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Five Things: Love Today

8 Feb

In honor of making it halfway through this week, here are five things that I love about today.

1. James Neal’s career-high 28th goal, and there are still 28 games left to play.  (Bonus: Awkwardly close-up post-game interview video.)

2. Steven Stamkos has scored against every NHL team [video].  And he got a League-leading 35th goal on his birthday, even if the Bolts lost.

3. Letang jumped PK Subban in defense of Geno during last night’s extra-frames shootout loss.  The video’s bad, but skip to the 1:00 mark for the tackle.

4. The Caps are #1 in the Southeast Division.  Gator and I had an excellent time watching the beat Florida 4-0.


5. I’d love it if the Blackhawks could win a road game, especially since they’re on a 9-game trip.  Since that hasn’t happened, any suggestions for something you love about today?

Birthday Boy: Steven Stamkos

7 Feb

I think it’s safe to say you all know how I feel about Steven Stamkos.  I don’t run away from just anyone in the street!  Well today is Stammer’s 22nd birthday… as if I needed an excuse to gush.

He’s handsome.

He’s charming.

And he has excellent friends.

But I digress.  Steven also has the most NHL goals ever by the age of 23 – 153 total, including 34 to lead the League this season.  Add that to 136 assists for a total of 289 points in 3.5 regular seasons.  And he’s the hero of my all-time favorite BAMF moment ever.

I know a lot of you are off Steven because of the hair.  It’s pretty awful, but I am not deterred.  And you could always focus on something else… like goals.

Right.  Goals in short sleeves.

Okay, okay.  The Lightning made a hot run through Feb/March last season, right over the Pens and Caps in the playoffs.  This year they have struggled.  They’re currently 10 points out of a playoff spot in the East, though fewer than 10 would put them into first in the Southeast and an automatic berth.  No one’s out yet.  Of their remaining 31 games, 26 are against Eastern Conference teams.

So happy birthday, Steven Stamkos.  We’re pulling for you (and carrying scissors in our purse.)  Follow Steven at @RealStamkos91 and read his ASG blog [link].  It’s no secret that good grammar and punctuation make us swoon.  (Pssst, Steven!  We take guest bloggers!)

For those of you keeping score at home, last year’s post – Birthday Boy 2011: Steven Stamkos.


31 Jan

When Mr. Pants and I boarded our flight in Houston on Saturday, I had NO idea there would be individual TVs on the plane.  Then I saw the All-Star Game Skills Competition was on.  I may have screamed.  One swipe of the AMEX later, I was sitting an inch from the screen with a huge smile on my face.

Mr. Pants: “What are you so happy about?”

Obviously he doesn’t share my pain in missing a week of hockey and the ASG Draft, or as we prefer to think of it, The WUYS Bachelor Auction.  I’m sure it was great.  And I saw they put Letang in the front row because even he can only get away with tripping once.

The Elimination Shootout started as we reached cruising altitude.  Stamkos stepped up… and the pilot came on the PA talking about miles programs and tail winds and how, if you looked out the right side, you could see a chicken in Mississippi riding a bicycle.  He talked the ENTIRE TIME!   We almost had an incident with Homeland Security.  Plus the seatbelt sign was on forever and I really had to pee.

During the post-win interview, I lost it and said, “Stop touching him, Pierre!” really loud.  Unless Pierre has scissors, though it doesn’t look like he’d know how to cut hair.

Hands off the merchandise, Troll.

Also, it’s not easy to watch Nealmobile do Accuracy Shooting when it’s illegal for me to scream, run around or throw things.  As I watch back through the coverage, the ASG never fails to be a highlight of the season.  It brainwashes me into a maniac who thinks things like:

Red heads in pink shirts?  Sure, why not!  Too bad no one could straighten it out before shooting.  Unless Giroux’s going to tear it off, it shouldn’t be stretched like that.  My inner publicist cringes.  (Note: That plaid jacket still needs to go. Along with Neal’s. Were they on sale in Ontario at some point?)

Carey Price is funny.  And charming.  I didn’t think this could get worse.

Scott Hartnell + the Sedins = my nightmare.  Except it’s fantastic.

And some things’s don’t surprise.  Henrik Lundqvist puts everyone to shame, in every category.

If you didn’t think Patrick Kane would steal the show then you must be new around here.

My tights are underneath.

As always, the awkward prom photos.  Everyone is cringing about talking to fathers and having to

See you at the prom party, Segs.

Logan can pick us up in his new car.

 What did you guys think?  No Crosby, Toews, Green, Backstrom, zero Staals.  Still everything you hoped for?  And share your favorite bits, because I probably missed them!

Intern Desk: Back in Action

20 Jan

Hey, I’m back!  Intern Jeff Skinner reporting for duty!  No one around here seems to care, since Pants was on vacation and leaves again tomorrow for her honeymoon.  Supposedly she doesn’t know where they’re going.  Pretend to act surprised when it’s Pittsburgh.

Come here often?

At least then she can’t keep telling me I should have closed my mouth in the NHL Tonight commercial where I’m pretending to ride the bike.  (She’s watched that far once, by the way – too busy rewinding Stamkos and his cereal.)

