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We love Cabbie

20 Jan

How have I never seen this before?   My favorite is Getzlaf – he cannot get a single word out.  Even Crosby’s getting sassy.

Happy Canada Day!

1 Jul

May you get Tim Horton’s and a huge free agent contract.

Ggo out this weekend and celebrate.  If you’re American enjoying July 4th, we suggest you blast some Bryan Adams, then find a Canadian and hug him.

Beard Watch

22 Apr

We have reached a critical stage in Beard Watch 2011.  The Preds and Ducks are tied 2-2 and it’s looking like this series could go seven games.  In fact, we hope so.  Because this thing is getting epic.

Agent Orange

Shea Weber is approaching Level ELMO.  He was somewhere between bath time and Rubber Duckie, now he’s leaning toward “Here fishy, fishy, fishy!”

Faster than you can say “a la peanut butter sandiwches!”, Shea will be getting trimming that beard clear of his eyes to see the ice.  By round 2 he’ll be combing and braiding it, perhaps in Preds colors.  Ryan Getzlaf is really pissed that Weber’s growing gratuitous hair while bald guy goes bald.

Tickle Me Weber

It’s necessary to point out that Shea cheated a bit on his beard and started growing before the regular season ended.  This is frowned upon by Max Talbot, who Tweeted when he shaved clean before game 1 so his beard is all playoffs and nothing but the playoffs, so help him Sasquatch.

While Shea is not approaching Fear the Beard status yet, he is so far the most likely candidate for the Brian Wilson Kicks Your Ass Award.  Final voting will take place after the Cup is awarded.  Start tracking your candidates now.  Most likely to NOT win for his beard, even if they win the Cup (and not care because they won the Cup): our beloved Swede, Nicky B.  Seriously, I get more coverage from eating chocolate ice cream.


Enjoy the weekend and check back Monday to see which beards surivive!

Mind Over Brain Matter

24 Feb

So to quote many a hockey player and coach, hockey is 90% mental and 10% physical. OK – I’ll buy that for a hot second since it was regurgitated out of Kris Letang’s luscious mouth recently. (I’m paraphrasing him more intelligently.) Where I am I going with this? Is it me or are many teams suffering A LOT of injuries lately? I was perusing the IR HOT LIST for the Caps and noticed BAMM-SCOOBY DOO – there are a lot of players out. I was watching the Freeway Face-off last night (because my beautiful double D TBG was playing) and wondering where Frankenface was AKA Getzlaf. Out. Injured. I’m not going to list all the major playas who are out or have been out because if you’re a fan, you already know the who’s who of Boo-boo ville.

on the Caps most wanted now?

However, I do have a great quote from BB of the Caps about Backstrom from his EPIC showdown hair on hair scrap with Letang on Monday. See, Nicky B has not missed a game in his entire NHL career which would be 307 games! Impressed? I knew you would be. And even though the Hot Mop out of Pit fractured the Hot Mop from Sweden’s thumb, Nicky B. is still planning on playing tomorrow because according to BB, “I’m saying he’s playing tomorrow. He’s fine. He’s got a sore ouchie that’s not preventing him from playing. He’s a tough kid.”

mikey may be kissing nickys boo-boo and more if he misses a game

So all the hot hair is not just covering access to brain matter or keeping their heads warm, it evidently is covering a 90% mental desire to play hockey – I was never any good at math – whatever. Too bad all that hockey gear covers like 100% of all that hockey body hotness! 😉 If only we could get them to play the All Star Game naked! Someone get me Brendan Shanahan on the phone NOW! I have a brilliant idea for next year!

And so it begins

22 Sep

Happy pre-season!  Nine games were played last night, many featuring younger and 3rd/4th line guys who hope to make the teams and become household names in two weeks.  A few highlights:

Alex Tanguay notched 2 assists and was named first star against Vancouver in mini-game, split-squad action.  Woot!

– Ducks players who weren’t on the ice were around the arena meeting fans.  Ryan Getzlaf, get me some nachos. (photos)

Beers are on Getz.

No one really knows what a Blue Jacket is.  It apparently refers to “Ohio’s rich Civil War” history, but is not a direct reference to anything except a Shawnee American Indian chief who may have been a captured white man raised by the tribe.  Almost as confusing as why Columbus has a hockey team.

I was thinking about what to post today, and all I could find were 20 videos of Captain Serious boring me to death while I wondered how much he gets an hour for mowing lawns in his neighborhood.  Because you know he does.  Probably for free if you feed him PB&J with no crust and some Sunny D.  So instead I found this, dedicated to Dawn Cherrie: it’s laugh-out-loud funny, after which I want to put Sean Avery in a box with a wolverine and throw him into the Hudson River.  [The New Yorker in me loves this.  Je suis désolé, Maxime.]