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This one’s for Chuck

15 Jun

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and to Chuck!

Bear vs. Orca

15 Jun

Well, here we are.

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Bruins vs. Canucks.

East vs. West.

Bear vs. Orca.

For fans of both teams, tonight will be a special game.  History will be made.

Bruins have the opportunity to win their first Cup in 39 years.  Canucks have the chance to win their first Cup ever.

Through 82 regular season games and 3 rounds of intense playoff action, both teams have battled and bled for hockey glory.  They felled hated foes, only to create new ones with a single bite.

They’ve been concussed, cut, punched, slashed, some within an inch of their lives, only to emerge a roaring beast full of fire and determination and sheer will.

Tonight….someone wins the Cup.

We all know where my loyalties lie.  My blood runs Black and Gold.  For those that know me, they know that my love for this great sport and for the Bruins is not fairweather.  It is a deep, pure love, one that has sustained itself season after season, through every victory and every heart-wrenching defeat.

At 8pm EST, I’ll be sitting on my couch with my fingers and my toes and my hair crossed.  My roommate has graciously agreed to have a defibrilator ready.  I’ve already warned her that I may cry.

Oh and a fun fact about tonight…tonight, there will be a lunar eclipse.

Last time there was a lunar eclipse…it was Oct. 27, 2004…the day the Red Sox broke the curse and won the World Series.

Just saying…

Waiting for Tonight…

1 Jun

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!

Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Hell ya, they are!

Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have grad class until 8pm but I’m totally planning on having to “go to the bathroom” and racing home (as much as one can race on public transportation) to watch the game.  I was invited to a meetup of Canadian ex-pats in Boston to watch the game, but they’ll all be cheering for the Canucks and I don’t know if I can handle that…

There has been a lot of media coverage of the SCF here in Boston (natch) and with that comes some awesome photos and screen caps of our most favorite Bruins players.  I only felt is was far to share them with our loyal readers because regardless of your personal hockey affiliation,  you understand the magnitude of the Stanley Cup Finals and what it means to the Canucks and Bruins hockey fans everywhere.

Plus their beards and faces are awesome.  See evidence below.

You’re welcome.


Hi-fives for everyone!

Click, Click, Click...BOOM!

"I once caught a Canuck aboot this...big..."

Learning about the elusive creature known as the...Power Play Goal.

Still pondering just how in the world he made that save on Steve Downie...

Krecji looking all kinds of Euro


I already got my name on the Stanley Cup...what about you?

Teen Wolf like shiny cup.

Notice who's on the wall behind him. *good omen*

"I am Darth Quaider. You will fear me...and my mullet"

Czech me out, ladies.

Why hello there, Boych. Don't you look foxy. P.S. Your profile is *swoon*

The Professor has tenure with the Bruins. 7 years. He's only 25.



Your Moment Of Play-Off Stress Relief Zen.

15 Apr

Thank you all at WUYS for voting me Disney Prince! I accept the award.

Kaner’s Stanley Cup Pants-Off Dance Off:

Captain Serious – aka Jonathan Toews does an interview SHIRTLESS:

Yes, Dawn, I know, but I asked you to stop calling me here. Jordan gave you my number? That ...

Out and about in LA with Drew, Jarret and Matt from the LA Kings … YEOW! Drew looks Smokin’ HOT!

And Scooter MaGoo …

White House, Blackhawks.

11 Mar

The Blackhawks visited the White House this afternoon – it’s right down the road from here, but I was not invited.  How rude.  Luckily Kaner brought his ever-present FlipCam and doubtless got all kinds of state secrets on that thing.  See the whole ceremony: Video.

Honestly, does he have a contract with them?  Malkin did a commercial, they should clearly hire PK.

Toews is watching Kane.

Nobody told Tazer or PK to wear black.  Their bromance is so strong they have to dress alike to stick out.

The President does this every year, but Obama was the Senator from Chicago so this is extra-special for him.  Awkward Jon and his giant ring even gave Obama a mini Stanley Cup! I want one of those!  You know Obama would be great in the locker room and everyone would call him B-Rock.  In fact, I’m calling him that from now on.


The whole thing goes on too long – Tazer starts yawning around 4:30, well after I did.  B-Rock is busy, kids.  I wouldn’t be though – I might run for President just so I can do these ceremonies and turn them into all day events with theme park rides and funnel cake.

Winner Winner Bruin Dinner

4 Mar

The Bruins have won 7 in a row.

We like this.  We like this alot.

6 wins on the road including a huge win over the best team in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks and the Sedin Wonder Twins.

Last time the B’s won 6 straight on the road was waaaay back in 1972.  They won the Cup that year and they had some guy named Bobby Orr on the team.

Hockey God.

Yesterday’s 2-1 win over Tampa Bay, made it 7 Ws in a row for the Killer Bs.  It wasn’t a pretty win by any means, as the team struggled offensively and turned prime scoring chances in to jack squat.  A missed net here, a clanger off the post there.  Sometimes they didn’t even take a shot at all.  (I’m talking to you Nathan Horton.)

I’m a cautiously optimistic sports fan.  I don’t like saying too much or hoping too much on the off-chance that it all comes crashing down around me.

Maybe it is because I’m a Red Sox fan and we are all too familiar with disappointment.  It took us a long time to get over Buckner.  (18 years)


But I really really love this Bruins team.  Really.  Almost as much as I love my Prada backpack. (TTIHAY reference!)

The Bruins feel like a team that can stay in games even if they are trailing, execute their coach’s game plan, and remain calm, cool and collected.  They do more good things than bad things and that’ll win you games very time.

Winning is awesome. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

This Bruins team has an attitude.  A swagger.  A blue-collar bravado.

Maybe it has something to do with this…

Orr, Lucic, and Thornton featured in Dropkick Murphys’ new video.  Irish wake + shots of whiskey + hockey players = winning.

What ever the reason, I want more of it.  Much MORE!  Enough to fill the top of that pretty silver bowl…

Hawks in the House

3 Mar

Who do I have to know to go to this? I will be in Maryland!  I hope Kris Versteeg will be there with a special Presidential edition rap.

From NHL.com: President Barack Obama will honor the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks during a ceremony at The White House on Friday, March 11, at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Look who's back there - MAX TALBOT.

Following the ceremony, First Lady Michelle Obama, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and USA Hockey Executive Director Dave Ogrean will preside over a street hockey workout and clinic on a rink set up on the South Lawn of the White House. The clinic for local youngsters, which will be conducted by members of the Blackhawks and Washington Capitals.

The Eagle has landed.