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The Day Has Come

1 Jun

It’s time for the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  At the end, I will no longer be able say “Defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks” and I’ll be so sad.  But maybe Chuck will get to say that about the Bruins!!  Is everyone ready?

Tyler Seguin’s all:

While RK17 is like:

And you know those cute animals have crafty ways of winning in the wild.  I’m really looking forward to this one, mostly for Chuck’s sake.  She’s going to be a mess.  I’m going to be cracking up.  Nothing like a good Cup Final to get me through 100+ degree weather.

I Am The Egg-Man & Hockey Flu

25 May

also a master curler

Since Vancouver won, I’ll fess up to being the chick flashing Ben Eager just for shits and giggles – IN MY DREAMS. I don’t have a body like that. Maybe like, 15 years ago. My twins have gone a little south, let’s say. But that’s between Victoria and me and she’s doesn’t tell!


But now that I am THIS CLOSE to a full on Tiger-blooded Egg-headed-Sedin-Machine-no-trolls-allowed – goddesses-only-Bieska-lent- Torres-Torres-Torres-Hamhuis-in-the-house-Burrows-it-the-net-Stanley-Cup-Parade-Next Door? HELL YA! I don’t think there is a hockey fan out there that would miss a Stanley Cup parade even if it wasn’t ‘their’ team.

oh man, of better days ... sunny and chance of kris letang

To see ‘the cup’ and the team that won it would be awesome. Mr. Cherrie and I have already planned our escape route and run across the border because people here just don’t understand the importance of what is happening.

no, pants, I did not draw this but it has three things i love - actually make that four!

We are both calling in with Hockey Flu – which I’m saying I caught from making out with Kris Letang! And yes, I am getting way ahead of myself. But a girl can dream. I’m just so close.

the cup, kris letang, ovi, double d, bubbles in 7-up ... the beach, um .. purr fect!

17 Years Ago Tonight… Rinse and Repeat.

25 May

the food chain prevails ... nom nom nom ...

Bieksa the Berserker was the only one who knew where the biscuit was on the ice … with a freaky deaky goal in double OT and down go the Sharks. It’s 17 years to the day that Vancouver claims the Western Conference title in a double OT as well and will face either Boston or Tampa Bay for Lord Stanley’s Cup. I’d call it Freaky Friday but it’s Tuesday so go figure!

foxy friday alum ryan kesler - who was injured snapped this one by anti-nemesis for a biscuit

But riddle me this? I get that Vancouver was excited about this, but good gravy  why would you drop confetti on the ice before the presentation and then have your players out there skating around? Are you TRYING to trip them? Kesler was already injured and Luongo has a hard enough time stopping the puck as it is, he doesn’t need a greater handicap!

this is the only dance move i know, the robot, get it, sedin-the-machine, the robot, oh, if I have to explain it's not a joke.

So since I picked them for the Western Conference winner winner chicken dinner back in September, here’s a little ra-ra for your cha-cha Sedin-machines and Foxy Ryan Kesler and Bieksa-Lenta:

Down, But Not Out

20 Apr

Where have you been all my life season?!  The Blackhawks blew the doors off the Madhouse last night with a 7-2 win over Vancouver to keep from being swept, devastated and sent to the back nine with nothing but their ’10 Cup rings for company.

Dave Bolland had 1G + 2A.  Patrick Sharp had 2G, Patrick Kane had 2A.  Jonathan Toews was, and I quote the VS announcers, “marvelous” and “magnificent.”  Don’t let his 1A fool you, JTown was all over this game.  Duncan Keith and I had the exact same reaction when he scored to make it 3-1.  Round ’em up! [video]


In keeping with the series, bodies were flying too – except the Hawks finally gave as good as they got.  Bolland had 3 hits on his 4 point night and Troy Brouwer scared the crap out of someone’s grandma.

What a nice young man.

And there’s this photo: Battle of the Foxy Fridays.  On the left, you see me & Chuck (except one of us is not blond).  Chuck is watching the puck, because puck possession is the foxiest of attributes.  Pants might be mesmerized by the derp face.  Either way, it’s like waiting for the asteroid to crash into the Earth in Armageddon –  probably nothing will happen but you never know, and there might be space suits.  PS: Those kids on the right are on MulletWatch, we gave them $10.

Friday night. Just got paid.

I am inspired.  It shouldn’t take the threat of a sweep to light a fire but you definitely cling tightest when you’re falling off that cliff.  I believe in the Blackhawks.  As mentioned, Chuck and I Rock the Red Sox when hockey’s not around.  So we’ve learned not to count teams out when they’re down 3-0 against a bitter rival.

Six Impossible Things

Now the Hawks just have to get up Thursday and do it all over again against the best team in the League. At least they’ll get the chance.

Foxy Friday: Ryan Kesler

8 Apr

I haven’t done a Foxy Friday is forever.  The regular season is thisclose to being over and it’s about time we talked Ryan Kesler.  Kesler is getting a lot of support for NHL MVP this season (not the least of which is from former Foxy Friday @buccigross).


He scored a hat trick last night to reach the 40 goal mark, which puts him 5th in NHL scoring.  This is *way* up from a career-high 26 prior to this season.  Kes has 72 points on the season, was co-captain of ASG Team Staal and gave Mike Green and Rick Nash a run for it on the Best Hair Award.

The Canucks have 1.5 billion points (okay, 115) and locked up a playoff spot around Christmas.  With Kesler on fire and the Robot Sedin Twins churning out points, I don’t envy whoever has to play Vancouver in the first round (dear God let it be Chicago if only because it means they made the playoffs).

I have a clothing line. Here I am NOT wearing it.

Kes has a clothing line with Firststar sports, including shirts, sweatshirts and underwear with his initials on them.  Considering that Ryan was only 7 when Marky Mark rocked his Calvins (old, we are old!), we’ll forgive the obvious homage.

Now I’m hungry for lunch.

Ryan is married with two kids and a very full energy-smart fridge.  He’s from Michigan (Team America) and won the Canucks’ “Most Exciting Player” Award this season.  Can he be more exciting?  The Stanley Cup is exciting, and it’s also foxy. Let’s see if the tradition of Foxy Friday honorees playing even better continues…