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Foxy Friday: Doug Dorsey

29 Jul

It’s so freakin’ hot in DC that all I want to do is turn on the A/C and watch a movie.  This movie.

Admit it, you have this movie memorized.  You’ve been known to say “Parlez-vous Olympics?!” and “Doug can read.” in conversation.  You want Doug to put his hands “WHERE?!” and you don’t care if he calls you Rita or Anita in the morning.

You wish there was really a bar called the Penalty Box full of crotchety locals who think you just said “finger painting.” You’d love a Bobby Hull game sweater and you’d break up with Hale the minute Doug walked in (or just because his name is Hale).

For Doug Dorsey, you’d definitely put the Pemchenko Twist in the program and you’d always remember who said it first.  They just don’t make movies like this anymore.

All Coming Back to Me Now

24 Feb

Oh boy.  Alex Kovalev is back with the Penguins. Ray “I get s*** done” Shero acquired him from Ottawa for a conditional draft pick [link].  On top of James Neal and Matt Niskanen, Shero is running down the dream here.  Today is Kovalev’s 38th birthday so I hope he wished for a playoff race.

The way back machine.

Kovalev played in Pittsburgh from ’98-’03, between stints with the NY Rangers.  As a Pen he racked up 149 goals and 197 assists in 344 games.

Disclaimer: I hate the NY Rangers. I especially hated them growing up in Upstate NY and I probably said “1940!” a hundred thousand times.  It has been many moons, but I have never really recovered.  And I’ve always disliked Kovalev, even when he was a Penguin.  Now I am prepared to eat my words.  Come on Alex, and show me how wrong I’ve been for cough…20…cough years.

Still makes me shudder.

The Pens may be close to getting Chris Kunitz back from injury, and none too soon.  They are still missing forwards Asham, Johnson, Tangradi, Letestu and Jeffrey.  Defenseman Paul Martin is out, and this morning they announced Brooks Orpik has a broken finger and will miss 4 weeks.  They have a few other injuries too – no one you’ve ever heard of.

Chuck, Beth and I are going to Pittsburgh for the March 25 weekend games.  We may be called in to demonstrate the skills we’ve learned by repeatedly watching The Cutting Edge.

Exactly, Kate.