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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

We at WUYS love St. Patrick’s Day for many reasons: beer, Irish accents, beer, Westlife, corned beef & cabbage, Boston, beer, kilts, Westlife.  We don’t really understand why the NHL loves St. Patrick’s Day so much, but we like it.

Lucky Seven(teen)

Today you can save 17% at the NHL Shop, and you can save it on special St. Patrick’s Day gear:

Green Team

If you’re going to pick a random holiday, we’re all for SPD.  What could be more fun? And in the middle of the playoff race it’s generally when regular season attention is peaking.  Dawn and I both own SPD-edition shirts – mine is Crosby, her’s is Ovi.  Is that what they mean by fighting Irish?

Patrick, yes. Saint, not so much.

Sláinte everyone, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I totally bought these!

24 Sep

I couldn’t help myself because unlike Pants, I ❤ sparkly, bright, shiny things – like a magpie – or better yet – like Mike Green to Mariah Carey. Plus the total bonus was they were discounted and no comment from the peanut gallery about the Ovi shirt! Puh-lease

bright AND sparkly

There has been enough bashing today and I will give Max props for being hot – there I said it. He’s HOT. Even I can appreciate a hot hockey player as long as his mouth is, well, I guess it wouldn’t work if I duct taped his mouth shut – huh?! And he’s French, which is another strike against him but oh well. He is hot and I’ll leave it at that.

Hot for O'vechkin!

Besides, I won’t mention, that again, the only picture any one can find of Sidney Crosby is yet again, with a guy – a hot guy, but a guy none the less. Oops, sorry. I digressed.

I am now waiting by my mail box for my sparkly (which I HOPE is bedazzled with genuine Swarovski crystals!) Caps Lucky tank top and my Ovechkin Women’s Green St. Patrick’s Day shirt – which, if it’s coming UPS Ground – MIGHT be here by the next St. Patrick’s Day.

But that is another story for another day which I will only add –  I left on the NHL shop’s website because they bugged me for feedback.  BTW – I think they got a good laugh that day and decided to call me only to see if I truly existed as well as my dead, blind, crippled, paralyzed grandma.

Note from Pants:

I’m pulling editorial and posting this, because it’s too weird!  I am wearing the Crosby version of that St. Patrick’s Day shirt right now. Wonder twins activate?  For Jello wrestling during the Winter Classic?

fashion show at work

PS: You like that Matt Damon peeking over my shoulder?