I made my comeback at Washington, but Pants wasn’t there.  Then we played the Penguins, where I took a pretty big hit from Crazy Eyes Orpik and had to go to the quiet room.  She didn’t even call!  I know she was watching!  (Editor’s note: She wasn’t.)

Hmmpphh.  James Neal had the game winning shootout goal and was First Star, I bet she called him.

Really? This guy?

We’re still not winning much and I know Pants finds it hard to watch, because she really does like us.  We beat the Bruins, but I promised Chuck and Cassy I wouldn’t mention it in exchange for extra Mexicolas.  We are also tied with the Lightning at 40 points.  I’m hoping that my return can brighten things up around here and offer some consistency.  When we win, we score a lot (13 goals in last 3 wins.)  It’s not too late to get this season back on track.

Want me to sign your yearbook?

Two for me, one for you.

28 Dec

The Lightning beat the Flyers 5-1 last night, which means you’ll get to see Stammer’s flowing locks again on 24/7 next week.  Oh, and his two sick goals.

Tampa Bay is still struggling below .500 and near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but it’s always fun to beat Philly.  Stamkos post-game interview [link] – what he doesn’t mention is staying just one goal ahead of James Neal(.com) for the NHL lead.

Nealmobile got his 21st of the season and it was wacky. It hit his leg, we all yelled “Go in the net!” and so it did.  The puck just wants James to like it, and we totally understand.

As epic as TurBacon Thanksgiving.

Santa brought you a brand new Nealer highlight video, complete with homage to that Hawaiian shirt [link].

Jordan Staal played in his 400th NHL game last night, and scored himself a celebratory goal. Gator and I are hosting an air hockey tournament at work tomorrow and guess who’s on my team?

Team Pants

With just a few days to go till the Winter Classic, even the Empire State Building is getting into the game:

NEW YORK – As the countdown to the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic continues, the Empire State Building will celebrate the much-anticipated outdoor match-up between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers by shining its world-famous tower lights in Rangers and Flyers colors on Wednesday, Dec. 28.  The east/west sides of the building, with west facing Madison Square Garden, will be lit in the Rangers’ Blue, Red and White, while its north/south sides, with south facing the City of Philadelphia, will be lit in the Flyers’ Orange and White. [link]

It’s cool, right?  Or it’s a thousand annoying phone calls informing the building that the blue lights on the south side are broken.

Front Page

22 Dec

Someone we know once posted this to Facebook:

Thanks, Paul C.

Safe to say that hashtag also applies to:

Biebs skated with the Leafs  [link] in a track suit because they didn’t have any Youth Medium hockey gear laying around.  Look at his pants – I bet they’re rolled at the waist too.  Phaneuf is all, “You said Disney princesses!  I brought my Ariel lunchbox to get signed!”  I don’t think JB’s huge diamond stud earrings would fit under a helmet.

In a totally unrelated story, look which ad is featured on NHL.com today:

This triggered a chorus of “MissyouWhyPhiladelphiaagainSid’sdryerislonely” from my office.  And I haven’t even been watching 24/7!  But I’ll catch up now so as to not miss the triumphant return of Claude Giroux.  He wasn’t concussed, he was just saving up points.

Hahahahaha, NHL.com, you so funny.

Gingeroux had 1 G/3A in the Flyers win over Dallas last night [link].  He missed 4 games and still holds the NHL lead in points scored with 43.  Alright fine, you kinda like him don’t you?  Gross.

As predicted,  Pens’ Deryk Engelland will have a hearing with Shanahan today over his hit on Marcus Kruger [link].  Kruger did not play last night as the Hawks piled up on the Habs.  Corey Crawford, who has been benched in favor of Ray Emery for the last 6 games, was pretty impressive in net for Chicago.  Also applause-worthy is Jonathan Toews tying Stamkos for the NHL goal-scoring lead (it was an empty net but we’ll take it!)

Love everything about this.

Colorado won their 7the straight home game [link], which would be really exciting if they hadn’t also lost their last 9 road games.  But now they’re at .500 and they have 3 home games left before the end of the year.  They could be pulling up into the top 8 in the West pretty quickly.

And if you’re still watching, the Hurricanes blew a 3-1 lead to Phoenix last night in a really hard loss.  They are 2-6-2 under their new coach and are last in the East with just 26 points.  Apparently the fact that I really like the Canes and that their mascot Stormy is “an anthropomorphic ice hog” (Wikipedia gem) doesn’t count for much these days.  I’ll keep writing letters to Santa and maybe he can give EStaal and the boys a break.


Keep Your Chin Up

6 Dec

I want the Tampa Bay Lightning to play better, because they are such a happy crew.  Behind-the-scenes from the Tampa Bay Magazine cover story:

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Now cut your hair.

And there’s adorable video too [link].

Spin like a ballerina!

The Bolts are 11-13-2, while the cross-state Panthers are killing it and leading the division.  That’s right, I said the PANTHERS.  Remember when Rob Niedermayer played for them?


Stammer has 16 G/13 A, which puts him near the top in goals and points.

Lean back.

But they’re struggling to put together wins.  The Lightning have dropped 9 of 15 games, including the last 4 in a row.

Squishy is a distinguished gentleman.

They play tonight against a team with a worse record – the Islanders.  It would be nice to get a running start into tough road games against the Rangers and Flyers later this week.

Everybody loves Steven.