check. Because watching game 7 and then seeing all the interviews with this young man afterward, knowing about his shameful behaviour towards the Tampa Bay fans, made it a little hard to feel good about his achievements. I hope he realized he dodged a huge bullet.

i am master of the universe!

On a lighter note, Tim Thomas gave the BEST QUOTE ever, post-game when Scott Oakes asked him how he planned on handling Vancouver, “Well .. obviously, ah, I just plan on stopping as many pucks as possible!”  Good plan Tim. How can you not love this guy?

It’ll only takes one…

24 May

The Bruins are one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

One win.  One measly little win.

It is so close, we can taste it.

Tastes like peanut butter and happiness.

Yesterday’s 3-1 win over the Lightning was not pretty by any means, but it is a “W” nonetheless.

Bruins’ d-men looks shaky and slow.  Communication between Timmay and ZC33, AF21, DS44, TK12 and the rest of the guys was off and we don’t like it one bit.  But they did stick Big Z in front of the net to screen out Smith.  Well played, Claude.  It’s like trying to see around a California redwood.

Bruins let TB score early in the first (again!).  Guys, we can’t let this happen anymore.  WUYS forbids it.  It is soul-crushing and we can’t take the stress about the B’s having to come from behind a minute into the game.

We’re totally cool with goalies playing the puck…when it is safe and necessary to do so.  Too many times this series Timmay has gone back to play the biscuit and crashed into a defensemen or misplayed the puck leading to a turnover.  Do us a favor, Timmy.  Just stay in your home.  Don’t venture out.  Become agoraphobic.  Those blue lines are to become your personal little bubble.

Bruins got scoring from Horton, Motorscooter Marchand, and Rich Peverley, who I’m sure goes home everything and prays to baby Jesus in the tuxedo t-shirt that he got out of Atlanta when he did.  While his former teammates back up their u-hauls and deal with the drama of the Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg, RP49 is one win away from getting the chance to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The game was hard-fought and one could argue that the Lightning outplayed the Bruins, but some how the Killer B’s pulled it out.

Like the proverbial rabbit out of hat.


Game 6 is tomorrow night in Tampa Bay.  *fingerscrossed*  no magical tricks required.

It’s On!

13 May

Now that you won’t be able to get this song out of your head, it’s the battle of the Super Twins, Count Von Count-anyone-can-do-this-job VS. Jumbo Scrimp (Oxy-Maroon), I’m-still -Cryin’ Patty Mar-where’s-the-loo and Logan Haute-Couture. Who will win the West-Coast Battle for the Cup? I called Vancouver in the Wayback Machine.

capt vs capt (i think it's henrik - who knows for sure!)

On the East Coast we got the Not-so-Jolly-Yellow-Giant Chara, Sir Thomas-the-Tank-Engine and i-blow-pucks-out-my-ass-for-goals-bergeron VS stampeding Stammers, Little-Man Louis and Bat-shit-crazy-face-sort-of-hot-in-a-weird-way-guy-the-butcher. I called neither of these and would have never dreamed of either of these but in reverse psychology and covering my bases. I’m going with Tampa Bay and if they win, I’ll be glad and say I called it. If they lose, I’ll say I helped Boston because every team I pick, loses! So either way, I’m covered! Sound practice!

Back in da day: Timmy and Martin

13 May

We present to you Timmy “The Tank” Thomas and Martin “Squishy” St. Louis, circa 1996…



BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS!! Watch the awesome video, complete with stellar 90’s soundtrack!

In 1996, Pants and I were juniors in high school.  She had a curly afro and I had reaaaally long hair and wore Doc Martens.

In 1996, the Tank and Squishy were teammates on the Vermont Catamounts’ hockey team.  Who knew that 15 years later, they’d be facing each other for a chance to play in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Certainly not them.  We’re thinking they were more worried that they ran out of Ben and Jerry’s and that they couldn’t find their favorite flannel shirt.  Let’s be realistic here, people.  It is Vermont, after all.

Should be interesting to watch them when the Eastern Conference Finals start up tomorrow.  Think they’ll meet up at center ice during warm ups for a chat?

Or will it be this instead?