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This Photo Needs No Words.

14 Sep

A bromance is born - True THAT! I told you - EVERY ONE loves Ovi.

Thanks Puck Daddy! I feel you Kessler. Ovi has that effect on EVERYONE. You can’t help it. It’s OK. He’s magical. We won’t tell if you dry hump his leg. Kris Letang couldn’t help himself either. And Kris Letang is super hot too! He fell under Ovi’s magical spell. Look out BizNasty – you’re next!

Wake Me Up When…

10 May

What do you guys want to talk about today?

The Canucks win.  Somewhere Shea Weber’s beard defeats all attempts to be removed.  That thing had a building permit and poured a foundation, it’s going to be a hot summer in wherever Shea is from.  Ryan Kessler ditches the secret identity ruse and goes full-on super hero.  DUH.

Fear that Beard.

San Jose drops another one to the Wings.  It’s okay, no one is watching.  There’s plenty of other stuff going on to distract everyone while you play game 6 tonight.

Hangover II

The Bruins/Lightning series is not yet scheduled.  They’ve all gotten advance degrees in thumb-twiddling during the break.  Seriously San Jose, no one is waiting for you to finish.  Take your time.

Sitting, waiting, wishing...

But this is hardly news and frankly, quite boring.  So today, this instead.


Mikey Monday

31 Jan

When I saw this photo, I nearly burst my spleen laughing.  WHO DOES THESE? Either brilliant or tragic, you decide.


Yah00! Puck Daddy caption: “Dude, senior prom was weird this year.”

My first thought was: This is how they make their moves on the ladies. Let me dim the lights by throwing my jersey over this IKEA lamp.  Although they both do it numbers-side up.  Show-offs.

In the skills competition, Mike competed in Fastest Skater against Steven Stamkos.  I’m sorry, what?  Ovi couldn’t help but steal Mike’s TV moment.  Here’s how I imagine this going:

You no win. I always win. How feel, Mike?

Ovi: Mike, you not very fast. Stamkos fast.  Also, Stamkos 20 years old.  You not so young.  And Stamkos weigh like 185.  You not so skinny.  He a race car, you a Vespa.  So Mike, how you think you do?

Mike: Stop c***-blocking me, douche.

Mike only lost by half a second, which I think is pretty impressive.

Mike also competed in the Skills Challenge Relay, doing right-handed one-timers from the blue line.  He followed Kris Letang (best defensive pair EVER) and did well.  Tanger had a tough time getting pucks up, Mike did a little better.  I was like a nervous mom.

Apparently, Sports Illustrated’s red carpet interview question was “What should you win an Oscar for?”  Mike answered, “My hairdo.” But should he?  I think he may have been topped this weekend:

Is that guy a Staal? He looks like a Staal. How many are there?

He’s good good angles on the tri-hawk here.  But Ryan Kessler has the thorns out:

Like a cactus.

And the dark horse candidate, no one saw him coming… Rick Nash with the porcupine:

I'm making a point.

What’s the verdict, does Mike’s hair take home the gold? Can any of these guys get a helmet on over these messes?